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New York University MBA Salary

NYU Stern MBA Salary: Sectors, Locations and Opportunities

The NYU Stern MBA program is renowned for its prestige, drawing students from various backgrounds and industries worldwide. One of the biggest draws of the NYU Stern MBA is the high salaries that its graduates earn in diverse fields. In this article, we will delve into the New York University MBA salary in different sectors and locations.

Students who attend NYU Stern are often drawn to its rigorous MBA program, which is known for its focus on business fundamentals, innovation, and leadership. Upon graduation, these students go on to pursue rewarding careers in various sectors and locations worldwide. The New York University MBA salary for graduates stands as a testament to the program's quality and the skills it imparts to its students.

Average Salary of New York University MBA Graduate

Average Salary of New York University MBA Graduate

Average graduate New York University MBA salary of class 2023:  165,888.

NYU Stern MBA also produces highly paid graduates in various industries. The NYU Stern MBA Employment Report for the Class of 2023 indicates that the median base salary for graduates was $168,182, along with a median signing bonus of $38,192. Compared to top business schools, NYU Stern MBA graduates enjoy above-average salaries.

The New York University MBA salary varies by sector, and the report indicates that the highest median base salary was in the consulting industry at $178,967, followed by finance at $167,104, technology at $148,360, and healthcare and consumer goods at $125,000 each.

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Sector-wise Salary of New York University MBA Graduates

Graduates of the NYU Stern MBA program, reflecting the diverse student profile of NYU Stern, can expect competitive salaries that vary significantly across different sectors. These variances are influenced by the industry's demand, the job roles, and the location of the positions. Here’s a brief overview of what NYU Stern MBA graduates typically earn across various sectors

Sector Median Base Salary (USD)
Finance $167,104
Consulting $178,967
Technology $148,360
Healthcare $125,000
Consumer Goods $125,000

Here’s a brief overview of what NYU Stern MBA graduates typically earn across various sectors:

1. Finance

MBA graduates entering the finance sector, particularly in roles such as investment banking, private equity, and hedge funds, often earn some of the highest salaries. Starting salaries in finance can vary widely, but they are generally competitive, with potential for substantial bonuses.

2. Consulting

Management consulting firms are known to pay competitive salaries to MBA graduates. These roles often involve solving complex business problems for clients. Salaries in consulting can vary based on the firm's prestige, experience level, and specialization.

3. Technology

The technology sector, including roles in tech companies, startups, and product management, offers competitive salaries. Salaries can be high, especially in Silicon Valley and other tech hubs, with additional perks like stock options.

4. Healthcare and Consumer Goods:

While these sectors offer lower median salaries compared to consulting and finance, they still provide competitive wages that reflect the specialized knowledge and management skills that MBA graduates bring to the table.

Note: Recent data shows that NYU Stern MBA graduates receive competitive base salaries. Still, it's worth noting that this number doesn't consider additional forms of compensation, such as bonuses, equity awards, and other benefits, which can significantly add to the total compensation package.

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Location-wise salary of NYU Stern Graduates

If you're considering pursuing an NYU Stern MBA, you may be interested in understanding the average post-graduation salaries across different geographical locations. Salary discrepancies can be significant and vary greatly depending on the location, from bustling cities to remote towns.

Location-wise salary of NYU Stern Graduates

Thus, job seekers, employers, and policymakers must understand the nuances of comparing salaries in various regions, including the factors that impact income disparities, such as cost of living, job demand, and regional economic conditions. In this article, we'll delve into these intricacies and closely examine the New York University MBA salary.

1. New York City, New York: NYU Stern's location in NYC provides graduates access to a wide range of high-paying job opportunities in finance, consulting, technology, and other sectors. MBA graduates in NYC can expect some of the highest starting salaries in the country, often exceeding six figures.

2. San Francisco, California: San Francisco is a technology and innovation hub, offering lucrative opportunities in tech companies and startups. Salaries for San Francisco MBA graduates are competitive, focusing on technology and entrepreneurship.

3. Boston, Massachusetts: Boston is known for its strong healthcare, biotech, and finance sectors, making it a promising location for MBA graduates. Salaries are competitive, especially in these industries.

4. Chicago, Illinois: Chicago has a diverse economy with strengths in finance, consulting, manufacturing, and more. MBA graduates in Chicago can expect competitive salaries, particularly in finance and consulting roles.

