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Ottawa MSc MGT Review

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Table of Contents

    Key Takeaways

    1. Program Overview: The Ottawa MiM is a rigorous program designed to provide students with a broad understanding of management principles. It combines theoretical knowledge with practical applications through case studies, projects, and internships. The program aims to develop leaders who can navigate complex business challenges and drive organizational success.

    2. Class Profile: The Ottawa MiM Class of 2024 is composed of a diverse group of students, bringing together various academic backgrounds and professional experiences. The class includes individuals from fields such as engineering, social sciences, and natural sciences, fostering a rich learning environment. The program values diversity, which enhances peer learning and broadens perspectives.

    3. Tuition Fees: The tuition fee for the Ottawa MiM program is approximately CAD 32,000 per year. This includes access to all academic resources, career services, and various student activities. Additional costs such as living expenses and materials should also be considered when planning your budget.

    4. Average Salary and Employment: Graduates of the Ottawa MiM program have strong employment prospects, with many securing roles in top consulting firms, financial institutions, and multinational corporations. The average salary for graduates is CAD 70,000, with a significant number of students receiving job offers within three months of graduation. The program's robust career services and alumni network play a crucial role in facilitating these outcomes.


    In the dynamic landscape of management education, the Master's in Management (MIM) program at the Telfer School of Management, University of Ottawa, shines as a beacon of academic excellence and personal growth.

    Ottawa MIM/MSc MGT is not just a program; it's a transformative educational journey designed to equip students with the knowledge, skills, and global perspective needed to excel in diverse management fields.

    This comprehensive guide delves into the unique features, opportunities, and advantages that make Ottawa a standout choice for those seeking a holistic and inclusive approach to management education.

    From its diverse academic backgrounds to its emphasis on international experiences, this program stands as a testament to innovation, inclusivity, and the pursuit of excellence in the heart of Canada's capital.

    Telfer School of Management MSc MGT Class Profile

    There is no information on the official website on the Ottawa MIM/MSc MGT class profile.

    Telfer School of Management MSc MGT Acceptance Rate

    There is no information on the official website on the Ottawa MIM/MSc MGT acceptance rate. But, the program is competitive.

    Program and Curriculum Telfer School of Management MSc MGT

    The Master's in Management (MIM) program at the Telfer School of Management in Ottawa is your gateway to academic excellence and a promising career in management. The Ottawa MIM/MSc MGT program offers a rigorous curriculum designed to equip students with the skills and knowledge needed for success in the field of management.

    Core courses

    Core courses are as follows:

    Course Title Description
    Foundations for Quantitative Methods This course provides students with a strong quantitative foundation, essential for effective decision-making in a management role.
    Decision Analytics Decision-making is at the core of management. This course focuses on the use of analytics to make informed, data-driven decisions.
    Optimization and Modeling Management often involves optimizing resources and processes. This course teaches the techniques and models used for this purpose.
    Predictive Analytics In today's data-driven world, the ability to predict outcomes is invaluable. This course explores predictive analytics methods.
    MSc Research Project The Ottawa MiM/MSc MGT program culminates with a research project, allowing students to apply what they've learned in a real-world context.


    There is no information on electives on the official website.


    Scholarships are as follows:

    Scholarship Names Description
    John de la Mothe MBA/MSc Admission Scholarship This prestigious scholarship awards $2,000 to one exceptional student.
    Alex Beraskow Admission Scholarship in MSc Management This scholarship provides an opportunity for four students to receive $5,000 each.
    Myron and Catherine Tetreault Graduate Research Scholarship Two students are granted scholarships of $5,000 each.

