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One Year Masters Program

In today’s age, there are many possibilities for master’s degree across the globe. It can be said that there is a master’s degree present for every field. But often people want their masters to be completed in a less span of time. This is where One Year Masters Program comes into play. Traditionally Master’s is usually of 2 years and this format has been successful. So, what does these One Year Masters Program offers better?

1. Better for Employment

Being a working professional, taking a gap of two years for masters can be a tough decision. But one year can be much better. How? Firstly, One year Masters Program grants you the same platform without losing an extra year. Secondly, with a gap of one year, your employer may also be willing to hold your job. Chances for the same to happen with the two-year program is minimal.

2. Budget Friendly

Reasons to get a masters degree are too many. They give you expertise and exposure. But one of the biggest disadvantages of masters is that they are expensive. So, where does a student who is willing to pursue masters but is budget conscious go? One year’s Masters Program can be the best fit for such students. Getting the same value but at a much lesser cost.

3. Can Transform your resume

Why is Master’s Degree so valued among students and professionals equally? For students, it provides them with expertise in their desired field and for professionals, it sets up a platform to take their career to new heights. In simple words, it can transform your profile. And if someone wants to get their Master’s degree done in less time, One year Masters program is the best option.

Here we will focus more on One Year Masters Program related to Management field across the world and try to figure out what is special about these programs

National University of Singapore

NUS is one of the leading Universities in the world. NUS MSc. in Management offers its students with an experience enriched with learning and innovation, combining Western intellect with Asian insights. The program is designed for a time frame of 12 months and in total has 2 semesters. Faculty of this One year Masters Program is distinguished and highly qualified in their respective fields. Learning in this course not only comes from teachers but also from talented peers belonging to different backgrounds from over 20 countries.

London Business School

London Business School is one of the most reputed management schools and constantly makes it to the Top 10 FT rankings. London Business School Masters in Management is a 1-year program which provides students with a conducive and learning environment fully supported by the world-renowned faculty. Students enrolled in this course are from all over the world, thus creating a global and culturally vibrant atmosphere in the campus. The course and curriculum are designed keeping practical learning, international exposure and networking in mind. This program is most ideal for someone with a degree and a couple of years or less experience.

The London School of Economics and Political Science

Masters in Management offered by The London School of Economics and Political Science is a One Year Masters Program. The course focuses on enhancing the skills required to be a competent leader in the business world.

What exactly this course offers? This course lays equips its students with the basic principles of managing people in the most competent way possible. In core academics, skills like business analytics, marketing, management, strategy are developed.

The curriculum will take an in-depth analytical approach throughout, enabling you to critically assess the latest trends and theories in management, and gain a true understanding of the social, economic and political forces which impact on organizations worldwide. A business project and international field trip will develop your practical skills as a talented and intelligent manager and enable you to use your insights from the program to create real-world, practical managerial solutions.

The curriculum of the course dives deep into the intellectual and analytical approach, empowering students with the ability to predict modern trends and be always one step ahead in this business world.

Imperial College Business School, London

MSc. in Management offered by IB Business School is a rigorous one year program which prepares fresh graduates from a variety of backgrounds for a wide range of careers in management, finance, consultancy etc.

IB Business school constantly comes in Top 10 FT rankings and this one year masters program carries excellent reputation. A degree from Imperial Business school would bring any student at a higher pedestal.

One of the biggest advantages that this school offers is a plethora of networking opportunities with top-most companies. This exposure helps students to be better equipped for stern future interviews.

This program is very practical and provides its students with real world challenges. Faculty for this program consists of experts from industry. How do they go about their lecture ? Their lecture typically includes business simulation, consulting projects etc. There is also a check on the redundancy of the course and curriculum. Hence, this program is reviewed by industry experts and corporate advisory board on regular basis. This constant reviewing ensures that the course and curriculum is relevant by modern standards and students are better equipped for modern challenges.

It can be concluded that IB offers a truly global experience and expands the perspective of students to new horizons.

University College London

University College London is a regular in the FT list of Best B-schools. Faculty of this program comes from diverse backgrounds with unparalleled expertise in their respective fields

The MSc. in Management at University College London and is considered a highly competitive program. UCL offers one year masters program in management. There are a couple of routes to this program, Route A and Route B. Route A is for students who are from Business Background where Route B is for students from non-business background.

Route A

  • Modules which cover core subjects
  • Accounting and Finance Analysis, Business Economics, Business Strategy, Decision and Risk Analysis,
  • Financial Decision Making, Markets and Customers, Organisational Behaviour and Career and Profession
  • One optional module.

