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New York University MBA Interview Questions 2024

New York University Stern MBA Interview Questions: Sets & Tips

During the New York University MBA interview process, applicants have the opportunity to answer New York University MBA interview questions, allowing the admissions team to gauge each candidate's fit with the program's unique culture and values.

These questions cover a broad range of topics, from detailing professional accomplishments and future career aspirations to sharing personal growth stories and motivations for pursuing an MBA at NYU Stern. This crucial stage of the application process enables candidates to showcase their interpersonal skills, intellectual curiosity, and forecast contributions to the Stern community.

What are you waiting for? Let's prepare you to stand out!

Key Aspects: Format, Duration & Interviewer Profile

Key Aspects: Format, Duration & Interviewer Profile

  • Interviewer profile: You can expect it to be conducted by a member of Stern's admissions staff or NYU Alumni.
  • Interview Duration: Last about 30 minutes though it can be go longer.
  • Content: The interview will search into your application, focusing less on your background and more on your reasons for choosing Stern, your future goals, and how Stern can help you achieve them. 

    The interview will be divided into two parts:

    1. The first part is where the NYU team members will ask you questions. This is the major part, with around 40-50 mins.
    2. The second part will be you asking the interview team questions, which is around 15-20 minutes.

NYU MBA Interview Questions Sets

In an interview for New York University MBA program, you can expect questions that delve into your background, career aspirations, and your fit with the program. These are the most frequently interview questions asked by interviewer:

  • During the NYU Stern MBA interview, students might be asked about the experiences highlighted in their resume.
  • Reasons for choosing an MBA
  • Why Stern short?
  • Your long-term goals
  • How Stern can help achieve these goals?

Getting ready for your NYU Stern MBA Interview Questions? Knowing what kinds of questions they might ask can really help you do well. We've collected lots of interview questions from people who've been through it before. Plus, we have some great tips to help you get into this top school. Keep reading to find out more.

Set 1 Questions

  • Tell me about your work?
  • Tell me about your most difficult project in your current work and how did you manage it?
  • What was the outcome?
  • Why the Tech MBA and not the full time MBA?
  • Why NYU Stern and not other business schools?
  • What do you like most about the course module?
  • Why New York?
  • What is your ideal job post MBA?
  • What are your short and long term goals?
  • What is your post-MBA job strategy to getting a job?

Set 2 Questions

  • Why MBA?
  • Proudest achievement at work
  • Failure and what you learned from
  • 2 major strengths
  • Which companies and industry sectors do you have in mind to work in and why?
  • Do you have an idea how these companies recruit MBA talents? if yes, how?
  • What parts of your application did you expect me to ask you questions on and I haven't?
  • What 3 things make you unique?
  • What contribution will you make to Stern?
  • Do you have any questions for me?

Set 3 Questions

  • What are the characteristics of a successful team
  • Constructive feedback
  • Why Stern?
  • What’s your career plan?
  • What is your recruiting plan
  • How will you contribute to Stern?
  • Do you have any questions for me? (I asked about recruiting in RE last year & popular traditions)
  • Tell me about a project or engagement you're most proud of --> asked about my background before my current experience, shows he is familiar with my resume
  • Tell me about a time where you had to work with, or lead, a team of diverse members
  • Tell me about a challenge you faced, or a time you failed

Set 4 Questions

  • What are your career ambitions and why an MBA?
  • Can you tell me why you feel Stern is a good fit for you?
  • What skills do you feel you bring to Stern, and what would you bring to Stern community after matriculating?
  • What will your approach to recruiting be?
  • What companies have you considered outside of (____) ---> this company i listed in my essay, shows they read my materials
  • What hobbies do you have outside of work? --> I spoke about a few things in my Pick Six and some items not mentioned, which he then had a conversation with me about
  • What questions do you have for me?

Set 5 Questions

  • Starting with a six-pick, ice-breaking question
  • Why MBA? Stern?
  • About myself?
  • What is the biggest failure?
  • What are your professional achievements?
  • Tell me only one strength in professional life.
  • How will you add value to the MBA Stern class?
  • Long-term and short-term goals
  • Alternative career choice?
  • Which company would you like to work for, if not Plan B?
  • Finally, ask me any questions.

Set 6 Questions

  • Briefly introduce yourself
  • What would you consider your two major strengths
  • Why MBA and Why Now?
  • What's the most difficult part of scaling businesses into new markets?
  • How would you contribute to Stern Any questions for me?

