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Scholarship E-Book

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Getting scholarships is the best way to get partial or full financial assistance for your Masters. In fact, the primary reason students back out of their Master’s plans is Financial Concerns. With escalating tuition fees and costs of living, getting a scholarship isn’t just a luxury or an option, but a necessity for most. However, students generally aren’t aware of the options available to them and thus lose out on a lot of financial aid.

To summarize, here are some of the top reasons why students fail to get scholarships:

  1. Believing that you don’t deserve a scholarship – Scholarships aren’t merely for the academically inclined or the athletes & sporting prodigies. There are several types of scholarships which go beyond need-based or merit-based scholarships. If you find the right scholarships and pitch a strong application, you can surely get a scholarship.
  2. Difficulty searching for them – Due to the different types of scholarships and big number of organizations offering scholarships, students don’t know how to look for them. Students thus generally only scour through the college website or ask their counsellor to know more.
  3. Writing weak scholarship essays – The essay you submit should show the committee why you deserve to get a scholarship. Besides, different scholarship types look for different characteristics. Students fail to understand the objective of the scholarship essay and merely brag about their achievements in the essay, which usually fails to get them a scholarship.’


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With detailed information ranging from the types of options available to common mistakes you make in your scholarship essays, the scholarship e-book will greatly help cut down your education costs.


So what does the Scholarship E-Book contain?


Types of Scholarships:

    1. Scholarships are for everyone, not just the lucky few, the academically inclined, or the athletic prodigies. Everyone can get a scholarship due to the different types of scholarships available for students. This e-book contains information on all the different types of scholarships available to you such as Athletic Scholarships, Artistic Scholarships, Minority Scholarships, and how to look for them.

Scholarship Options:

    1. This is the crux of the book. Besides the popular scholarships and the university-specific scholarships, this book will contain information the names of less-known scholarship options mainly. While the options are specifically curated with an Indian student in mind, most of these scholarships are open to students from other nationalities as well. Detailed information on the scholarship eligibility, the reward, the deadlines, the difficulty of obtaining the scholarship, etc. is also present.

Suggestions for Essay Editing:

    1. Writing scholarship essays can be very tricky since many of them have word limits, which means that it’s very difficult to highlight your profile in such a small space. This book will thus contain information on the common tips to use when you’re writing scholarship essays, common mistakes to avoid, and even on the online tools you can use to perfect your essays.

Application Tips:

It usually takes quite some effort and especially time to get a scholarship. Therefore, start as early as possible to check your possible options. We will help you on the right time to apply for the scholarship, the documents you need to prepare before applying, and scholarship application do’s and don’t’s.


With this valuable resource, you would be one step closer to your dream school.


Get an edge over your competition

Purchase our Scholarship E-Book!


Via the Scholarship E-Book you get a detailed and thorough document which contains the following:

  • The list of scholarships of available to students pursuing their Masters in Europe, US,  Canada, Australia and even Asia. 
  • Actionable tips for the scholarship essays, which can help you prepare personalized essays and increase chances of getting admitted. 
  • A detailed list of the types of the types of scholarships available, and descriptions to them.

The e-book would be available to you instantly, & will be sent to your inbox via email.

If by any chance you are not satisfied with our Scholarship E-Book, just send us a mail back stating the same, & we will offer you a 100% refund, no questions asked.