    Clubs and associations

    Clubs and associations are as follows:

    • Enactus uOttawa- Enactus is a global organization focused on entrepreneurial action that transforms lives and creates a better, more sustainable world. Joining Enactus uOttawa provides students with the opportunity to drive positive change through entrepreneurial projects.
    • Telfer Marketing Association- For those passionate about marketing, this association offers networking opportunities, workshops, and events that enhance marketing skills and knowledge.
    • The Entrepreneurs’ Club- Aspiring entrepreneurs find a supportive community in this club, which encourages innovation, idea sharing, and entrepreneurial ventures.
    • Women in Management Network- This network is dedicated to promoting and empowering women in the field of management, fostering leadership, and providing a platform for collaboration and growth.
    • Telfer Student Association- The student association is the heart of the student experience, organizing events, activities and providing a platform for students to have their voices heard.

    Eligibility and Requirements for Getting into Telfer School of Management MSc MGT

    Embarking on the journey towards an Ottawa MIM/MSc MGT program is a significant step towards your future career. However, before you set your sights on this transformative educational experience, it's crucial to understand the eligibility and requirements for admission. 


    • Four-Year Undergraduate Degree- Applicants must hold a four-year undergraduate (honors) degree.
    • Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA)- A minimum of 75 percent (B+) CGPA is required. The CGPA should be calculated by graduate studies guidelines. For foreign transcripts, the last 20 courses are considered, while for Canadian and USA transcripts, the last 60 units are evaluated.
    • Prerequisite Coursework- Students without an academic background in management may need to complete prerequisite coursework as a condition of admission. 

    Application fee

    To submit your application to Ottawa MIM, you'll need to pay a non-refundable fee of CAD 110.

    Application documents 

    In addition to meeting the eligibility criteria, applicants must meet certain admission requirements:

    • Curriculum Vitae (Resume)- Applicants should provide a detailed CV that highlights their research or academic experience related to their area of research interest.
    • Statement of Research Interest- A well-crafted research statement is essential. This letter of intent should express your motivation for studying in the MSc in Management program your commitment to conducting research, and outline your preferred areas of research interest.
    • Transcripts- Each post-secondary institution that an applicant has attended must have a copy of their transcripts available for upload. The grading scale should be included on transcripts from non-Canadian and non-American universities. 


    A GPA of 8 or higher is preferred.


    Applicants should aim for a GMAT score of at least 600 or above.


    A GRE score of at least 310 is required for Ottawa MIM/MSC MGT.

    English language proficiency

    A computer-based TOEFL score of at least 250 or a score of at least 100 on the Internet is necessary. Alternately, candidates can prove their competency in English by receiving at least a 7 on three out of the four Academic IELTS examinations and a 6 on the fourth. Additionally taken into account is a PTE Academic score of at least 68.

    Telfer School of Management MSc MGT Deadlines

    When it comes to pursuing an Ottawa MIM/MSc MGT, timing is crucial. Meeting application deadlines is key to unlocking this prestigious program's door. If you skip the deadline, your application will be considered on a rolling basis.

    Admission process

    • Submitting Your Application- The application process typically involves completing an online application form, where you'll provide essential information about your academic and professional background. 
    • Standardized Tests- To evaluate your academic readiness, Ottawa's MIM often requires candidates to submit standardized test scores. While requirements may vary, applicants typically need to provide results for either the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) or the Graduate Record Examination (GRE). 
    • Admission Decision- Once your application is complete, the admission committee thoroughly reviews your credentials. They consider factors such as your undergraduate academic performance, standardized test scores, and any prerequisite coursework. 
    • Interview- Candidates who make it to the next stage of the selection process are invited to participate in an interview. This interview is an opportunity for you to discuss your motivations, aspirations, and how the MIM program aligns with your career goals.
    • Acceptance- The moment of truth arrives with the acceptance decision. If your application is successful and you receive an acceptance offer, it's a significant milestone on your path to academic and professional success. 

    When does admissions start?

    The admission cycle for academic programs, including the MIM program at the Telfer School of Management, typically follows a schedule determined by the university and specific program. The deadlines are listed below:

    Rounds  Deadlines
    Round 1 1 February


    Telfer School of Management MSc MGT Employment And Placement

    There is no information on the official website on the Ottawa MIM/MSc MGT employment report.

