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University of Oxford MBA GMAT Score

University of Oxford MBA GMAT Score Requirements: Score, Trends, and Tips to Improve

The Oxford MBA GMAT score is crucial for gaining admission to the University of Oxford. This university includes the prestigious Oxford Saïd Business School, a top-ranking institution. Your profile must also have a good academic background and work experience. This blog will explore the University of Oxford MBA GMAT Score requirements for admission.

Average Oxford MBA GMAT Score

University of Oxford MBA GMAT Score for the Class of 2024 is 680.


If you're applying to the Oxford MBA Program, you should know that the program prefers candidates with a GMAT score of 650 or above; however, it accepts all scores.

The median GMAT score for the 2023-2024 class at Oxford Saïd Business School is 680, which is quite competitive.

If you're interested in the Oxford MBA and would like to learn more about the program, life in Oxford, or keep up with important dates and updates from current MBA students, please fill out the form below to connect with them.

After filling out the form, you'll be able to download Oxford MBA: View programme brochure. You will also receive tailored content and invitations to events that will help you decide if this MBA path is right for you, including information on the "University of Oxford MBA GMAT Score."

Analysing the Year-on-Year Trends in Oxford MBA GMAT

The average Oxford MBA GMAT score for candidates has been rising each year. This shows a steady surge in the quality of applicants.

In 2019, the average GMAT score stood at an impressive 685, and this mark ascended even higher to reach a staggering 690 for the 2021-22 class. The increasing trend highlights that candidates are taking their GMAT scores seriously and investing time to refine their skills before applying to the Oxford MBA program. 

The following table shows the trend of Oxford MBA GMAT over the last 5 years.

Year Average GMAT Score
2023-24 680
2022-23 690
2021-22 690
2020-21 680
2019-20 685

Significance of GMAT in the Oxford Selection Process

The importance of a GMAT score in the admission process at the University of Oxford can vary depending on the specific program and the department to which you are applying. Like many other top universities, Oxford considers multiple factors when evaluating applications. 

While a high Oxford University School GMAT score can improve your chances of being admitted to the program, it's not the only factor the school considers. The school takes a holistic approach to admissions, which means it evaluates applicants based on various factors.

In addition, the school also considers factors such as your undergraduate academic record, work experience, essays, and recommendations. The school also looks for applicants with leadership potential, a global mindset, and a passion for business.

Students Experience at Oxford

Test Waiver for Oxford MBA GMAT

No waivers are available for applicants to the Oxford MBA program. Applicants must take either the GMAT or GRE, even with work experience, studies, or qualifications. This policy ensures fairness. It helps the admissions committee assess readiness for the program's challenges.

Get to know more details: Oxford Said Business School MBA | FAQ

How Can You Improve Your Chances of Getting Admission to Oxford MBA?

Improve Your Chances of Getting Admission to Oxford MBA

To improve your University of Oxford MBA GMAT score, you can start with the official GMAT materials, and there are always interactive online courses that test your knowledge with study guides and practice tests.

Many sources offer extensive materials and forums for discussion and advice. You can refer to this GMAT Preparation guide to enhance your chances of getting good scores on the test.

Study groups and tutoring are suitable for personalised guidance and motivation. However, the most effective way is to take the Oxford Business School's GMAT simulator test.

Using GRE for Oxford MBA: GMAT Alternative

Irrespective of background or qualifications, you must submit either a GMAT or GRE score with your application to Saïd Business School, reflecting the school's commitment to a comprehensive admissions process.

Saïd Business School regards a GRE verbal score of 159 and a quantitative score of 160 as indicative of strong potential while maintaining an inclusive approach to all scores. The current class exemplifies a median of 160 in both verbal and quantitative sections, showcasing the diverse abilities among students.

Completing all GRE sections is required to ensure score integrity. You should ensure that your official online scores are accessible to the admissions department by providing the institution code 0807 to ETS for score release.

It's important to note that GRE scores older than five years from the application deadline are not considered valid. You should plan accordingly and contact ETS directly to arrange your test.

Uncovering the Oxford MBA Class Profile

When we look at the diverse and excellent class profile of the Oxford MBA program, we learn why admission is so competitive. It justifies the vitality of good GMAT and GRE scores and a strong profile.

The MBA class profile reflects a range of perspectives, expertise, and willingness to exchange ideas and concepts. It includes professionals from finance to consulting and tech to healthcare. Oxford’s vibrant community helps students navigate every step of their journey regardless of their background.

The Oxford MBA class profile is diverse and highly accomplished, with an average of 6 years of work experience and representation from over 63 countries.

Oxford MBA nationalities distribution

The class comprises individuals from various industries, including consulting, finance, technology, and more, who bring a wealth of knowledge and perspectives to the program. Oxford MBA Program is one of the UK's most famous and prestigious schools for MBA Colleges. 

