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Exploring NUS Business School MBA Salary and Job Prospects

NUS Business School MBA Salary & Job: Career Prospectus, Sectors & Hiring

Are you curious about the post-graduation prospects for NUS Business School MBA alumni? Delve into this discussion to gain a comprehensive understanding of NUS Business School MBA salary statistics.  Discover the financial rewards and career advancement opportunities awaiting graduates of this esteemed program. Join us as we explore the dynamic range of lucrative opportunities for the NUS MBA Salary of alums post-graduation.

NUS Business School MBA Salary for Graduates

Delving into the landscape of NUS Business School MBA salary offers a revealing glimpse into the financial rewards and career prospects awaiting graduates. As one of Asia's leading business schools, NUS Business School consistently produces MBA graduates who are sought after by top employers globally.

This blog navigates through the average salaries, industry-wise opportunities, and the transformative impact of an NUS Business School MBA on professional trajectories and earnings potential.

Job Offer Rate

As of 2024, 94% of National University of Singapore (NUS) MBA graduates receive at least one job offer within three months of graduating.

Employment %age nus business school mba

Average Salary After Three Years

The average salary for NUS MBA graduates after three years is US$161,168, representing a remarkable 85.7% increase from their pre-MBA salary.

NUS business school avg salary

Average Post-MBA Salary

The average post-MBA salary stands at US\$73,892. 

Median and Maximum Base Salary

The median base salary for NUS MBA graduates is US\$65,986, with the maximum base salary reported at US\$160,000.

Comprehensive Salary Breakdown for NUS Business School MBA Graduates

It's important to note that salary figures can vary based on factors such as industry, job function, geographic location, and individual negotiation skills. For the most accurate and current information regarding the NUS MBA program's salary outcomes, consider checking the NUS Business School's employment reports, contacting the career services department, or connecting with alums from the program.

Exploring Sector-Wise Opportunities & Earnings with NUS Business School MBA Salary

NUS is one of the famous MBA colleges in Singapore. Regarding sector-wise salaries, several industries pay graduates an excellent NUS Business School MBA Salary. Here are the top 5 sectors with the highest median base salary:

1. Consulting

The consulting industry is among the most popular sectors for MBA graduates. The average NUS Business School MBA Salary for graduates in consulting is around US$94,000. The top employers in this sector include McKinsey & Company, Bain & Company, and Boston Consulting Group. The roles available include management consultant, business analyst, and strategy consultant.

2. Finance

The finance sector is another popular choice for MBA graduates. The average salary for MBA graduates in finance is around US$93,000. JPMorgan Chase, Citigroup, and Goldman Sachs are among the top employers in this field. MBA graduates can work as investment bankers, financial analysts, or portfolio managers.

3. Technology

As the technology business grows, MBA graduates are in high demand. MBA graduates in technology earn roughly $98,000 on average. Google, Microsoft, and Amazon are among the leading employers in this field. MBA graduates can pursue product, project, and business development manager positions.

4. Healthcare

The healthcare industry is a promising career path for MBA graduates. The average pay for a healthcare MBA graduate is roughly $87,000. Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, and Novartis are among the leading employers in this industry. MBA graduates can work as healthcare consultants, hospital administrators, or project managers.

5. Marketing

The marketing industry is another popular choice for MBA graduates. The average salary for MBA graduates in marketing is around US$84,000. The top employers in this sector include Procter & Gamble, Unilever, and Coca-Cola. The roles available for MBA graduates include brand manager, product manager, and marketing analyst.

NUS business school industry employment

These are just some of the popular sectors MBA graduates from NUS Singapore go into and the salaries they can expect. It's worth noting that the salaries can vary depending on the experience level and the specific role within the sector.

Sectors Average Salary (£) Highest Salary ($) Key Employers
Consulting $85,000 $94,000 McKinsey, BCG
Finance $85,000 $93,000 Goldman Sachs, J.P. Morgan
Technology $90,000 $98,000 Google, Amazon
Healthcare $80,000 $87,000 Unilever, P&G
Marketing $78,000 $84,000. Amazon

Charting Success: NUS MBA Job Placement Triumphs!

