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    At NYU Stern MSBA, we see business analytics as the fusion of business and data science, offering competitive advantages. Our graduates master AI-driven decision-making and strategy, transforming data into powerful assets for better business results.

    They're prepared to apply AI in business and society, including advanced concepts like deep learning. Staying ahead in analytics and leveraging new AI developments are vital for addressing contemporary business challenges, and our program ensures participants are equipped with innovative methodologies for data-driven decision-making.

    Program length 12 Months
    Tuition Fees
    MSBA 2025
    $90,400 USD
    Program Deadlines June 5, 2024 
    Intakes N/A
    Application Fees  $103 USD 

    MS in Business Analytics program: Immediate Return on Investment

    Class Profile of NYU Stern MSBA 

    The Master of Science in Business Analytics program at NYU Stern provides a platform for connecting a diverse group of seasoned professionals from across the globe, fostering a rich exchange of ideas and experiences.

    Average GMAT N/A
    Average GRE N/A
    Average GPA N/A
    Average work experience 9-11
    Average age N/A
    Pre-MSBA industry
    Pre-MSBA location
    MSBA 2025
    Class size
    MSBA 202
    MSBA 202
    Country Represented
    MSBA 202

    NYU Stern MSBA Rankings

    NYU Stern's MSBA program ranks highly in renowned publications. In the 2024 U.S. News rankings, it secured the 4th position for Best Business Analytics MBA Programs and the 7th position for Best Business Schools overall.

    Rankings Position
    U.S.News Best Business Analytics MBA Programs 2024 4
    U.S.News Best Business Schools  2024 7

    Eligibility & Requirements for  NYU Stern MSBA 

    To apply for the NYU Stern MSBA program, you need to complete the online application form, write an application essay, and submit your resume. You'll also need one recommendation, a copy of the photo page of your passport, and note that GMAT and GRE scores are not required.

    Application components:

    When applying to NYU Stern's MSBA program, students must meet key requirements including academic records, test scores, and necessary documents.

    • Completed online application form
    • Application essay (topic provided on application platform)
    • Resume
    • One recommendation (to be submitted via an online form on the application system)
    • Official transcripts in English official transcripts must be submitted to the Admissions Committee and sent directly from the university where you received your degree
    • Copy of front (photo) page of passport
    • Non-refundable application fee of $103
    • GMAT and GRE are not required for this program

    You can refer to the official page to learn more on: Admissions Process 

    NYU Stern MSBA Program and Curriculum 


    The NYU Stern MSBA program residential modules are spread out over two calendar years and a period of 12 months.

    The curriculum emphasizes four core areas of AI in Business: Descriptive Analytics, Predictive Modeling, Causal Inference, and Prescriptive Modeling. It's designed to fulfill three essential goals for professionals: data engineering, data analytics, and storytelling.

    NYU Stern MSBA exposes students to a range of open-source and commercial software, such as STATA, R, Python, and Tableau, reflecting the diverse software landscape in various industries.

    NYU Stern's MS in Business Analytics Curriculum: 

    Pre-Program: Before March's Pre-Module 1, the Pre-Program starts in January. Students can access the Admitted Students Website for program info and optional skill-building materials.

    Pre-Module: Before the in-class session of Module 1, Pre-module 1 runs from March to April. The MSBA program gives students pre-readings, assignments, group work, and online sessions to complete their Module 1 coursework.

    Module I: 

    • Introduction to Business Analytics
    • Foundations of Statistics Using R 
    • Digital Marketing Analytics

    Module II

    • Databases for Business Analytics
    • Dealing with Data Using Python
    • Decision Models
    • Big Data 

    Module III

    • Machine Learning
    • Operations Analytics
    • Data-Driven Decision Making

    Module IV

    • Network Analytics
    • Decision Under Risk
    • Data Visualization

    Module V

    • Strategy, Change, and Analytics
    • Modern Artificial Intelligence
    • Revenue Management and Pricing

    Module VI: Capstone presentations 

    Blended Learning and Capstone:

    The MS in Business Analytics is based on a blended learning approach combining in-person classroom time and independent study. Modules are divided into three phases: pre-module, module, and post-module.

    • Pre-module: Research Phase
    • Module: In-Person Class Sessions
    • Post-module: Application

    Capstone: The MSBA Capstone is a year-long group project where students showcase what they've learned in the program by tackling real business challenges. They pick a topic together and present their findings in a practical case presentation.

