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Northwestern University MEM Review

Northwestern University is a private research university based in Evanston, Illinois, United States, with other campuses located in Chicago and Doha, Qatar, and academic programs and facilities in Washington, D.C., and San Francisco, California. Northwestern University MEM program is one of a kind and highly praised by industrial exterts.

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Northwestern MEM Introduction


Course Duration

15 Months


Course Fee








The goal of the Master of Engineering Management (Northwestern University MEM) program is to provide experienced engineers with the necessary skills to manage their organizations and develop effective leadership. Students develop the necessary skills to succeed in today’s highly competitive business environment through a core curriculum that combines quantitative analysis, management, and behavioral science. They northwestern mem take advantage of specialized engineering courses to prepare them for positions in the most technically sophisticated companies.

Northwestern MEM Class Profile

Engineering students at Northwestern University are diverse, with many coming from corporate backgrounds. Approximately 20% own an advanced degree.  are passionate about technology and want to develop their leadership and business skills to become successful business leaders. Also, the USA has some of the best MEM colleges.


Average Age



Average GPA






Average Work Ex

5.3 Years


Class Size


Northwestern MEM Acceptance Rate

The acceptance rate of Northwestern MEM is 9%. Northwestern University is ranked #29 in QS Global World Rankings 2021.

Program and Curriculum Northwestern MEM

northwestern kellogg mem program and curriculum

The Northwestern University MEM has an extensive curriculum. Through various activities, such as a simulation competition and networking events, the program can help students develop their leadership skills. The program hosts an exclusive tailgate party for faculty and students in September.

Housed within the McCormick School of Engineering at Northwestern University, the Master of Engineering Management (MEM) program is designed for experienced engineering and science professionals who want to develop core management and leadership skills while staying on the cutting edge of technology.

The flexible curriculum of Northwestern MEM permits scholars to develop appreciable technical aptitude and a profound comprehension of engineering firms’ administrative and planning aspects. Northwestern University is committed to excellent teaching, innovative research, and its students’ personal and intellectual growth in a diverse academic community.

Core Course

Accounting For Engineers
Risk Analysis and Management
Big Data Management and Analysis
Product Management
Financial Analysis for Engineers
Managerial Finance


The electives are offered in the following academic areas:

  • Technical Entrepreneurship 
  • Negotiations for Engineers 
  • Selected MS in Analytics program courses 
  • Selected MS in Project Management program courses 
  • Selected MS in Information Technology program courses 
  • Selected Kellogg School of Management courses 
  • Selected Learning and Organizational Change courses 
  • Selected Department of Industrial Engineering & Management Sciences courses

Extra Activities

Corporate events

  • MEM Analytics Workshop
  • IEEE Women in Engineering AL Leadership Summit
  • MEM Online Information Sessions

Clubs and societies

  • Engineers for Sustainable world (ESW)
  • Engineering World Health (EWH)
  • Engineers without Borders
  • Global Engineers Brigades

Eligibility and Requirements for Getting into Northwestern MEM

northwestern kellogg mem eligibility and requirement

The selection process for the Northwestern MEM program is based on various factors. These include their academic record, leadership potential, and letters of recommendation.


  • A bachelor’s degree in engineering or STEM disciplines 
  • GMAT or GRE scores (waived for those with three or more years of technical work experience) 
  • Excellent written and spoken English (TOEFL – 90 IBT /IELTS 6.5 or equivalent)
  • A GPA of at least 3.0 on a 4.0 scale from an undergraduate program in engineering or a related scientific or technical field 
  • Three letters of recommendation that attest to the candidate’s academic or work performance as well as leadership potential
  • CV
  • Calculus-Based Statistics Course (Before students can start the program, they must take a calculus-based statistics course. If they fail to meet the statistics requirement, they will have to take a free online course. In some cases, students may be required to take a statistics course as part of their conditional admission.)

