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Rice University Jones MBA Review

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Jones MBA Introduction



International Students




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Course Duration

2 year


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Rice MBA program is a full time two years program. It is designed for individuals who want to build their entrepreneurial mindset. With its engaging faculty, the program offers you various opportunities to learn about the business world through Global preparation and business plan competition. With more than 7000 alumni, the University lets you experience the tight-knit culture and enables you to connect to people. The program’s curriculum is designed to hone your entrepreneurial skills and leadership skills to use in the real business world. Also, the University provides you with various career opportunities with placements from top employers such as Amazon, Morgan Stanley, Hp and many more.

Jones MBA Class Profile

Rice’s CBE evaluation and selection process produce a strong class each year. We are looking for students who can demonstrate academic excellence and leadership potential, and a desire to improve their communities. We don’t favor any one section of the programme over the others in our contextual examination because it has a lot of them.

Average Age






Average Work Ex

5 Years

Average GPA


Class Size


Jones MBA Acceptance Rate

Rice, like other top-tier colleges, has a very competitive admissions process. For example, Rice University’s admission rate for the class of 2025 was 9.3%, with just 2,346 students chosen from a pool of 29,53 applications, up from 23,443 the year before.

Rice’s 19.78 per cent early decision admission rate was much higher than its normal decision rate, as was the case for most colleges. As a result, ED accepted 440 of the 2,346 students that applied.

Rice is one of the most selective universities in the country, but the calibre of your application determines your chances of acceptance.

Program and Curriculum of Jones MBA

The full-time MBA program’s curriculum are designed for students ready for a significant transition. Students are supposed to study the core courses in the first year, including marketing, financial accounting, strategy formulation and implementation, ethics, organisational behaviour, and more. In the second year, you will be allowed to study whatever courses you want from 100+ electives. In addition, Rice Business has obtained STEM designation for all the MBA programs. Through these courses, you will be taught problem-solving skills and decision making. The curriculum also includes a required component of students participating in work experience during their MBA journey.


Core Courses

  • Data analysis,
  • Finance,
  • Managerial Economics,
  • Marketing,
  • Financial Accounting,
  • Strategy formulation and implementation,
  • Ethics,
  • Organisational behaviour,
  • Communications


  • Management Control
  • Financial Statement Analysis
  • Income Taxation and Business Decisions
  • Cost Analysis in Healthcare
  • Mindfulness and Performance in the Workplace
  • Managing Energy Transitions
  • Fundamentals of the Energy Industry
  • Financing the Startup Venture
  • Entrepreneurial Strategy
  • Corporate Investment Policy
  • Business of Healthcare
  • Pricing Strategies
  • Real Estate Finance: Asset Valuation
  • Introduction to Marketing Research

Experiential learning:

Rice Business Board Fellows is a year-long experiential learning program that matches talented, energetic, and committed Rice MBA students as fellows to local nonprofit boards to serve as non-voting board members. Big organizations can deploy a Rice MBA student’s ideas and energy to solve a problem or execute a project with the possibility of cultivating a future board member. In addition, rice MBA candidates can learn valuable leadership skills from community leaders through this experiential learning program.

Global Experience:

The Global Field Experience is an adventurous, immersive learning requirement that will change your perception of the world and the way you do business in it. These opportunities allow you to take your learning of your first year and apply it to short-term projects for organizations with diverse cultural settings.

Leadership Program:

The leadership and team coaching program prepare students to be more proficient at an essential component of effective leadership: the ability to lead a team. The fundamental role of leadership is to get the best performance out of people. Under this program, there are two courses managed by students–

  • M.A. Wright Fund: This comprises students who are selected through a process of rigorous application followed by an interview. This course provides students with a hands-on opportunity to learn and apply stock analysis and investment management techniques on a live Rice endowment stock portfolio.
  • Rice Fixed Income Fund: In this course, a small group of top-performing MBA students experience the challenges and excitement of managing a real short-term Rice endowment bond portfolio and a simulated long-term portfolio.