    Comprehensive Student Support: Their Admissions and Program Management teams are available to support you throughout your MSBA journey.

    NYU Stern MSBA Program Information: Program Overview

    Fees & Financing

    The program fee for the NYU Stern MSBA class of 2025 amounts to $90,400 USD, encompassing tuition, materials, certain meals, and program events. Upon acceptance, a non-refundable deposit of $7,200 USD is necessary to reserve a place in the cohort. For financial assistance, prospective students may explore federal and private loan options available through Stern's Financial Aid.

    Tuition fee for the class 2025 $90,400 USD
    Student Association Fee N/A
    Application Fees  $103 USD 

    Nyu Stern MSBA

    Employment Upon Graduation

    There is no information on the official website about the employment of NYU Stern MSBA graduates. But on average, the Average starting salary of MSBA graduates in the USA is $77,000. 

    NYU Stern MSBA Application: Essays & Interview

    The admissions process for NYU Stern's MSBA program is thorough and selective. We assess applicants holistically, considering the qualities they'll contribute to the program.

    Nyu Stern MSBA


    The application essay is your opportunity to go beyond the numbers and transcripts, providing the admissions committee with a deeper understanding of who you are as an individual, your motivations, and your aspirations. One of the key elements of your application is the essay, where you are provided with a topic on the application platform. 

    • Carefully read and understand the essay prompt provided on the application platform. 
    • Be authentic and share your unique experiences and perspectives. 
    • To make your points, give specific examples. 
    • Explain why you are passionate about data analytics and how the NYU Stern MSBA program fits into your career goals.
    • After writing your essay, review it for clarity, grammar, and spelling.
    • Consider having someone you trust, such as a mentor or friend, review your essay.
    • While it's essential to present your best self, avoid embellishment or creating a persona that isn't genuine.


    Interview Questions

    Attending the NYU Stern MSBA program interview provides a platform to highlight your distinctive experiences, skills, and aspirations that resonate with the values and goals of the school. Respond to each question authentically and with a forward-looking perspective, underscoring how your contributions can enrich the vibrant NYU Stern community.

    Who attends the NYU Stern MSBA program:

    • Experienced professionals who contribute to strategic decision-making through data analysis.
    • Candidates with a minimum of five years of full-time professional work experience.
    • Individuals holding a bachelor's degree with a strong Grade Point Average.
    • Applicants demonstrating academic or quantitative readiness through previous coursework, professional background, and/or certifications.

    What Makes NYU Stern Unique?

    NYU Stern School of Business, established in 1900, offers a unique undergraduate business MSc program in the heart of New York City.
    Guided by Five Pillars, our program emphasizes academic excellence, social responsibility, global perspective, industry exploration, and community engagement.

    • Academic Excellence: Our program ensures students receive a top-notch education, preparing them for the challenges of the modern world.
    • Social Responsibility: We prioritize instilling a sense of social responsibility in our students, encouraging them to make a positive impact on society.
    • Global Perspective: Our curriculum provides students with a broad, inclusive view of the world, preparing them for success in a globalized economy.
    • Industry Exploration: Students have the opportunity to explore diverse industries and career paths, gaining valuable insight and experience.
    • Inspirational Community: Our community is as vibrant and dynamic as the city we call home, providing students with a supportive and inspiring environment to thrive.

    Useful Links

    Eligibility & Admission Process For International Applicants
    Program deadlines Admissions Events
    NYU Stern Alumni Alumni
    Contact NYU Stern MSBA


    In summary, the NYU Stern MSBA program isn't just about earning a degree; it's a transformative journey equipping students with the skills and mindset for success in business analytics. With top-tier faculty and a culture of innovation, it stands out among MSBA programs nationwide, offering a unique path to a promising career in the field.

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    What are the career prospects after completing the NYU STERN MSBA program?

    Graduates from the NYU STERN MSBA program have an impressive track record of pursuing successful careers in a wide range of industries, with many going on to assume leadership roles.

    What are the admissions requirements for NYU STERN MSBA program?

    The NYU STERN MSBA admission requirements include a bachelor's degree, a competitive , work experience, and English language proficiency.

    How is the Master of Science in Business Analytics program different from MBA?

    The coursework in our MSBA programs is designed to create a level of proficiency in data analysis and programming that is not feasible in general management education you would receive from an MBA programĀ 

    Do I need any work experience for the course ?

    Yes , you need 5-year work experience for the program to join.

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