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Northwestern Kellogg MBA Salary & Job Prospects

Northwestern Kellogg MBA Salary & Job: Career Prospects, Sectors & Hiring

If you are an Indian student pursuing an MBA overseas, salary is the main factor to consider. Northwestern Kellogg MBA salary is fascinating, as the graduates earn well. This blog will explore the salaries across different sectors and locations. The Northwestern Kellogg MBA program provides a strong base in business. You can apply it in different sectors and roles.

Average Northwestern Kellogg MBA Salarykellogg mba salary

The median base for the Northwestern Kellogg MBA Salary is USD 175,000.

In addition to the median base salary, the median signing bonus is USD 30,000. This means that, on average, Northwestern Kellogg MBA graduates can expect to earn USD 207,000 in their first year after graduating. These salaries can vary according to sectors and locations.

Northwestern Kellogg MBA Program is one of the best MBA programs in the USA, and many alumni pursue entrepreneurial endeavors, take on roles in nonprofit organizations, or continue their education with additional degrees while applying their business knowledge and skills across various industries.

Understanding the Trends in Sector-wise

The Northwestern Kellogg MBA Salary distribution provides graduates various career opportunities across different sectors. According to the latest data from the class of 2023, consulting, financial services, and technology were the three most popular industries for Northwestern Kellogg MBA graduates.

Year-on-Year Salary Trends Kellogg MBA

1. Consulting

Consulting was the most popular sector for Kellogg graduates, with 42% of the class of 2023 going into this field. The base median Northwestern Kellogg MBA salary for consulting was USD 190,000.

Kellogg MBA graduates in consulting are typically hired by top consulting firms such as McKinsey, Bain, and BCG. In addition to traditional consulting firms, many Kellogg graduates join boutique consulting firms specializing in specific areas like healthcare, energy, or technology.

2. Finance

The financial services sector was the second most popular industry among Kellogg graduates, with 22% of graduates entering this field. The median salary for financial services was USD 175,000. Kellogg MBA graduates in this sector typically join investment banks, private equity firms, hedge funds, or venture capital firms. Some top recruiters for Kellogg graduates in financial services include Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Blackstone, and KKR.

3. Technology

The technology sector was also popular among Kellogg MBA graduates, with 17% of the class of 2023 going into this field. The median salary for technology was USD 155,000. Kellogg graduates in technology typically join companies such as Google, Amazon, Microsoft, or Apple. Additionally, many Kellogg graduates join fast-growing startups in the technology space or start their technology ventures.

4. Healthcare

The healthcare sector is also a small but growing industry for Kellogg graduates, with 3% of the class of 2023 going into this field. The median salary for real estate was USD 132,500. Kellogg MBA graduates in healthcare get employment at top companies like Johnson & Johnson and Pfizer.

Sectors Average Salary (USD) Key Employers
Consulting USD 190,000 McKinsey & Company, Bain & Company, Boston Consulting Group, Deloitte
Financial Services USD 175,000 Goldman Sachs, J.P. Morgan, Evercore, Carlyle Group
Technology USD 155,000 Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, Google
Consumer Packaged Goods USD 128,500 Procter & Gamble, PepsiCo, Nike, HelloFresh
Healthcare USD 132,500  Abbvie, Amgem Inc., Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer

Salary Location-wise

The Financial Times 2023 Global MBA Rankings reveal a weighted salary of USD 209,337. We sought to bring the varying Kellogg Business School MBA program salary based on their locations.

Region Median Salary (USD)
United States USD 175,000
Asia USD 137,425
Midwest (US) USD 175,000
West (US) USD 175,000
Northeast (US) USD 175,000

Most graduates find MBA jobs in USA, with 94.10% of graduates working there. The median Northwestern Kellogg MBA Salary for graduates in the US is USD 175,000. For those working in Asia, the median salary is USD 137,425; for those working in the Midwest, the median salary is USD 175,000. Graduates working in the West and Northeast regions of the US have median salaries of USD 175,000 and USD 175,000, respectively.

Job Opportunities Location Wise

Analyzing the Job Placement Records

In a year when Kellogg MBA students graduated from one of its largest two-year MBA program classes, students continued seeing high demand for their talent. Of the 2023 graduates from the Two-Year program, 95% received job offers for full-time roles, and 85% accepted job offers within three months of graduation.

Kellogg Placement Records

Top Employers Hiring Kellogg MBA Graduates

The employment outcomes for the Full-Time MBA class continue to highlight the strong demand for Kellogg talent from a diverse range of employers in nearly every industry, including healthcare startups, tech, private equity firms, leading CPG companies, and dozens of Fortune 500 corporations.

Companies Hiring Kellogg MBA Graduates

Entrepreneurial Journey of MBA student and graduation

Apart from joining reputed firms, you can start your entrepreneurial journey after graduating from Northwestern Kellogg MBA. Take, for instance, Ivy Walker, a '98 Kellogg alumna who transformed her MBA education into Purpose Workforce Solutions, a staffing and placement firm renowned for its inclusive approach to talent engagement. With her Kellogg-honed skills and the diverse perspectives she acquired, Ivy built a business that's not just successful but socially impactful.

Then there's Doug Monro, another Kellogg MBA alumni whose entrepreneurial spirit led him to found Adzuna, a high-traffic job-finding platform. With over 10,000 visitors monthly, Adzuna is a testament to Doug's Kellogg-acquired expertise and his knack for innovation.

The following table can provide you with an overview of more entrepreneurs who used Northwestern Kellogg MBA program as their launchpad for starting their journey:

Entrepreneurs (Year of Graduation) Startup and Position
Saumya (2017) Co-founder at Kheyti
Blair Pircon (2016) Co-founder & CEO at The Graide Network
Stephen Lane (2016) and Tushar Garg (2016) Co-founders at FlyHomes
Jai Shekhawat (1996) Co-founder & CEO at Fieldglass
Larry Gies (1992) President & CEO at Madison Industries

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In conclusion, pursuing an MBA at Northwestern Kellogg can lead to high-paying jobs for Indian students. MBA graduates can expect good salaries in various industries and locations. Graduates can also explore entrepreneurship, which can positively impact while earning a good income.

Can international students legally work in the US after graduation?

Yes, F-1 students have full U.S. work authorization as part of Optional Practical Training (OPT) for up to 12 months post-completion of the MBA program.

What is OPT and how can it be obtained?

OPT is a temporary employment authorization designed to provide students with an opportunity to apply knowledge acquired at Kellogg to a work experience that is directly related to the student’s major area of study.

Most students have a maximum of 12 months of OPT authorization, during which time they may transition to another visa type such as H-1B.

Can international students work long-term in the US?

After a student’s OPT or AT status expires, an employer can hire or continue to employ international students through an employer-sponsored temporary working visa (H1-B) for foreign nationals employed in a “specialty occupation,” which includes any position that calls for an MBA degree. In a majority of cases, an individual may remain in H-1B status for a combined total of six years.

Can international employees work permanently in the United States?

Yes. U.S. employers can sponsor a foreign national for permanent residency ("green card"), which allows them to live and work in the United States permanently. For more details please see USCIS guide on sponsoring an employee for an U.S. permanent resident status.

What is the average package for Northwestern University MBA?

The median base for the Northwestern Kellogg MBA Salary is USD 175,000. In addition to the median base salary, the median signing bonus is USD 30,000. This means that, on average, Northwestern Kellogg MBA graduates can expect to earn USD 207,000 in their first year after graduating.

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