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New York University MBA GMAT Score


Are you interested in applying for the NYU Stern MBA program and wondering about its GMAT requirements? Well, the NYU Stern MBA program is widely recognized as one of the top business programs globally, and to secure admission, you need to obtain a good New York University MBA Gmat score. This exam may seem challenging, but it's a necessary hurdle if you aspire to join this prestigious program.

In this article, The essential information about the New York University MBA Gmat score requirements, including the minimum score you need to achieve. Whether you're an international or Indian student seeking to apply abroad, this article will give you a comprehensive understanding of what it takes to succeed in the NYU Stern MBA program.

Unlocking Success: What's the Average GMAT Score for NYU Stern MBA?

New York University MBA GMAT score 2024 is 732.

When considering admission to the New York University Stern MBA, it's worth noting that a 700+ score on the GMAT is not an absolute requirement. However, the New York University MBA GMAT score requirements should not be taken lightly as the average GMAT score for the past five years has consistently remained above 680. Therefore, it's crucial to consider the range of GMAT scores that have been accepted by NYU Stern MBA, in addition to the average score.

Unlocking the Gates: The Power of GMAT in NYU's Selection Journey

The GMAT, which stands for Graduate Management Admission Test, is an important part of the selection process for the New York University(NYU). NYU MBA Program is a well-known and respected institution, and they use the GMAT for several good reasons.

The GMAT helps NYU evaluate your academic skills. It tests your knowledge of math, reading, and writing, which are essential for success in a business school. NYU wants to make sure that students they admit have a strong foundation in these areas.

new york university mba gmat score

Year-on-year New York University MBA Gmat score trends

Year New York University MBA GMAT score
2023 729
2022 729
2021 729
2020 720
2019 721

Advantages of GMAT in the Admission Process

Advantages of GMAT in the Admission Process

GMAT plays a pivotal role in evaluating the applicant’s aptitude in terms of managerial requirements. Paticularly, There is no minimum NYU Stern - Standardized test for score requirements. The test design systematically evaluates your leadership qualities, eloquence, and cognitive aptitude to understand not only the complexities involved but also comprehend solutions. The various sections involved in the evaluation process at NYU Stern MBA Program. This is the reason why 9 out of 10 MBA admission decisions are made using a New York University MBA GMAT score.

These are several factors that will help you take advantage and attain an edge in getting admission to your dream Business School:

1. Skills Alignment: The GMAT exam measures the skills that business schools require in their graduate management programs. It provides a comprehensive assessment of a candidate's abilities, including critical thinking, analytical reasoning, problem-solving, and communication skills.

2. Proven Predictor of Success: Decades of research have consistently demonstrated that the GMAT is a valid and reliable predictor of academic performance in graduate management programs. It has been extensively studied and validated to assess an individual's potential for success in the classroom.

3. Global Recognition: The GMAT exam is widely recognized and relied upon by graduate business schools worldwide. Its reputation and acceptance by prestigious institutions make it a standardized benchmark for evaluating candidates' qualifications and potential for academic achievement.

4. Flexible Availability: The GMAT exam offers convenient testing options that cater to individual preferences and readiness. It is available globally, with numerous state-of-the-art test centers, providing a comfortable and conducive environment for test-takers to perform at their best. The exam's availability when candidates are prepared ensures a fair and accurate evaluation.

5. Continuous Improvement: GMAC, the organization behind the GMAT, is committed to ensuring the exam's relevance and effectiveness. They regularly update the exam format and structure to align with the evolving needs of business schools and to benefit test-takers. These updates reflect GMAC's dedication to maintaining the exam's validity and its ability to assess candidates' skills accurately.

To get the detailed of Programs & Admissions | NYU Stern MBA 

How are New York University MBA GMAT score used in admissions?

One notable change that may have caught your attention is the 10-point drop in the average GMAT score from the MBA class of 2022 to the class of 2023 at Full-time MBA - NYU Stern. While the reason for this decrease is unclear, some speculate it could be due to the larger class size or less emphasis on test scores during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Meeting the New York University MBA Gmat score requirements is a crucial aspect of the application process. Along with work experience, academic background, and extracurricular activities, a strong GMAT score is a significant factor for admission to the program. While a high GMAT score showcases academic aptitude, it is not the sole criterion that the admissions committee evaluates.

Notification Process at NYU Stern MBA Programs

NYU Stern's MBA admissions process includes checking the application status online, where you can also upload any outstanding materials. Notifications begin after the first NYU Stern Admissions | Deadlines and continue in stages, including interview invitations, waitlist offers, or denials.

Interviews are by invitation and held virtually, with decisions provided up to three weeks post-interview. Successful candidates can access their admission letter and scholarship details online and will be directed to an admitted student website. All admission decisions by the committee are final. 

For more details, visit: NYU Stern Notification Process.

NYU Stern MBA Class Profile

class profile

This blog post focuses on the NYU Stern MBA program, which is highly coveted globally and draws a pool of brilliant and diverse students from across the world. We will delve into the details of the Class profile - NYU Stern, providing a comprehensive analysis of its features and comparing it to other leading business schools worldwide. 

Average Age 28
Average Work Experience 5.2 Years
Class Size 877
Female Students 43%
International Students 48%
Nationalities Represented 77
Average GMAT Score 732
GMAT Range 650-780
Program Length 24 Months
Tuition Cost (2024 intakes) $84,180
Average Salary (2021) $168,000

NYU Stern MBA Experience

What it takes to Get into NYU Stern MBA?

NYU logo

NYU Stern takes a comprehensive approach when assessing each applicant, considering three main aspects in their entire application: academic background, professional accomplishments and ambitions, and personal qualities.

We aim to admit students who possess not only a high level of intellectual aptitude but also excellent interpersonal abilities and a genuine commitment to contributing positively to the business world and society as a whole.

If you have questions about eligibility criteria, such as standardized tests or academic transcripts, you can find answers once after start your journey with NYU Stern - Admissions page. We also recommend reviewing our MBA Admissions Policies page for further information.

Key Questions Regarding NYU Stern MBA GMAT

If you're thinking about that Is New York University MBA worth it? You might have questions about the GMAT or Graduate Management Admission Test. Let's address some common questions in simple terms:

Q. Is GMAT required for MBA in NYU Stern?
Ans. Stern does not favor any particular standardized test, whether it's the GMAT, GMAT Focus Edition, GRE, or Executive Assessment. When it comes to retaking these tests, we evaluate your application based on your highest score. 

Q. Is an MBA from NYU Stern worth it?
Ans. Associate dean of MBA admissions at NYU Stern School of Business, investing in an MBA program located in one of the world's major business hubs holds significant value. Stern holds the impressive position of being ranked as the second-best part-time MBA program according to Fortune's rankings.

Q. What is the salary after MBA from NYU Stern?
Ans. Excerpt from Poets & Quants — "In our analysis of various schools, the most significant increase in the median base salary was observed at NYU Stern School of Business. The starting salaries of their MBA graduates surged from $160,000 to $225,000, representing a substantial 40% growth"

Q. Is it harder to get into NYU Stern?
Ans. NYU Stern's Undergraduate College draws exceptionally talented students from diverse locations. The admission process is highly competitive, and every applicant undergoes a thorough evaluation.

To get in detailed, the graduates register for MBA Request for information.

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A low GMAT score does not necessarily mean the end of the road for applicants to the NYU Stern MBA program even if it is one of the best MBA colleges in USA. However, to meet the New York University MBA Gmat score requirements and enhance their likelihood of being accepted, applicants can use the effective strategies mentioned above.

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