5. Houston, Texas: Houston is a hub for the energy sector, and MBA graduates in this city may find opportunities in energy-related industries.
Salaries can be attractive in energy and related fields.

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Other Opportunities Along With Salary

Other Opportunities Along With Salary

According to the Employment Reports | Year-Over-Year Data, Class of 2023, it is worth noting that 18% of the surveyed respondents opted for alternative industries such as healthcare, social impact, and entertainment, after completing their degree.

  • Traditional Industries: Popular Choices: NYU Stern MBA graduates have a wide array of career opportunities in traditional industries like finance, consulting, and technology.
  • Alternative Industries: Promising Prospects: 18% of surveyed NYU Stern MBA graduates ventured into alternative sectors such as healthcare, social impact, and entertainment.
  • Opportunities Abound: Pursuing an MBA from NYU Stern or other leading institutions opens doors to a plethora of career opportunities with competitive salary packages.
  • Unique Opportunities: Fields like healthcare, social impact, and entertainment offer unique and exciting career paths for those seeking to drive positive change.
  • Thriving Economy: In India's dynamic economy, NYU Stern MBA graduates can leverage their business acumen to effect meaningful transformations and potentially secure high-paying roles in diverse industries.

Global New York University MBA Salary Trends

The Financial Times 2021 Global MBA Rankings reveal that the average three-year post-graduation salary is USD 178,356. We sought to elucidate whether "Is New York University MBA worth it" by examining the varying salaries of graduates based on their locations.

North American Regions % Average ($) Median ($) Low ($) High ($)
Mid-Atlantic 3.8% 163,283 175,000 100,000 192,000
Midwest 1.4% 157,500 156,500 125,000 192,000
Northeast 77.6% 171,939 175,000 85,000 225,000
South 1.0%
Southwest 2.8% 161,714 165,000 105,000 192,000
West 8.7% 151,859 147,500 85,000 195,000

NYU Stern's MBA Famous Alumni 

NYU Stern MBA program has produced some well-known and successful graduates. Let's take a look at a few of them:

Alumni  Position 
Carlton Crenshaw Retired CFO and Decorated Marine Corps Veteran
Shruti Ganguly Filmmaker, director, producer, founder of honto88
Rebecca Messner Content Startegist at Netflix 
Himanshu Patel Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, First Data Corp.

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NYU Stern MBA Students Experience

The NYU Stern MBA emphasizes experiential learning, enhancing job and salary prospects through real-world projects and business engagement. This practical approach equips students with relevant skills, making them attractive to employers and often leading to competitive salaries.

For more details on these opportunities, visit the NYU Stern Experiential Learning.

Diving into NYU Stern MBA Advantages

Students will have access to many resources to help them grow professionally and take advantage of the opportunities in New York City. The Professional Development & Career Education (PDCE) team at NYU Stern works with teachers, former students, and industry experts to create programs that will help them explore different career paths, get ready for job hunting, and connect with Stern alumni and industry professionals.

These PDCE programs work alongside the career services at NYU's Wasserman Center for Career Development, making it easier for you to build your career in a city full of industries.

NYU Stern for undergraduae students is like no other because it's right in the center of New York City. They follow Five Pillars that focus on giving students a great academic experience, teaching you about social responsibility, showing them a global perspective.

For more details regarding NYU Stern MBA Request for Information

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The NYU Stern MBA program is an excellent investment for individuals seeking to advance their careers and increase their earning potential. With competitive salaries across various sectors and locations, NYU Stern MBA graduates, like those from other top MBA colleges in USA, can command some of the highest salaries in the industry. If you are considering pursuing an MBA, NYU Stern, and other leading MBA colleges in the USA should be at the top of your list!

Is NYU MBA expensive?

The entire cost of attending New York University is $83,250. This net price number explicitly relates to the average cost for students receiving need-based financial aid. This demonstrates how the total sticker price of $83,250 is significantly lowered for many students through the university's financial aid programs.

Is NYU a top 10 MBA?

New York University (Stern) is ranked seventh (tied) out of 124 for Best Business Schools and fourth out of 269 for Part-time MBA. Schools are graded based on how well they perform on a set of widely regarded excellence metrics.

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