NUS Business School's MBA program significantly impacts career outcomes and boasts an impressive track record facilitating job placements for its graduates. Recent statistics reveal that within three months of graduation, 91% of students successfully secured a job offer. Furthermore, 86% of students received at least one job offer during this timeframe, underscoring the school's dedication to providing abundant opportunities for its students in the job market.

nus mba salary

Top Companies Hiring NUS Business School MBA Graduates

In the competitive business realm, securing employment with top companies is a testament to one's skills, education, and expertise. NUS Business School MBA graduates are highly sought after by leading organizations worldwide, drawn to their strategic insight, leadership capabilities, and diverse perspectives.

Here are some Top Companies that hire NUS Business School MBA (Getting paid a high NUS Business School MBA Salary): 


nus mba salary companies hiring

NUS Business School MBA: Global Salary Trends

Apart from the sector, the location where an NUS MBA graduate works also plays a significant role in determining their salary. As Singapore is the hub of many multinational companies, most NUS MBA graduates (who earn high-paying NUS business school MBA salaries) get job offers from companies located in Singapore. However, some graduates also prefer to work in other countries.

NUS Mba employment by region

Nus mba employment by region

Following are the countries and the average NUS Business School MBA Salary: 

Country Average Salary
Singapore US$73,892
China US$72,000
India US$35,000.
United States US$120,000
Europe US$100,000

It's crucial to note that this is only the average NUS Business School MBA Salary; actual earnings will vary depending on factors such as industry, job function, and individual success. As a result, when considering the pay of an NUS MBA graduate, it is critical to consider the location's cost of living. Nonetheless, the salary of NUS MBA graduates is competitive and provides them with a good living. 

NUS MBA: Alumni Stars Lighting Up the Business Sky!

NUS Business School stands as a pillar of academic distinction, having cultivated a legacy of thought leaders and innovators who have left exceptional marks in many fields around the globe. Alumni's success rate echoes the core principles and education they received at the National University of Singapore's MBA program.

Name  Position
Corinne Ablaza, 2020 Structured Finance Associate, NORD/LB (Singapore)
Mehak Chadha-Hold, 2016 Head Of Marketing, Prime Video Store, Europe, Amazon (Germany)
Jose Borrero, 2016 Analytica Investments, Anaytica(Mexico)
Michael Hosea, 2017 Vice President – Finance Business Partner, Allianz Global Investors (Germany)

Unleash Success: The NUS MBA Edge!

Besides the NUS Business School MBA Salary, graduates can also access various opportunities to enhance their career prospects further. For instance, NUS Singapore offers career services, including career counseling, job search workshops, and networking events. In addition, the alumni network is also quite strong, providing graduates with access to a vast pool of industry professionals.

Advantages of NUS mba


The NUS MBA is a beacon of career advancement, promising competitive salaries and bright prospects across sectors. Its strong ROI, top-notch education, and expansive network make NUS a compelling choice. For prospective students, thorough research into industry trends and role-specific earnings is crucial for informed decisions. Thank you for exploring the impactful advantages of the NUS MBA journey.

What is the salary after MBA from NUS?

The average salary for National University of Singapore (NUS) MBA graduates stands impressively at approximately US$73,892, showcasing the program's robustness and the high value placed on NUS Business School alumni in the job market. This figure reflects not only the rigorous and comprehensive education provided by NUS Business School but also the strong industry connections and career opportunities available to graduates. With a focus on developing well-rounded business leaders equipped with strategic thinking, leadership skills, and practical knowledge, NUS Business School prepares its MBA graduates for success in diverse sectors such as finance, consulting, technology, and healthcare, where salaries are notably competitive and offer prospects for long-term growth and advancement.

Is an MBA from NUS worth it?

The NUS MBA program's Return on Investment (ROI) is high, given the program's average salary, career prospects, and the program's quality. The program's tuition fees may seem high, but the benefits students gain from it outweigh the costs, making it a worthwhile investment.

How much is a NUS MBA?

Tuition fees & payment schedule. The cost of an MBA in Singapore is highly competitive and offer real value for a globally ranked programme. Tuition fees for August 2024 intake are S$87,000 (before Goods & Services Tax). *Inclusive of Goods & Services Tax (GST).

What is the average salary for MBA in Singapore?

Singapore Colleges With Highest Post-MBA Salary

MBA Colleges in Singapore Full-time MBA Average Salary
NUS MBA $87,761
SMU MBA $175,000
Nanyang MBA $ 88,000
INSEAD MBA 101,200
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