Route B

  • Corporate Finance, Decision and Risk Analysis, Markets and Customers, Corporate Strategy and Career and Professional Development
  • Depending on the pathway taken – Finance or Corporate – three pathway modules PLUS one optional module:

This program is designed in such a manner that it broadens horizons of students through advanced study of business and organisations and at the same time draws on the skills and knowledge gained from the undergraduate degree. The main motive is that when student graduates from this program they can make a good amount of contribution to their future employer. Placement rate of UCL is excellent with companies like Barclays, Deloitte, Goldman Sachs, Google, PwC etc. in their hiring list.

Warwick Business School, London

Warwick business school offers one year Masters Program in Management with an aim to transform their students from young bright minds to competent and successful managers. This program is inspired by the highly in demand Warwick MBA program and is very thorough and immersive. The course fully equips its students to deal with real world business programs. Student learn by working in various kind of environments like marketing, entrepreneurship, consultancy and business management.

This course is built on the principle that theory alone cannot guarantee you success. You need to focus on developing yourself as an individual, polishing your communication skills, making you get equipped with modern management principles and also providing environments where one can practice these principles to use.

University of Glasgow, Sweden

This One year masters in Management gives its applicants an advanced introduction to advanced management thinking and business conditions. Students develop an understanding of advanced business principles and techniques. This includes finance, management, marketing, entrepreneurship and strategy.This degree is best for applicants without any experience or business degree.

Program Structure

Students need to take a series of core and optional courses and implement whatever they have learnt in the form of a project. This course also has many workshops going on.

Core Courses

  • Delivering performance
  • Dimensions of international business and management
  • Financial information management
  • Marketing management
  • People in organisations
  • Strategic management.

Optional courses may include

  • Business environment in China
  • Digital transformation
  • E-marketing strategy
  • Influencing skills
  • Market planning and decision making.

Curtin University, Australia

Curtin University offers One Year Masters in Engineering Management. Typically Engineering Managers use their management knowledge to lead a team of technical experts. His role is that the project gets properly completed in the budget specified.

The course is jointly taught by faculty from School of Civil and Mechanical Engineering and Curtin Graduate School of Business, and is a balance of technical and management expertise.

What you’ll learn

  • Integrate knowledge from a range of Engineering and Business sub-disciplines to coordinate and manage projects that require engineering control
  • Integrate learning with client requirements to produce feasible practical sustainable solutions towards managing engineering projects
  • Acquire and evaluate information to facilitate the coordination and management of engineering works
  • Communicate effectively to all stakeholders using appropriate (engineering project) management tools and techniques in the control of engineering works
  • Identify and use suitable and appropriate (engineering project) management tools and techniques in the control of engineering works
  • Continuously extend and build upon professional understanding and skills learned during post-graduate/master’s study
  • Practise engineering management with a global perspective and apply appropriate international standards
  • Address activities that recognise the impact of cultural and environmental diversity in the exercising of engineering management
  • Demonstrate leadership, professional behaviour and ethical practice in the context of managing engineering projects.

University of York, England

This course aims to make its students an effective manager in the technical world.

Once a new technology is developed, it needs to be taken from its raw stage to a commercially viable product. This course enables its applicants to operate in financial and strategic part of technical world.

The course is handled by leading experts and working professional managers. This kind of environment ensures that you are not only taught theory but also know how to implement these principles for real world problems.

Course is culminated with a group project. By the end of this project students have wide array of skills which include team working, better communication, problem solving.

In total 120 credits are spread over the year and a project towards the end with a weightage of 60 credits

Sprott School of Business

Sprott’s Master of Science in Management provides its students with the base to advance to higher studies or applied research career in various sectors.

Program Structure

This one year Masters Program in Management is focused on applied research regarding complex management problems in a ever evolving business environment.

The whole program is about design, methodology and functional areas courses. Students build a base in research methods and statistics and can develop their knowledge in their respective area of interest. Courses also include thesis.

For the thesis, students will undertake independent research related to issues consistent with the general focus of the program. Students will draw upon knowledge from multiple disciplinary areas within the School and may also draw from other departments in the University.

The main research areas of focus for the MSc are: Accounting, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Information Systems, International Business, Management, Marketing, and Supply Chain Management.


One year Masters Program may sound a bit off. But they can be of great help for someone with a specific set of needs. They cost less, save time. Simply they give more in less. So, if you think traditional masters are very demanding in time and money. One year Masters can be the way for you.

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