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Rotterdam School of Management Application

Tips & suggestions to perfect your RSM Masters in Management Application

| About RSM

The MSc in International Management/CEMS aims to develop high-quality graduates with a well-developed global mindset, in preparation for an international career in business. The Program is for talented bachelor graduates from around the globe with an ambition to pursue a great career. This program is geared toward preparing you for leadership positions in the competitive international labor market. RSM is one of seven CEMS schools featured in the top tier of the FT Global Masters in Management ranking 2017, making it an excellent start to your international management career.

| Class Profile

Recommended GMAT Score

  • Class Size : 64
  • Average Age : 23 years
  • Nationalities: 74
  • Female: 43%

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RSM MiM Essays

The RSM MiM application comprises of 4 Questions.

RSM MiM Resume

There is One Resume required. The curriculum vitae must be written in English. You can use either the university’s style template or your own CV


2 Letter of Recommendations; one academic & one professional but not compulsory

RSM MiM Essay Questions and Answer Tips

Q1. “What demonstrates your sincere interest in the program you are applying for?”
(Word Limit: 200 Words)


A: Herein, you need to answer your interest and drive towards pursuing this program. The admission committee is looking for the focused approach in the candidate. The trick to answering this question is to divide it into 3 parts- past experiences, skills lacking, and future aspirations. Pick relevant examples from your past that directed you towards formulating a certain goal. Highlight the learning you gained in the process. Further, move on to defining your career goals – the driving force behind every endeavour you wish to take up right now. Lastly, acknowledge the skill/knowledge you lack and how the program is deemed fit for bridging this shortcoming. In order to make this answer more impactful and impressive, ensure that your essay depicts every endeavour directed towards one single goal.



Q2. How do you expect the program you are applying for to contribute to your future plans?”
(Word limit: 200 Words) 

A:  In this question, the admission committee wants to know your motive behind the program. They want to know what and why you are doing, how well you are aware of the program and the features of the school. The purpose of this question is to know your interest in the school. While answering this question, don’t mention what you expect but rather talk about how you believe that the school can and will help you accomplish what you’re striving for. In order to make an impactful pitch, it is important to do your research on the program and the school. Having done this, you must pick features that are in your best interest and elaborate on how it will help you grow towards being the professional you wish to be.



Q3. Why should we select you to participate in the programme you are applying for? (200 words)

A: Through this question, the Adcom wishes for you to highlight what you could contribute to the school and evaluate whether you are a perfect fit or not. This is solely done to pick up the best candidates out of the lot as just like you wish to gain from the school, the school wished to gain from you. However, with so many applicants in line, it becomes a tough or rather confusing decision to make, which is why while answering this question, you must differentiate yourself as much as you can. Showcase how you are the perfect fit by illustrating that your endeavours so far and formulated goals are in sync with the virtues of the school. Following these lines, be precise on how you would be able to contribute towards the school. We suggest you bring to light at least two unique selling points here.



Q4. “What other relevant information do you want to share with us in order to motivate your application?” (200 words)

A: The answer to this question is used to provide insights into the aspects of your profile you haven’t brushed upon yet. Generally, this space is utilized to mention the reason for a setback which could be a low GPA or GMAT score, lack of experience, etc. in a candidate’s profile. If you feel the need to provide details on life events like an achievement besides a setback in your profile, feel free to talk about it here. We suggest that you make the most of this essay question in the application since it will just provide a clearer understanding of your capabilities.



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