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Queens MBA Fees: Program Cost, Financial Aids, ROI & More

Those who are thinking about applying to Queens University's MBA program in Canada should be informed of the program's tuition and fees. Queens MBA is an investment, but many students believe it to be worthwhile because of the training, opportunities, and resources it provides. We will discuss the Queens MBA fees in this part, along with the financial aid options accessible to students who need help paying for their studies.

Queens MBA Fees

Nestled in the prestigious realm of Queens University, one of the best MBA colleges in Canada, the MBA program beckons aspiring scholars with its unparalleled educational experience. However, traversing this path to academic excellence entails a financial commitment worthy of contemplation. As the curtain rises on the grand stage of MBA fees, domestic students are met with a sum of approximately CAD $83,795, while their international counterparts bear a slightly weightier burden of CAD $105,100.

Beyond the realm of mere tuition, these figures encompass a symphony of supplementary costs and Queens MBA fees dedicated to nurturing the academic journey. This harmonious orchestration paves the way for comprehensive academic support, ensuring that students are equipped with the necessary resources and assistance to embark upon their transformative odyssey.

Within the tapestry of this MBA program, the cost of tuition is interwoven across three academic sessions, embodying the investment required to unlock the doors of knowledge, ignite intellectual curiosity, and shape the future leaders of the business world.


Queens MBA Fees: Living Expenses in  Canada

It is critical to consider the expenditures of daily life when weighing the advantages of studying abroad. Indian students who are interested in attending the program in Canada must be aware of additional costs in addition to the Queens MBA fees.

1. Accommodation: The cost of on-campus housing at Queens University ranges from CAD $800to CAD$ 1200 each academic year and includes dorms, apartments, and townhouses. 

2. Food:   Depending on individual eating preferences and the chosen culinary path, the monthly expenditure on meals, add on to the Queen MBA fees, may fluctuate, ranging from an approximately CAD $300 to CAD $400. As a prudent measure to curb expenses, students are bestowed with the wondrous option of immersing themselves in the art of culinary creation, thus bypassing the allure of dining out.

3. Phone/Internet: In addition to Queens MBA fees, the cost of phone and internet charges can range from CAD $100 to CAD $200 per month. 

4. Utilities: Students are responsible for paying for their utilities, which are an addition to the Queens MBA fees, such as clothing, laundry, etc., charged around CAD $100 to CAD $200 per month, depending on their usage. 

Expense Cost (CAD)
Tuition Fees $83,795 (domestic students) / $105,100 (international students)
Accommodation $800 - $1200 per month
Phone+Internet $100 - $200 per month
 Utilities $100 - $200 per month

It is crucial to have a good understanding of the cost of living in Canada before pursuing your studies, along with the Queens MBA fees. The estimated monthly cost of living for one person is approximately $1,800 CAD, which translates to $20,000 CAD annually.

Queens MBA Fees: Scholarships

Within the illustrious realm of Queens University, a plethora of scholarships awaits aspiring scholars, poised to alleviate the financial burdens associated with pursuing an MBA program and liberating them from the yoke of Queens MBA fees. Notably, every accepted student is seamlessly propelled into the realm of scholarship consideration, affording them the opportunity to vie for the financial support they qualify for. 

The following are some of the MBA scholarships offered by Queens University Canada, which provide relief in covering the hefty Queens MBA fees:

  • Federal Kreel MBA Scholarship
  • Len Morrow MBA Scholarship
  • Dean’s MBA Admission Scholarships
  • Stephen J.R. Smith MBA Scholarships
  • Ian and Maureen Dawson MBA Scholarship
  • Jim Leech MBA Scholarship

Queens MBA Fees: ROI

In the intricate realm of MBA programs at Queens University, a pinnacle of excellence among Canadian institutions, the Return on Investment (ROI) dances in harmony with a multitude of variables. Industry, job function, and years of work experience converge as consequential determinants, shaping the trajectory of this financial equation. 

ROI can be calculated as:

ROI = (Salary Increase - Cost of Program) / Cost of Program

ROI = ($61,200 CAD - $105,100 CAD) / $105,100 CAD

ROI = -0.417 or -41.7%

In order to get the most out of their investment in the Queens MBA fees, Indian students must fully commit to their studies, cultivate a strong professional network, and take advantage of all the school's resources for finding employment. 

Queens MBA Fees: Part-Time Jobs and Potential Earnings

There are various part-time jobs and earnings options available for MBA graduates to reduce their financial burden and cover the Queens MBA fees.

  • International students are allowed to work full-time during specified breaks, such as the winter and summer breaks, and part-time for up to 20 hours per week during regular academic sessions.
  • The part-time employment options can be internships, co-ops, off-campus jobs, on-campus jobs, and jobs connected to the student's field of study, which further enables to cover the Queens MBA fees.
  • Depending on availability and requirements, international students may also be eligible to work on campus at Queen's University.
  • In Ontario, where Queen's University is located, the minimum wage is $14.35 per hour, which plays a crucial role to assist international students to meet the Queens MBA fees. However, depending on the business and the type of job, compensation for part-time employment prospects may differ.

International students must make sure they abide by the rules controlling their student visa, including any limitations on work hours. Their student visa may be revoked for breaking these rules, in addition to having other legal repercussions.

Queens MBA Fees: Student Visa Work Hour Restrictions

The Queens MBA fees should not be overlooked by those who aspire to become MBA graduates. Without knowledge of VISA work hour restrictions, prospective students may fall short of their financial goals. It is therefore essential for Indian university students to be aware of the regulations that apply to them when pursuing a Queens MBA program from their alma mater.

  • Hospitality industry: Students in search of part-time employment can find opportunities within the hospitality industry. Students may be hired as waiters, bartenders, or chefs at restaurants and bars; or perform any number of tasks for cafes such as serving customers.
  • Retail sector: Within the vast expanse of possibilities, numerous part-time opportunities flourish in diverse markets, stores, and exclusive boutiques, presenting a bountiful harvest of potential for supplementing one's income and seamlessly meeting the expenses associated with Queens MBA fees. 
  • Tutoring: For the enterprising Indian students, the realm of tutoring unfolds as a splendid opportunity to both impart knowledge and enrich their own understanding of a subject matter.
  • Freelancing: Aspiring MBA students who want to earn some extra income can leverage their skills and expertise to offer services on freelance websites like Fiverr and Upwork. Such platforms offer a vast array of opportunities ranging from content writing to graphic designing and web development projects that students can bid for.

Generally, the minimum wage for students aged 18-20 ranges from $10.25 to $14 per hour, while for those aged 21 and over, it can range from $11.25 to $15 per hour, which plays a significant role in covering the Queens MBA fees. 


Although a Queens MBA fee is a sizable investment, it has the potential to yield exceptional results in terms of professional advancement, network building, and personal development. You can choose wisely whether to enroll in the Queens MBA program by carefully weighing the costs, living expenses, scholarships, and estimated return on investment. This choice will ultimately determine how successful you are in the global business world.

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