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RSM MIM Interview Questions: Tips & How to Handle Interview

The Rotterdam School of Management (RSM) Master in Management (MIM) program is highly competitive, and the RSM MIM Interview questions stage plays a crucial role in the selection process. To help you prepare effectively, this blog post will provide insights into the commonly asked RSM MIM interview questions and offer specialized tips to ace each set. Additionally, we will discuss how to align your interview approach with the school's values to maximize your chances of success.

RSM MIM Interview Questions:

RSM MIM Interview Questions

The interview process at RSM MIM typically consists of two sets of questions aimed at assessing your qualifications, motivation, and fit with the program. Let's explore each set in detail:

RSM MIM Interview questions SET 1:

Q1: What are your main assets? Could you please provide some examples?

Q2: What is your greatest flaw? Could you please provide some examples?

Q3: What more value can you provide to the class?

Q4: What makes you think we should take you?

Q5: Is there any reason why we shouldn’t choose you?

Q7: What do you consider to be your most significant accomplishment to date?

Q8: Give me an example of a time when you were in a team and there was a disagreement. How did you deal with it?

RSM MIM Interview questions: Specialized Tips for SET 1

  • Prepare a concise and compelling summary of your resume, focusing on key experiences and accomplishments.
  • Research the RSM MIM program thoroughly to demonstrate your genuine interest.
  • Showcase your passion for community involvement and highlight how you can add value to the RSM MIM community.

RSM MIM Interview questions: SET 2

Q1. Describe a challenging situation you faced and how you overcame it: This question assesses your problem-solving and resilience skills. Choose a situation that highlights your ability to handle adversity and demonstrate your ability to analyze, adapt, and find solutions.

Q2. How do you handle teamwork and collaboration? RSM emphasizes the importance of teamwork, so be prepared to provide examples of successful collaborations and highlight your ability to contribute effectively in a team setting.

Q3. What are your short-term and long-term goals? This question aims to understand your aspirations and how well they align with the program. Discuss your specific career goals, linking them to the skills and knowledge you aim to gain from the RSM MIM program.

RSM MIM Interview questions: Specialized Tips for SET 2

  • Select a challenging situation that showcases your problem-solving skills, perseverance, and ability to learn from setbacks.
  • Highlight successful teamwork experiences and demonstrate your ability to collaborate, communicate, and contribute effectively.
  • Ensure your short-term and long-term goals are realistic, well-defined, and align with the RSM MIM program's offerings.

RSM MIM Interview questions: How to Handle the Interview

To increase your chances of success, align your interview approach with RSM's core values:

  • To increase your chances of success during the RSM MIM interview, it is crucial to align your interview approach with the core values of the school. By showcasing your alignment with RSM's values, you can leave a lasting impression on the interviewers. Here are some tips on how to handle the interview according to RSM's values:


  • Diversity and inclusion: RSM places a strong emphasis on diversity and inclusion. Highlight your experiences working in diverse teams and your commitment to fostering an inclusive environment. Discuss instances where you have successfully collaborated with individuals from different backgrounds, demonstrating your ability to appreciate diverse perspectives and work effectively as part of a team.

    Example: Share a story about a project where you worked in a multicultural team, showcasing your ability to navigate cultural differences, encourage open communication, and leverage the strengths of each team member to achieve a common goal.


  • Sustainability: RSM values sustainability and its integration into business practices. Demonstrate your understanding of sustainable business principles and how you aim to contribute to a more sustainable world. Discuss any experiences or initiatives where you have actively promoted sustainability, whether through your studies, extracurricular activities, or personal endeavors.

    Example: Talk about a sustainability-related project or internship where you contributed to developing or implementing sustainable strategies, highlighting the positive impact it had on the organization and the environment.


  • Critical thinking: RSM seeks candidates with strong analytical and problem-solving abilities. Showcase your critical thinking skills by providing examples of how you have tackled complex challenges in the past. Discuss situations where you have demonstrated your ability to think critically, analyze information, and develop innovative solutions.

    Example: Describe a situation where you encountered a significant problem or obstacle, and explain how you approached it using logical reasoning, creativity, and data-driven insights. Highlight the positive outcomes resulting from your critical thinking abilities.

  • Entrepreneurial mindset: RSM values candidates who possess an entrepreneurial mindset, characterized by innovative thinking, adaptability, and a willingness to take calculated risks. Showcase your entrepreneurial spirit by discussing instances where you have demonstrated these qualities, whether through entrepreneurial projects, initiatives, or experiences where you displayed a proactive and innovative approach.

    Example: Share a story about an entrepreneurial project or venture you initiated or contributed to, emphasizing your ability to identify opportunities, take calculated risks, and adapt to changing circumstances. Discuss the outcomes and lessons learned from this experience.

Remember, while aligning with RSM's values is important, ensure that your responses are genuine and reflect your own experiences and aspirations. By demonstrating your alignment with these values through RSM MIM Interview questions, you will leave a strong impression on the interviewers and increase your chances of success in securing admission to the RSM MIM program.


The RSM MIM interview is a crucial step towards securing admission to this prestigious program. By understanding the RSM MIM Interview questions, preparing specialized tips for each set, and aligning your interview approach with RSM's values, you can significantly enhance your chances of success. Remember to showcase your unique qualifications, motivations, and contributions, while also highlighting your fit with the RSM MIM community. Good luck with your interview!

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