Full-time MBA students can choose an Action Learning Project (ALP) as an elective for academic credit. The ALP is a thirteen-week, team-based consultative project where MBA student teams tackle a company’s tough challenges and critical needs to provide detailed and actionable recommendations.

Full-time MBA students experience a wide variety of industries in cities across the country through these treks. In addition, this helps students explore what business areas or roles are available for internships and post-MBA job opportunities. These tracks are coordinated by Career Development Office staff and facilitated by alumni.

Industry Treks typically include the following:

  • Week on Wall Street (New York City),
  • Technology Trek (Austin, Seattle, Silicon Valley),
  • Energy Trek (Houston),
  • Health Care Trek (Houston),

Extra Activities

Clubs and societies in Jones are designed to cultivate specific critical skills among students like leadership skills, analytical skills etc. Students get the opportunity to learn about varied professions and interact with a wide range of students. Through professional, diverse or student government clubs, one can follow their passion.

Some of the famous Professional Clubs are:

  • Operation and supply chain association
  • Rice Business Board Fellows
  • Strategy association
  • Rice Marketing association
  • Global Business association

Social clubs:

  • Athletics club
  • Global food experience
  • The finer things club
  • Golf club
  • Wine club

Eligibility and Requirements (How to get into Jones MBA) 


  • Bachelor’s degree
  • CMAT/GRE Score
  • English Proficiency

Document Related to the Application

  • Resume
  • Essays
  • Letter of Recommendation
  • GMAT, or GRE test score
  • TOEFL or IELTS test score
  • Transcripts

Jones MBA Deadlines

The Rice MBA programme has a rolling admissions procedure, which means you can apply at any moment throughout the cycle 2021-22. On completed applications, they make decisions in four to six weeks.

To obtain an edge, we recommend that you apply by our priority deadline. Compete for a more significant number of seats with a fewer number of applications. Obtain more time and assistance to prepare for the programme (including a quantitative skills prep course and a custom workshop for enrolled students). Attend networking events months before the programme starts to broaden your network.

Deadline Dates
Round 1 15th October, 2021
Round 2 05th January, 2022
Round 3 01st April, 2022


Jones MBA Employment/Placement

The school provides students with the help of a career development Office that partners with students and alumni to identify their aspirations and work with them individually to meet their professional goals. Around 92% of students were employed within the three months of their graduation last year. Companies such as Amazon, Barclays, Wells Fargo, and Goldman Sachs are some of the top recruiters who give employment to Rich MBA students.





Top Sectors hiring Jones MBA Graduates

Many companies employ MBA graduates from Jones. These companies understand your talent needs and organisational culture and guide you through recruiting.

Companies recruiting from ESADE Business School MBA


  • Deloitte
  • McKinsey & Co.
  • PricewaterhouseCoopers
  • Bain & Co.

Financial Services

  • Barclays
  • Ernst & Young
  • Morgan Stanley
  • Goldman Sachs
  • JP Morgan
  • Deutsche Bank


  • Centerpoint Energy
  • Iberdrola
  • E.ON


Consulting 29.5%
Finance 21.1%
Energy  17.6
Technology 11.6%
Real Estate 7.6%
Health care  4.2%
Consumer Goods 3.2%
Others 3.2%
Manufacturing 2.1%

Jones MBA Alumni Info

Alumni of Rice Business School will help you connect with people who have learned from your school and have gained experience from working in different industries. The school conducts various events for alumni meetings where you can be a part of the meeting and have a conversation with the best students from your school who are now successful employees or executives of top companies. You have the opportunities to connect with alumni through different platforms such as Facebook and Instagram; you can also get in connection through mail or through attending events.

Some Famous Alumni

  • Henry Richardson, Founder of DEFINE
  • Alex Porter, Managing owner of Southern Yankee Beer Company
  • Randy Paris, CEO of coffee startup BrewBike

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Application Essay for Jones MBA

The Jones MBA application, comprises two long compulsory essays and one optional. Like most universities, Rice University takes essays as a medium to understand the strengths and weaknesses of prospective students.

