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Purdue University

Purdue MeM Review

Purdue University is the flagship campus of the Purdue University system and a public land-grant research university in West Lafayette, Indiana. Lafayette businessman John Purdue provided land and money to create a college of science, technology, and agriculture in his honor in 1869.

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Purdue MeM Introduction



International Students




Alumni Network






Course Duration

24 Months


Course Fee





These (MSE/MS) degree programs are specifically designed for individuals preparing for a career in the industry. They are open to graduates from any engineering discipline and select science and math majors. Purdue’s Engineering Management master’s program is designed specifically to help you develop depth in engineering and breadth in your business and leadership skills. Upon completing the master’s programs, you will be able to demonstrate the design and development of products and processes at the systems level. You will be able to ensure the quality of products or processes through design and development, manage organizations and people, make sound engineering decisions, and communicate and negotiate within a global engineering discipline. The program will significantly increase your value as a professional to help advance your career path.

Purdue MeM Class Profile

Purdue University was ranked third among public universities in the United States regarding international student enrolment. Purdue has over 100 student organizations offering educational, professional, social, and cultural opportunities. The university is also dedicated to preserving the campus’s significant cultural variety. In addition, Purdue University offers cutting-edge programs and opportunities for graduate students to achieve academic and personal success.

Average Age






Average Work Ex

2.5 Years

660+Average GPA


Class Size

Program and Curriculum of Purdue MeM

A key component of our Engineering Management program is our blend of business and engineering courses, emphasizing systems engineering and business management. In addition to deepening students’ engineering skills, we provide students with opportunities to learn, perform, and network in a business environment. Due to the work experience gained throughout our program, our engineering management students consistently secure competitive job offers from various employers, including rapidly-growing entrepreneurial ventures and top Fortune 500 companies, before graduation.

Core Course

    •     Business Analytics
    •     Marketing Management
    •     Strategic Management
    •     Introduction to Operations Management
    •     Additional Course Options


    •     Competitive Strategy
    •     Management of Operating Systems
    •     Accounting for Managers
    •     Developing a Global Business Strategy
    •     Brand Management
    •     New Product Development
    •     Database Management Systems
    •     Manufacturing Planning and Control
    •     Logistics
    •     Project Management
    •     Strategic Sourcing and Procurement
    •     Global Supply Chain Management
    •     Data Mining
    •     Six Sigma and Quality Management

    Extra Activities

    Purdue University believes in the holistic development of the students. As a result, they offer several different clubs and organizations for the students to choose from. Also, there are several opportunities for the students to pursue internship opportunities during their time at Purdue University. These internship opportunities may come from industry partners. Hence, one should work towards attaining them.


    Engineering Management begins the program with a full orientation week emphasizing professional growth based on industry research. Students tour an industry partner’s facility, participate in networking sessions, and learn how to create a job search toolkit. Because our graduates have the technical competence to tackle complex challenges and the managerial abilities to engage in leadership and project management, industry partners are interested in helping teach our 2-year students during their off-campus co-op semesters.


    Student Clubs are an absolute favorite and the heart and soul of Purdue University’s student experience. Clubs are also an opportunity to explore areas of interest and provide important networks that extend to alumni and the wider community. Some of the clubs include:

    1. Society of Environmental and Ecological Engineers
    2. Boiler Green Initiative
    3. Engineers for a Sustainable World
    4. Purdue Solar Racing
    5. Energy Club

    Eligibility and Requirements (How to get into Purdue MeM) 


    •  3.0 GPA
    • Applicants must have an ABET-accredited engineering bachelor’s degree.
    • If an applicant does not have an ABET-accredited engineering degree (or an international equivalent) or a scientific degree, proof of satisfactory completion of the following math courses is required: Calculus I and II, as well as differential equations and linear algebra, are needed.

    Document Related to the Application

    •     Completed graduate application
    •     Official Transcripts
    •     Statement of Purpose
    •     Resume
    •     Three letters of Recommendation
    •     Official English proficiency scores (if applicable)
    •     Official GRE scores (waived for Purdue students and graduates)
    •     The application fee is $75 for international students

    Purdue MeM Deadlines

    Purdue University MEM also offers a summer intake, but you need to contact the Program Administrator and ask for the deadlines for the same.