    Top Sectors Hiring Telfer School of Management MSc MGT Graduates

    There is no information on the official website on the Ottawa MIM/MSc MGT top sectors hiring.

    Application Essay for Telfer School of Management MSc MGT

    When applying for the Ottawa MIM, your application essay is your opportunity to shine. Your essay is your chance to make a lasting impression, so make it count.

    Essay 1

    The research statement is a letter of intent stating your motivation for studying in the MSc in Management program, your commitment to conducting research and outlining your preferred areas of research interest. Indicate your concentration and identify a possible research supervisor as part of the application process. (Should be between 800-1000 words)

    Tips for Ottawa MIM essay

    Here are a few tips.

    • Thoroughly read and understand the essay prompt. Tailor your essay to address the specific questions or topics provided.
    • Highlight why you are an ideal fit for the MIM program. Showcase your passion for management, your academic background, and your professional goals.
    • Use the essay to tell your unique story. Share personal experiences and anecdotes that demonstrate your journey and motivations.
    • Adhere to any word or character limits. Being concise shows your ability to communicate effectively.
    • Emphasize your strengths, but also acknowledge areas where you'd like to grow. Demonstrate self-awareness and a willingness to learn.

    Letter of Recommendation for Telfer School of Management MSc MGT

    When applying for the Master's in Management (MIM) program at the Telfer School of Management in Ottawa, a well-crafted letter of recommendation can be the key to unlocking your admission. A recommendation letter is more than just a requirement for the application process. It's a valuable component that provides insights into your character, abilities, and potential as a student in the Ottawa MIM program.

    • Select someone who knows you well, both academically and personally. Professors, employers, or mentors who have directly observed your abilities are ideal.
    • Talk to your recommender about your academic and career goals. This helps them tailor the letter to align with your objectives.
    • Share your resume, academic history, and achievements with your recommender. This ensures they have a complete picture of your qualifications.
    • Respect your recommender's time and set clear deadlines for when you need the letter. Provide any necessary forms or guidelines from the institution.
    • Send a courteous reminder as the deadline approaches, and express your gratitude for their support.

    Interview Questions for Telfer School of Management MSc MGT

    Interviews are more than just a conversation; they are the bridge that connects your qualifications to real opportunities. These structured dialogues allow individuals to showcase their skills, experiences, and personalities, ultimately determining whether they fit the Ottawa MIM/MSc MGT program.

    Set 1

    1. Could you briefly describe who you are and what your background is?
    2. Why did you decide on the MIM program in Ottawa?
    3. What are your immediate and long-term professional objectives?
    4. What would your close friends and coworkers say about you?
    5. Describe a difficult circumstance you've encountered and how you handled it.
    6. Why did you decide to get a master's in management?
    7. Can you talk about your outstanding initiatives or academic accomplishments?
    8. How have your prior coursework or employment prepared you for the MIM program in Ottawa?
    9. What topics or classes do you find most fascinating, and why?
    10. What are your most notable career achievements?

    Set 2

    1. What makes management a field that interests you?
    2. How do you think the MIM program in Ottawa will fit with your professional goals?
    3. Could you elaborate on any particular management or research interests?
    4. Describe a situation in which you had to address a complicated situation.
    5. How do you approach making decisions in difficult circumstances?
    6. How do you intend to support the Ottawa MIM community while you're a student?
    7. Which lessons in the program's curriculum most pique your interest?
    8. Why is having a global view vital for managers?
    9. Have you traveled abroad or had any exposure to other cultures?
    10. How do you resolve disputes or conflicts within a team?

    Tips for Ottawa MiM interview

    Here are a few tips that will help you.

    • Familiarize yourself with the program, faculty, and unique features of Ottawa's MIM.
    • Prepare your responses to common questions and practice with a friend or mentor.
    • Express your genuine enthusiasm for the program and the field of management.
    • Be ready to discuss your academic and professional achievements.
    • Share instances where you've demonstrated leadership and teamwork.

