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Loan Financing

Dreamt of studying abroad but are worried about the affordability?
You are not alone.

There are thousands of students (even with excellent profiles) who do not pursue an international degree due to the lack of funding.

But hey, you can always take an education loan, can’t you?
Turns out, not every student loan application is sanctioned, and a couple of MAJOR REASONS for that are:

  • Lack of  relevant collateral 
  • Education Loan Size (Certain Indian banks have a cap of 20 Lakh)

So, we have partnered up with GyanDhan, an education-focused financing platform which will help you in getting your loan sanctioned.

About GyanDhan

GyanDhan, unlike any other loaning institute, focuses specifically on people who are pursuing education. They want to democratize education and make sure that people do not have to hold back due to financial constraints.

They offer their client:

  • Loan sanction after checking eligibility
  • The Best Interest Rates
  • Tools to calculate EMI and low foreign exchange

GyanDhan takes care of all the issues and roadblocks, to ensure that you get the finances you require to study abroad and have a once in a lifetime experience.

Why Trust GyanDhan?


More than 1,000 students have benefited from GyanDhan

50 Lakhs

Students can get loans up to 50 Lakhs without collateral


GyanDhan has been helping students get their loans for more than 3 years.

MiM-Essay + GyanDhan = Make your dream of studying abroad a reality!

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