What NYU is Looking For in Top MBA Candidates

NYU Stern really looks for students who are smart and work well with others, valuing both intelligence and emotional smarts. They want students who can come up with great ideas and make those ideas happen, in a way that brings people together and makes a positive impact. They check out your school and work history, what you've achieved, and how you fit with what Stern stands for.

Stern also has scholarships to help pay for school. They offer these to lots of students based on merit, which means how well you've done in school and what you've achieved. You don't have to do anything extra to be considered for most of these scholarships when you apply​​.

When it comes to getting into Stern, they really want to get to know you about New York University MBA GMAT Score, essays and interviews as part of the application where you can show who you are beyond just grades and test scores. They're looking for people who are true to themselves and have a clear idea of what they want to achieve and how Stern can help them get there.

NYU MBA Interview Questions: Different Categories 

Now that you're well-versed in the New York University MBA interview questions, we've further simplified your prep by organizing these questions into various common types.

This section will delve into specific questions across different categories, aiming to enhance your preparation for the NYU Stern MBA -  Notifications & process.

Let's begin exploring the diverse types of questions that you might come across during your interview.

Resume and Experiences

SL. No. Questions
1 About Yourself
2 Tell me about your work?
3 Highlight experiences in your resume.
4 What are your professional achievements?
5 Tell me only one strength in professional life.


SL. No. Questions
1 Why an MBA? Why Stern?
2 What are your short/long term goals and how can Stern help?
3 Which company would you like to work for, if not Plan B?
4 How would you contribute to Stern?
5 Tell me about your most difficult project in your current work and how did you manage it? what was the outcome?

Career Aspirations

SL. No. Questions
1 What is your ideal job post MBA?
2 What is your post-MBA job strategy to getting a job?
3 What is your dream job?
4 How would you utilize Stern’s Office of Career Development?
5 What are your career ambitions and why an MBA?


SL. No. Questions
1 Tell me about a time you faced a significant challenge.
2 Describe a situation where you had to collaborate with a difficult team member.
3 What 3 things make you unique?
4 2 major strengths
5 What are the characteristics of a successful team

Personalized Tips Question-by-question

Personalized Tips Question-by-question

The interviewers are usually very friendly and like to chat. Be ready for anything from just a few questions to around 6-8, or even 10-12 questions in some cases. But, expect that each question might lead to more follow-up questions.

To ace your MBA interview, especially for institutions like NYU Stern Full time MBA, here are some valuable tips to keep in mind:

1. Be Memorable in Your Introduction: When asked to "Tell me about yourself," avoid giving a chronological walkthrough of your life, which the admissions committee can already glean from your resume. Instead, share something unique and memorable that relates to your MBA aspirations, such as a hobby, deeper motivations for your career, or an important personal detail​​.

2. Clearly Articulate Your Motivation for an MBA: When discussing why you want to pursue an MBA, aim for the "Goldilocks zone" of ambition. Your goals should be realistic but inspiring. Reflect on how an MBA can realistically advance your career and articulate this vision in a way that resonates with your values and those of the program​​.

3. Demonstrate Your Fit with the Business School: When answering why a particular business school is the right fit for you, go beyond generic reasons. Show that you've done your homework by mentioning specific courses, clubs, or professors you're interested in. This demonstrates your genuine interest and how you plan to contribute to the program​​.

4. Prepare for Behavioral Questions: Questions that start with "Tell me about a time when…" are common. These can range from discussing leadership, teamwork, or dealing with failure. Be specific in your responses, focusing on the situation, the action you took, and the outcome. Highlighting teamwork involves showing how you handle conflicts or work with challenging team members positively. For failures, share meaningful instances where you learned and grew from the experience​​.

 5.Answering Questions About Diversity: With the growing emphasis on diversity and inclusion, be prepared to discuss what diversity means to you and how you can contribute to a diverse MBA cohort. Share personal stories or initiatives you've championed to promote diversity and inclusion​​.

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When it comes to pursuing an MBA in the United States, it's crucial to consider the top-ranking schools. Among these schools, NYU Stern School of the University of Pennsylvania stands out as one of the best MBA colleges in USA. The New York University MBA interview questions are a crucial aspect of the admissions process for students who aspire to join this prestigious program.

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