Average Age 29
Average Work Experience 6 Years
Class Size 334
Female Students 51%
Male Students 46.9%
Average GMAT Score 680
GMAT Range > 650
Work Experience Required 3 Years
Program Length 12 months
Tuition Cost  £78,510
Average Salary £83,410

The prestigious MBA program at Saïd Business School, the "University of Oxford MBA GMAT Score" plays a critical role in the admissions process. A competitive GMAT score not only enhances your application but also positions you well for various scholarship opportunities available at Oxford.

Moreover, The Alumni Benefits | Oxford MBA  enjoy a host of benefits which include access to exclusive networking events, continuous professional development, and lifelong learning opportunities. This continued support and the strong community network are integral to maximizing the return on investment in your MBA education.

For more information: Oxford MBA Application Requirements

Additional Factors to Consider: Applying for Oxford MBA Program

additional factors to consider for oxford mba

When considering applying for the Oxford MBA program at Saïd Business School, several factors are crucial to enhance your chances of admission, including the "University of Oxford MBA GMAT Score.

Academic and Professional Requirements

Oxford MBA academic curriculum has strong academic credentials and professional experience are essential. A competitive University of Oxford MBA GMAT Score of 650 or higher is generally favored, although all scores are considered. GRE scores are also accepted, with competitive verbal and quantitative scores each ideally being 160 or more​.

Application Essays and Personal Statement

Your application must include a well-crafted personal statement and supporting essays. Applicants need to articulate their career goals, personal development aims, and the value they bring to the cohort. Specific essays are required for different scenarios, such as the standard MBA application, the Oxford 1+1 MBA scheme, and for re-applicants, each requiring a concise explanation of your goals and improvements since your last application​

Online Assessment

The application includes an online assessment designed to evaluate candidates' motivations and competencies. This component assesses how candidates think on their feet through motivation-based questions, competency-based questions, and a light-hearted written response.


Two references, either professional or academic, are necessary. These should be from individuals who can provide insights into your capabilities and achievements. The references must come from valid institutional or professional email addresses, not personal accounts like Gmail or Hotmail

English Proficiency

For non-native English speakers, demonstrating English proficiency through tests like TOEFL or IELTS is required. The school specifies minimum scores for each component of these exams to ensure that all students can actively participate in the demanding academic environment​.

Application Fee and Financial Considerations

The application process for the Oxford MBA program involves a fee of £150, although waivers may be available for applicants from certain low-income countries. It's also crucial to understand the full cost of the program, including living expenses in Oxford. The program fee for the 2024-25 academic year is £78,510, which includes lifelong membership to the Oxford Union.

Additionally, potential applicants should explore "Oxford MBA Scholarships and Funding" options, as Saïd Business School offers several scholarships to help mitigate these costs, aimed at promoting access for students from diverse international and socioeconomic backgrounds.

Interview and Final Decisions

If shortlisted, you will undergo an interview, which could be conducted in person or via video conference. This is an opportunity to further demonstrate how the Oxford MBA fits into your career plans. The interview focuses on your background, aspirations, and your potential contribution to the cohort.

To know more: Oxford Said Business School - Admissions | How to apply

In the following video, we step away from the metrics and charts to embrace the human element—the narrative of the successful journey of a candidate who navigated the challenges, seized the opportunities, and emerged triumphant in getting into the University of Oxford MBA GMAT Score.

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While GMAT scores are essential to the application process, Oxford Saïd Business School (one of the best MBA colleges in UK) evaluates candidates holistically. Before deciding, the admissions committee considers various factors such as work experience, academic transcripts, personal statements, and letters of recommendation.

Retaking the GMAT and improving your scores can significantly boost your profile. Remember, the admissions committee is looking for candidates who can succeed in the program and contribute to the class; University of Oxford MBA GMAT Score is a part of it.

What GMAT score does Oxford MBA require?

There is no minimum score requirement. The median GMAT for the 2023-24 class is 680. If you have a GMAT Focus Edition score, visit GMAC’s website to understand how your score compares. A high score does not guarantee a place, nor does a low score disqualify you. It is important to remember that GMAT scores are only one element of your application.

If I retake the GMAT test, will the latest or the highest score be considered?

Oxford Business School takes the best score you get on the test. If you want to boost your score before applying, go ahead! But remember, you can't combine scores from different test parts.

I have significant professional experience in a highly quantitative role. Do I need to submit a GMAT score?

Yes, every candidate wishing to apply for the Oxford MBA must submit a GMAT score result with their application, regardless of previous work experience, studies, or qualifications.

I will take my GMAT test after the stage deadline. Can I be considered for the earlier stage and provide my test result later?

No, you will need to submit a complete application to be considered.

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