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MSC in Management in UK

MSc in Management or Masters in Management(MiM) has a deep relation with the European continent and the UK is one of the countries which boasts a large number of schools offering the degree.

Couple this with the fact that UK is the second most preferred International study destination for students with more than 400,000 international students coming to study in the UK every year, hence Msc in Management schools in the UK not only give you a strong educational foundation but also offer a highly multicultural environment.

Now if one thinks about MSc in Management in UK, some school that naturally pop in one’s head are

London Business School, Imperial College Business School and London School of Economics

These are some of the most reputed business schools in not only the UK but also the world.

They along with over 16 other UK schools offer the degree under various names.

MSc in Management in UK: Universities at a glance

Post Graduation Opportunities

* Masters in Management at London Business School has employment rate of 96% within three months of graduation place at continents like the USA, UK, Europe, Middle East and Asia with organization like KPMG, Accenture, McKinsey, and Company.

* MSc in Management at Imperial College Business School has employment rate of 92% within three months of graduation with nationalities representing from 44 countries and 53% of female students.

* MSc in Management at City University: Cass offers 2nd best salary in the UK after graduation with students from over 32 different countries by maintaining best gender balance.

* MSc in Business and Management at University of Strathclyde Business School offers Entry into a management program within national and multi-national organizations. Recent graduates have joined organizations such as Accenture, KPMG, Morgan Stanley, Deloitte, Facebook, Google, Eon, PricewaterhouseCoopers

Hence you can see that the schools offer abundant post-graduation opportunities, in all fields, from consulting to Marketing.

Working after studies

For international students, this is an extremely important topic.

If you are coming to the end of your MSc Management studies in UK, you might be considering the possibility of staying on in the UK to work.

UK offers four-month time limit to find a job for international students after they graduate.

There are a few visa options for recent international graduates

Tier 2 general work visa

It is a visa for skilled workers coming to the UK for employment, either having an offer from a sponsored employer or paid an appropriate salary of at least £22K a year.

Tier 5 internship visa option

It is a visa for graduates that would like to come or stay in the UK to do an internship
It does not require the employer to apply for a sponsorship license.

For Commonwealth country nationals (Australia, Canada, Hong-Kong, Japan, New Zealand, Monaco, South Korea and Taiwan)

The Tier 5 Youth Mobility visa for the above-mentioned countries allows you to work in the UK for up to two years without a sponsor.

Living in the UK

This varies, according to the place of study in the UK. The most expensive are London and other big cities.

The detailed information about the cost of living, travel, accommodation and places to shop locally is provided by the institute as pre-arrival guide for international students

It is often also available on your institution’s website.

The average annual cost of living in England (outside of London) for students is UK£12,056 (US$19,490).

If you wish to study in London, you should expect to pay £13,521 ($20,200) for the same breakdown of goods and services. Rent is the biggest factor which makes difference in the cost of living in London compared to the rest of England, the estimated rent is around £6,340 ($9,480) per year.


Scholarship funding is extremely competitive as UK universities look to attract the most talented international students. Sources of scholarship in the UK are Government bodies, external organizations as well as individual UK universities.

Here are a few options:

  • Chevening Scholarships
  • Commonwealth Masters Scholarships
  • Gates Cambridge Scholarships
  • University of Westminster International Scholarships
  • Developing Solutions Scholarships at University of Nottingham



If you need detailed info you can check some UK MSc in Management School reviews here:

  • London Business School MiM Review
  • Imperial College Business School MiM Review
  • King’s College MiM Review
  • London School of Economics MiM Review

 Masters in Management in UK rankings

Sr. No. School Name Programme Name
1 London Business School Master in Management
2 Imperial College Business School MSc in Management
3 Warwick Business School MSc in Management
4 City University: Cass MSc in Management
5 University of Edinburgh Master’s in Management
6 Durham University MSc Management
7 University of Strathclyde MSc in Business & Management
8 Leeds University Business School MSc Management
9 Lancaster University MSc Management
10 University of Bradford Msc Management
11 Alliance Manchester Business School MSc Management
12 University Of Exeter MSc International Management
13 University of Bath
MSc in Management
14 Aston Business School
Masters in Management
15 University of Glasgow
MSc Management
16 Henley Business School
MSc Management

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