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Queens MMA Review

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    The Queens MSBA program meets the growing demand for business analysts and is a top choice for aspiring professionals in data analytics.

    With a comprehensive curriculum covering key areas like data analysis, statistical modeling, and machine learning, students gain practical experience through hands-on projects. Queen's University offers internships and experiential learning opportunities, helping students prepare for post-graduation employment.

    Overall, the Master of Science in Business Analytics program at Queen's University Smith School of Business is a transformative pathway to success in the field of data analytics.

    Program length 12 months
    Tuition Fees
    MSBA 2024
    Program deadline
    MSBA 2025
    Intakes 2 (Jan and May)
    Application fees N/A

    Class Profile

    The MSBA program at Smith, offering two learning format options, provides you with the opportunity to collaborate and build an invaluable network of diverse classmates. These classmates are talented, highly motivated professionals from various backgrounds, enriching your learning experience.

    This class profile combines students from both the in-person and blended learning formats, creating a dynamic and inclusive learning environment.

    Average GMAT 650
    Average GRE N/A
    Average GPA 2.8+
    Average work experience 6 Years
    Average age 31
    Pre-MSBA industry
    Pre-MSBA location
    MSBA 2024
    Class size
    MSBA 2024
    MSBA 2024
    Country Represented
    MSBA 2024

    Queens MSBA Rankings

    The Queens MSBA program has earned impressive rankings in respected publications. In the QS International Trade Ranking for Masters and MBA in 2023, it ranked 94th.

    Similarly, in the FT Master of International Business 2022 ranking, Queens MSBA secured the 66th position. These rankings underscore the program's excellence and its recognition among leading institutions globally.

    Rankings Position
    QS International Trade Ranking - Masters and MBA 2023 94
    FT Master of International Business 2022 66

    Eligibility & Requirements for Queens MSBA 

    to apply for the Queens MSBA program, it's essential to know the eligibility and requirements. The application includes completing an online form, which can be done in stages and submitted when ready.

    While GMAT/GRE scores aren't necessary, proof of English language proficiency is required. Additionally, applicants need a WES assessment, university transcripts with certified English translations, and a one-page CV explaining any significant employment gaps. 

    Application Components:

    To apply for the Queens MSBA program, there are several essential components that students must fulfill. These include academic records, test scores, and required documents. These elements are fundamental requirements for completing the application process.

    Requirements Details
    Completed online application form -The form is designed to be filled out over multiple sessions.
    -It allows saving progress and submission when ready.
    Test scores needed -GMAT/GRE Score (not required)
    -Proof of English Language Ability (IELTS, TOEFL)
    Standardized requirements by school -WES Assessment
    Additional requirements -University Transcripts (with certified English translation)
    -One-page CV (with explanations for significant employment gaps)

    Program & Curriculum of Queens MSBA  

    Queens MSBA program curriculum combines essential data analytics techniques with top-notch education in business strategy and management. It covers a thorough study of the basic mathematical and statistical theories and methods used in modern analytics, with a practical approach.

    Core Courses

    Explore the courses of the Queen's MSBA program. These courses cover essential topics in business analytics, providing a blend of theory and practical application. 

    Course Description
    Acquisition and Management of Data Master the art of data collection and management, a crucial skill for any business analyst.
    AI Ethics & Policy Delve into the ethical implications of AI and its impact on the business world.
    Entrepreneurship and Innovation Learn how to harness innovation to drive business growth.
    Introduction to Analytic Modeling Build a strong foundation in analytics by understanding the fundamental models.
    Marketing Analytics Explore the world of marketing data and analytics, a vital area for businesses.
    Big Data Analytics Grasp the complexities of handling and analyzing big data, a skill in high demand.
    Leading Change Develop leadership skills to implement analytics-driven changes within organizations effectively.

    Fees, Financing & Scholarships at Queens MSBA

    The fees for the Queen's MSBA program include everything you need: tuition, books, coaching, and even accommodations during residential sessions. This comprehensive package ensures students have all they need to succeed in their studies. 

    Tuition fee for the class of 2024 $83,700
    Student Association Fee N/A
    Application Fees N/A


    The school offers scholarships and loans specifically for international students in the Queen's MSBA program. These aim to support students financially and recognize their academic excellence and leadership potential.