Essay 1

The Rice Business experience inspires our students to become future business leaders. From both a professional and a personal perspective, how did your path guide you to where you are today, and how will Rice Business fit into where you would like to go next? You can answer in essay form (500-word limit) OR video form (one to three-minute time limit)

Essay 2

Choose from the following topics
▪ Prompt #1: Rice Business provides focused and practical programming to help our alumni grow as leaders. Do you believe you were born to lead or were moulded into a leader, and how have your experiences impacted your leadership style?
▪ Prompt #2: Diverse and global perspectives are the Rice Business experience pillars. Tell us about a time that your views, attitudes or perspectives were challenged in this area, and what was the outcome of this experience?
▪ Prompt #3: Rice Business students have passions in and outside the classroom. What are you passionate about, and how have you expressed/or planned to express your love?

Essay 3

Optional essay prompt: If you have any additional information for the admissions committee or wish to clarify any aspect of your application (including breaks in employment, your choice of recommendation providers, your past academic performance, etc.), you may submit an additional, optional essay. Answer in essay form (750-word limit).

Letter of Recommendation for Jones MBA

Rice MBA applicants must provide letters of recommendation as part of their application. If your current direct supervisor will be submitting a letter of recommendation on your behalf, one (1) is necessary. If your current direct supervisor is not providing a letter of recommendation on your behalf, two (2) are necessary.

At least one of the recommendations must be from someone who can attest to your professional talents, but applicants may submit up to two recommendations in total.

Interview Questions for Jones MBA

Here are some questions that you should consider while preparing for the interview-

Q: Why do you want to get into a business school?

Q: What are your strengths and weaknesses?

Q: Why should we accept you into our program?

Q: What do you like about your current work?

Q: What are your short term and long term goals?

Q: How will getting an MBA to contribute to your career?

Q: How do you take advantage of the resources available?

What makes Jones MBA Unique

Strong rankings- The Rice Business MBA programmes have continuously been acknowledged for excellence by major media both nationally and internationally and have gradually increased in the rankings over the previous decade.

Students and alumni can get ongoing career assistance from our Career Development Office. Last year, 92 per cent of our MBAs found work within three months after graduation. Our students’ abilities and expertise attract a wide range of organisations and industries, including consulting, financial services, energy, and technology.

Experiential learning opportunities- We understand the value of extracurricular activities. We created chances for all of our students to develop and practise the qualities that recruiters look for in MBA candidates, including strategic thinking, problem-solving, and leadership.

Rice Business is notably proud of its business plan competition, the world’s largest and wealthiest graduate student startup competition, which will celebrate 20 years in 2020 as an internationally acknowledged leader in educating and generating brilliant entrepreneurs.



7 Step Game Plan to Build your Profile for 2023 Intake

Limited Slots Left


What is the most crucial admissions criterion?

The Admissions Committee does not assign percentages to the various application components because our application process is comprehensive. To determine a candidate’s overall alignment with the programme, we use metrics (GPA and standardised test scores) in conjunction with more qualitative criteria like work experience, admissions interview, and community activity.

Is it possible to transfer from another educational or MBA programme to Rice Business?

Unfortunately, students from other programs are not transferable.

What is the duration of the MBA programme?

Our programmes are designed to be finished in two years, but we also have an extended evening Professional MBA programme that takes three to five years to complete.

What is the distinction between a Professional MBA and an Executive MBA programme?

Although both programmes give the same MBA degree, the student profiles in each programme will differ. Our Professional MBA students have an average of 7.2 years of work experience, while our Executive MBA students have an average of 15.4 years. Our Executive MBA students are seasoned executives who have already risen to the top of their firms. Our Professional MBA students continue to strive for considerable advancement in their careers. To see whether the programme is a better fit for you, submit your resume for a pre-assessment here.

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