    What Makes Telfer School of Management MSc MGT Unique

    The Master's in Management (MIM) program at the Telfer School of Management in Ottawa is not just another graduate degree. It's a unique educational journey that offers a distinctive blend of features that set it apart.  Whether you're a recent graduate or a professional looking to advance your career, Ottawa MIM/MSc MGT offers a distinct and enriching experience that sets you on a path to success.

    • Diverse Academic Backgrounds- One of the key attributes that make Ottawa University unique is its inclusivity. Unlike some specialized programs, the Ottawa MIM program welcomes candidates from various academic backgrounds. Whether you have a degree in management, science, engineering, social sciences, health sciences, law, or the arts, you can find your place in this program. This diversity fosters a rich learning environment where students bring unique perspectives and skills to the table.
    • Tailored Admissions Criteria- Ottawa MIM recognizes that one size does not fit all. While the program has certain GPA and standardized test score requirements, it also values the individuality of each applicant. For those without a management background, prerequisite coursework may be required. The admissions committee takes a holistic approach, evaluating applicants on a case-by-case basis to ensure that the program is a good fit for them.
    • Global Perspective- In today's interconnected world, a global perspective is invaluable. Ottawa emphasizes this by offering opportunities for international experiences, which can include international exchanges, study tours, or international projects. These experiences allow students to broaden their horizons and gain insights into global business practices.
    • Strong Faculty and Research Opportunities- The Ottawa MSc MGT program is home to an exceptional faculty comprising experts in their respective fields. Their research informs the curriculum, ensuring that students receive cutting-edge knowledge and skills. Additionally, MIM students have the opportunity to engage in research projects, further enhancing their academic and practical skills.
    • Networking and Career Support- Ottawa, as the capital of Canada, provides a unique environment for networking and career opportunities. The program leverages this by offering networking events and industry connections. The Telfer Career Centre also provides comprehensive support for students seeking internships and employment opportunities, helping to kickstart their careers.
    • Robust Alumni Network- Graduates of the Ottawa Msc MGT program become part of a strong and supportive alumni network. This network not only fosters a sense of belonging and community but also opens doors for career advancement and lifelong connections.
    • Student Clubs and Associations- The MIM program is enriched by various student clubs and associations, including Enactus uOttawa, Telfer Marketing Association, The Entrepreneurs’ Club, Women in Management Network, and the Telfer Student Association. These organizations offer students the opportunity to engage in extracurricular activities that align with their interests and career goals.


    In the ever-evolving landscape of higher education, the Master's in Management (MIM) program at the University of Ottawa's Telfer School of Management is a benchmark for quality. From its inclusivity that welcomes diverse academic backgrounds to its holistic approach to evaluating candidates, MIM is a program that values individuality.

    What makes Ottawa MIM/MSc MGT truly unique is its commitment to offering a global perspective. In a world where international experiences are increasingly valued, Ottawa students can explore the global business landscape through international exchanges, study tours, and international projects.

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    Can I obtain experience abroad while enrolled in the Ottawa MIM program?

    Ottawa MIM does promote a global viewpoint. Students have the chance to participate in exchange programs, study abroad programs, or foreign initiatives. These opportunities present a singular chance to learn about international business methods and to broaden one's perspective.

    What career development assistance does Ottawa MIM offer?

    The Telfer Career Centre provides substantial career development assistance, including help with internship and job searches, résumé writing, interview prep, and networking opportunities. A robust alumni network also creates opportunities for professional progress.

    What sets Ottawa MIM apart from other MIM courses offered in Canada?

    Ottawa MIM stands out among MIM programs thanks to its distinctive combination of diversity, global viewpoints, strong faculty, alumni network, and various student organizations. Its location in Canada's capital presents distinctive networking and employment opportunities.

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