    Scholarship Value Eligibility
    Vector Institute Scholarships   $17,500.  Open for all applicants
    Dean's Entrance Scholarships Various Open for all applicants based on outstanding academic and professional achievements.
    Scholarships for Indigenous student  $10,000 Open to all Indigenous-identified applicants who show academic excellence, community involvement, and leadership.
     MPOWER Financing Offers loans to international students Open to all applicants


    Queens msba

    Employment Upon Graduation

    Graduates of the Queen's MSBA program emerge as leaders in their fields, taking on senior roles and spearheading major projects across a spectrum of industries.

    Their expertise is sought after in diverse sectors, ranging from financial services and consulting to technology, consumer packaged goods, telecommunications, energy, manufacturing, and beyond.

    With their comprehensive skill set and rigorous training, Queen's MSBA alumni make significant contributions to various organizations, driving innovation and growth in today's dynamic business landscape.

    Queens msba

    Average Salary
    Offer accepted upon three months of graduation N/A
    Offer received upon three months of graduation N/A
    Reporting rate N/A
    Post-program job locations N/A
    Post MSBA industries
    Consumer Goods
    Energy & Natural Resources
    Financial Services
    Technology & Communications

    Queens msba

    Queens MSBA Application: Essays & Interview

    Understanding the kind of application that meets the school's expectations is crucial for the Queen's MSBA program. They look for candidates with outstanding academic and professional backgrounds, along with a clear sense of purpose and a genuine alignment with the values and culture of the school.


    Applicants may be required to write essays to showcase their achievements, aspirations, and fit with the Queen's MSBA program. Essays allow applicants to highlight past successes, outline future goals, and share relevant experiences, increasing their chances of selection.
    Queens msba

    Interview Questions

    As you prepare for your interview with Queen's MSBA, make sure to emphasize your unique experiences, skills, and goals that align with the school's values. Answer each question honestly and with a positive outlook, showcasing how you can positively impact the Queen's MSBA community.

    Here are some Example questions that they might ask:

    • Why did you decide to enroll in the Queen's MSBA program?
    • Could you briefly describe your background in data science and business analytics?
    • How do you manage challenging data analysis tasks?
    • Give an example of a difficult analytics project you worked on, along with its result.
    • Can you give an instance when you had to explain intricate data results to non-technical listeners?

    Who attends the Queens MSBA program:

    • People with big ambitions and a global outlook.
    • Those looking for new challenges in different industries, roles, or places.
    • Individuals seeking to advance their careers with global skills.
    • People interested in starting their own businesses or growing family enterprises.
    • Professionals with a solid history, typically around five years of experience.
    • Enthusiastic learners were eager to explore data science and analytics.

    What Makes Queen's University Unique?

    The Queen's University Smith School of Business Master of Management Analytics (MMA) program has garnered a reputation for excellence in the world of business education. But what truly sets this program apart and makes it unique? It is enlisted below:

    • Holistic Approach to Business Analytics: The program provides a comprehensive understanding of data science, machine learning, and business strategy.
    • Experiential Learning: Emphasis is placed on practical, real-world projects to prepare graduates for the immediate application of their skills in the workforce.
    • Industry Connections: Strong ties with industry leaders offer valuable networking opportunities and access to internships and job placements.
    • Personalized Career Support: Tailored career coaching and access to an extensive alumni network assist students in securing roles aligned with their career goals.
    • Diverse Cohort: Students from various backgrounds contribute to a rich learning environment, fostering the exchange of diverse perspectives and ideas.


    In conclusion, the Queen's University Smith School of Business Master of Science in Business Analytics (MSBA) program is recognized as a pinnacle of academic excellence among MSBA colleges in UK and the broader realm of business education.

    Through its comprehensive approach to analytics, immersive learning opportunities, robust industry connections, and steadfast dedication to innovation, the Queen's MSBA program provides students with a distinct and transformative educational journey.

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    Queen's MSBA: What is it?

    The Smith School of Business at Queen's University offers a Master of Management Analytics program, known as Queen's MSBA. A complete education in the subject of business analytics is offered via this graduate-level curriculum.

    Can someone with a non-technical background apply to Queen's MSBA?

    The Queen's MSBA does accept candidates with a variety of academic backgrounds. Although some technical knowledge may be useful, the curriculum is meant to give students the fundamental abilities.

    What level of accreditation does the Queen's MSBA program have?

    The MSBA program at Queen's has earned accreditation from the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB), a designation that is widely respected among business schools.

    What is Queen Mary University of London Business Analytics ranked?

    In the most recent Research Excellence Framework (REF 2021), the School of Business and Management dramatically moved up the Times Higher Education rankings. Among 108 UK business schools, the School now ranks: 22nd for overall research quality (up from 39th in REF2014).

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