Document Related to the Application

  • Online application form
  • IELTS, TOEFL, Academic score Card (for some international students)
  • GRE Score Card
  • A copy of the college transcript
  • Letters of recommendations 
  • Resume
  • Proof of work experience
  • Personal Statement

Northwestern MEM Deadlines

Full-time and international students who wish to pursue a Northwestern University MEM must start the program at the beginning of the academic year. They can earn the degree in about nine to 15 months. Application deadlines vary depending on the quarter and whether you are applying full- or part-time.

Rounds Deadlines
Round 1 15 January 2022
Round 2 15 March 2022
Round 3 Only if space exists

Northwestern MEM Employment / Placement

northwestern kellogg mem employment and placement

All students at Northwestern University have access to the Career Development offices of Northwestern University. They are also encouraged to join the organization’s alumni association.

Almost a hundred percent of the students who participated in the Summer Internship Program at Northwestern MEM in the past year could secure employment after they graduated. Some of the top companies hiring on campus are Amazon, Google, McKinsey and Company, Abbott, Deloitte, Walmart, Cognizant, FCA, etc which offer some good packages.





Top Sectors Hiring Northwestern MEM Graduates

Companies recruiting from Northwestern University MEM

In June 2020, 37 graduates from Northwestern University MEM applied to top firms in their preferred sectors. Out of these, 2 were still looking for work, while 35 were already employed. Most of them were able to find jobs in the industry they chose. The typical job titles of the graduates were Product Manager, Business Owner, Project/Program Manager, Business/product analyst, Supply Chain Manager, and Systems Engineer.

Consulting Sector

  • BCG
  • EY
  • GE Energy
  • AIG


  • Google
  • Microsoft
  • Whirpool


  • Pacific Gas & Electric
  • Stanley B&D
  • AT &T

Northwestern MEM Alumni Info

As an alumnus of McCormick & Northwestern University, you join a worldwide system of entire cerebrum engineers who accomplish their professional objectives and utilize their aptitudes and experience to improve their look into, industry, the scholarly world, and society.

Through the partnership between the Student Advisory Board and the Master of Education program, students and alumni have the opportunity to develop their leadership skills. These include participating in various career networking events and simulation competitions. The Northwestern MEM program hosts an exclusive tailgate party for faculty and students in September.

Some Famous Alumni

  • Christopher Galvin- former chairman and CEO of Motorola
  • Blythe McGravie- Director of Accenture
  • Seth Meyers- Actor
  • David J Skorton- Former President of Cornell University

Application Essay for Northwestern MEM

Your statement is a central component of your application for Northwestern MEM, which will allow you to demonstrate your creativity, passion, and motivation. To ensure that it is concise and doesn’t get lost in translation, please make sure that it is 300 words or less.

  1. Why are you applying to the Northwestern University MEM program? Please include in your answer why you are interested in engineering management as well as your career goals.
  2. Include any information that highlights your career progression or a personal experience you want to share with the admissions committee.

Letter of Recommendation for Northwestern MEM

You must have at least 3 letters of recommendation from people who have experience in a professional or academic setting to demonstrate your potential and work performance. The table below shows the recommended balance between academic and professional letters of recommendation.

Years of Work Experience Academic Professional
Less than 3 2 1
3-5 1 2
5+ 0 3

The admissions committee looks for comments on the following (where applicable):

Q. How long have you known the candidate, and in what capacity?

Q. Can you provide examples highlighting the candidate’s career progress or suitability for our graduate program?

Q. Can you provide any point of comparison for the candidate against others in similar circumstances?

Interview Questions for Northwestern MEM

Interview questions that can be asked for Northwestern MEM are as follows:

Set 1

Q: Please introduce yourself (or) Tell me something about yourself
Q: Why do you want to pursue the (( COURSE ))?
Q: Why a MEM degree now? Why not an MBA?
Q: What’s your plan B in case your career plans don’t work out?
Q: Why not study in your home country?
Q: Have you ever lived in any other country or interacted with people from different countries?
Q: What are your plans? Or what are your short-term and long-term goals?
Q: Why this particular company? What do you know about this role?
Q: What are your major strengths and weaknesses?
Q: Which other schools have you targeted and why?
Q: Tell me about a recent news affair that has caught your attention.
Q: What was your role at your previous job/ Internship?
Q: What makes you unique from the other candidates?
Q: What are you passionate about? Give me some examples of how you have shown it.
Q: What is your proudest achievement?
Q: Give an example of when you failed. What did you learn from the experience?
Q: Give us an example of when you showcased leadership skills.