    First Round: January 15

    Second Round: March 15

    Final Round: June 1


    First Round: October 1

    Second Round: November 1

    Purdue MeM Employment

    Purdue University has ties to top fortune 500 companies through MEM’s growing Alumni network, making it an added advantage for students to get placed at renowned organizations such as Amazon, Google, Microsoft, etc.





    Top Sectors hiring Purdue MeM

    The top 3 sectors where the graduates of Purdue MeM gets hired are: 

    1. Consulting

    2. Finance

    3. Technology

    Companies recruiting from Purdue MeM


    • Deloitte
    •  McKinsey & Co.
    •  PricewaterhouseCoopers
    • Bain & Co
    •  Oliver Wyman
    • A.T. Kearney


    • BNB Paribas
    • Ernst & Young
    • Morgan Stanley
    • Goldman Sachs
    • JP Morgan
    • Deutsche Bank


    • Google
    • Air Liquide
    • BearingPoint
    • Rocket Internet

    Purdue MeM Alumni Info

    With an alumni network of 40,000, Purdue graduates are making a difference worldwide in diverse organizations ranging from global corporations to start-ups. Year after year, students connect with sought-after companies looking for professionals who have the ambition to make a difference. As a result, 95% of graduates had successful career outcomes, and 80.7% had at least one professional experience. Therefore, Purdue placements ensure that their students get the right job at the best place.

    Some Famous Alumni

    • Sam Allen (Chairman and CEO of Deere & Company)
    • Jane Boulware (Vice President of Microsoft)
    • Susan Bulkeley Butler (Founder and CEO of the SBB Institute and the first female partner of Accenture)

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    Application Essay for Purdue MeM

    Statement of Purpose:

    A 500-word statement on your desire to pursue or continue graduate studies, your reasons for wanting to study at Purdue, and your professional plans, career goals, and research interests are welcomed. You may further expound on your exceptional abilities, accolades, achievements, scholarly publications, professional history, and any special circumstances relevant to your background.

    Letter of Recommendation for Purdue MeM

    Purdue University asks for at least three letters of recommendation. In addition, it encourages you to provide an email address associated with a university, professional organization, or employer. Once your online recommendation is submitted, the graduate program to which you applied will have access to it.

    Interview Questions for Purdue MeM

    1. What makes you unique?
    2. Are you able to multi-task? Can you give me some examples?
    3. How would your colleagues describe you?
    4. How do you organize your typical day?
    5. What do you consider your strengths? What do you think are your weaknesses?
    6. How do you handle failure?
    7. How do you feel about constructive criticism?
    8. If you could go back in time for about five years, would you do anything differently?
    9. If I hire you, what is the first contribution you will make to the company?
    10. Have you ever been fired? If so, what happened?
    11. What are your interests and hobbies outside of work?

    What makes Purdue MeM unique

     Purdue is ranked 7th for Graduate engineering programs and comes in the top 10 Public universities in America. (According to the 2021 U.S News & world report, 2021 Wall Street Journal / Times Higher Education)

    •  MEM has two options; one is Accelerated Engineering Management which is a one-year program, and the other one is Engineering Management with Professional Practice which is a two-year program. Students can choose from either option and pursue what they find fit for themselves.
    • Students have the flexibility to choose their subjects; they have various options related to business and technical engineering content.


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    How long is the MEM program at Purdue?

    MEM with professional practice is a 2-year program. However, if you wish to pursue an accelerated program, it is for one year.

    What are the Job Prospects after pursuing MEM?

    After you pursue MEM, you can look forward to jobs like:

    •     Project Engineer
    •     Project Manager
    •     Operations Manager
    •     Technical Manager
    •     Automation Engineer
    Is it necessary to have a Bachelor’s in Engineering to pursue MEM?

    Students must have an ABET-accredited engineering degree (or an international equivalent) or a scientific degree. Also, proof of satisfactory completion of the following math courses is required: Calculus I and II, as well as differential equations and linear algebra, are needed.

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