Set 2

Q: Would you be able to work under pressure with people of different nationalities? Could you give us an example of how you would succeed in this?
Q: How will you add value to the school and your batch mates?
Q: Can you tell me how were you able to get the “Z” result, in this internship you had undertaken? What were the steps you took?
Q: What are the skills required to enter (COMPANY)? Which skills do you have already and which skills do you need to develop?.
Q: How do you plan to deal with placement opportunities? Getting a work visa can be tricky
Q: How will a degree from our school help you in the future? Or what will be your key learnings from this degree?
Q: How do you plan to use the resources of the school?
Q: How would you translate your teamwork from your past experiences to the environment at ((school))?
Q: The work you did on project X seems interesting, can you elaborate on the same?
Q: What does Leadership mean to you?
Q: Give us an overview of your experiences so far.
Q: What has been your biggest obstacle so far and how have you conquered it?
Q: Tell us about a time when things didn’t go the way you wanted— like a promotion you wanted and didn’t get, or a project that didn’t turn out how you had hoped?
Q: What, according to you, is the best way to inspire people?

What Makes Northwestern MEM Unique?

northwestern kellogg mem unique

The Northwestern MEM program also holds regular information sessions on campus and online. These sessions are designed to provide prospective students with the necessary information to make informed decisions regarding their studies. The normal $50 application fee can be waived for those who attend an information session.

The amount of work experience is a list of the professional experience that an applicant possesses when they start their degree program at Northwestern University. For instance, in 2022, a Fall 2022 applicant might list their years of work experience as of September 2022.

After September 1, 2021, the GRE or the GMAT is optional for submission. However, most of them prefer to submit their test scores. All test scores will be used in the admissions process. This is because most of them have less than three years of work experience, and they want to show their proficiency and knowledge.

The Master of Engineering Management program aims to create a well-rounded graduate by emphasizing three key areas: innovation, leadership, and strategic thinking.

Although the program is offered throughout the year, students do not have to take all of the classes in one semester. They can start the program during the academic quarter that they choose. Students can finish their degree in around 2 to 3 years, depending on their choice of courses and whether they take summer or regular classes.


The Northwestern University  MEM is an excellent choice for every student who wishes to make them bright. The MEM program offers two tracks, Business Analytics and Marketing Analytics. The Business track provides a business background in accounting, finance, economics, management, marketing and more; while the Marketing track provides a foundation in digital marketing fundamentals like SEO, SEM (search engine optimization and paid search), web analytics and more. Students can also choose from six concentrations that deal with specialized topics like social media advertising or email marketing.

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Is it compulsory to submit GRE and GMAT scores for attaining admission in Masters of Engineering Management?

It is optional to submit GRE and GMAT scores. However, applicants are encouraged to submit their GRE and GMAT scores as part of their application process. If they feel that they will help strengthen their application, they are welcome to do so. However, their scores will not affect their review if they choose not to do so.

How much are the application fees for the MEM program?

The application fee is $50 and is payable in US funds. If you attended an information session and subsequently started your application, then your fee will be waived.

Is Northwestern University's MEM program a STEM degree?

The Northwestern Memorial School of Medicine is a STEM-focused university.

Specializations offered to students pursuing MEM degree?

The optional concentrations offered by the Master of Education program in process management and management are in four areas: product management, managerial analytics, project management, and healthcare systems.