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Toronto Metropolitan University (Ryerson University)

Tips & suggestions to perfect your Ryerson University Application


| About the Toronto Metropolitan University (Ryerson University)

Ryerson University, based in Ontario, Canada, is a public research university and the Ted Rogers School of Management is the business school of Ryerson University. It is one of Canada’s leading business schools for entrepreneurs. Students learn qualitative and quantitative research skills in a variety of management disciplines and go on to work in industry and academia as researchers. The MBA program is tutored completely at the Ted Rogers School of Management, while the Master of Science in Management (MScM) is taught with accredited professors from Ted Rogers School. The management courses provide a solid foundation in the key areas of management and business. These courses will help students improve their leadership skills while also widening and deepening their knowledge of the business.

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Ryerson University MScM Essays

Application Essays: 1 Statement of Interest

Ryerson University MScM Resume

1 Resume (no longer than one side of A4)

Ryerson University MScM LOR

Two reference letters: One Academic Recommendation | One Professional Recommendation

Ryerson University Essay Questions

College application essays are a wonderful way to highlight your important accomplishments and create a strong first impression. Ryerson University would require you to submit a single Statement of Interest and the word limit for the Ryerson University essay is approximately 500-word. This essay answer should outline your objective for applying for the MBA or MSc in Management program. It is important to cover all of your major accomplishments in your essay responses. The admission committee takes into account the breadth and depth of your academic and employment experience and they recognise that each candidate is unique. Thus organise your essay into sections, and decide on the main themes you want to portray before you start writing.

Ryerson University MiM and MBA Essay Questions and Answer Tips

Ryerson University MScM program (MIM) essay has a word limit of approximately 500 words. Thus it is a short essay, but still, should be sufficient to outline your motivations.  Make sure to include your career goals, research interests that you would like to pursue as a possible thesis during the programme. In addition, describe how your previous studies and experiences have shaped your research interests. You must also add a section and identify at least two to three potential supervisors from Ryerson University in your essay. Please describe why you think the academic members you’ve picked would be good research supervisors.

An essay with a word limit of roughly 500 words is required for Ryerson University’s MBA programme. Thus, it is a short essay but should suffice to outline your motivations. Include your career ambitions as well as any research topics you’d like to pursue as a possible thesis during the programme. Furthermore, explain how your past studies and experiences have inspired your study interests. Applicants for the MBA programme have an average of 5 years of work experience. Include strong highlights from your professional work experience in your essay response.

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Letter of Recommendation for Ryerson University

An acceptable Letter of Recommendation (LOR) is one submitted by an independent individual who can review your background and abilities in relation to the intended programme. Ideally, each recommender’s LoR should highlight various attributes. Your letter of recommendation may also be utilised to evaluate your application. For the Ryerson Application process, two references must be provided with their contact details.
– One professional recommendation from a supervisor who is aware of your professional achievements.
– One Academic Recommendation who is well-versed in your academic achievements and can accurately describe them.
The key point to remember is that the recommendation letter should add value to your application and demonstrate your relevance to the programme.

Within two to three business days of receiving your application, referees will receive an email with a link and instructions for completing their online reference.

For the MBA program, if an academic reference cannot be obtained, two professional letters of recommendation will be considered.

LOR Samples for Ryerson University MScM and MBA Programs

One of your letters of recommendation should come from your academic supervisor if you recently completed a graduate degree programme. Contact a professor, project leader, or mentor with whom you had a relationship during your undergraduate years. The referee should emphasise the candidate’s strengths, weaknesses, and characteristics that will assist the Selection Committee in determining the candidate’s ability to succeed in the programme.

A Professional LOR should come from someone who has worked directly with you as a supervisor. You must request a recommender from your company who has personally supervised your performance for a Professional LOR. The referee must be aware of the tasks you completed and the problems you encountered. The referee should emphasise the candidate’s strengths, weaknesses, and characteristics that will assist the Selection Committee in determining the candidate’s ability to succeed in the programme.

Ryerson University Interview Questions

An interview is an opportunity for you to meet with a representative from the college. It’s a terrific way to express your interest in the college, establish a relationship with the individuals who work there, and demonstrate who you are. Upon completing your application process, you will receive an invite for the video (online) interview from Ryerson University. Being interviewed is a talent that takes time to master. Ask one of your parents, a teacher, a college counsellor, or a friend to ask you their greatest college interview questions. Remember that matching is the key to getting into college (and staying happy there). You want to be yourself so that the person conducting the interview can determine if you are a good fit. You have several sides, so show off the professional, mature, and composed side of yourself.

Take A Look At Ryerson University Interview Questions Compiled from our Successful Clients

There isn’t much to prepare for the video interview. There are four questions in all. For each question, you have 30 seconds to prepare and 1 minute to respond.
The following are examples of standard interview questions:

-What is your biggest success outside of work and study?

-Describe an instance in which you had a workplace argument.

-How do you manage your workload?

The video interview is rather simple, and there isn’t much to practice. There will be four questions, and the selection committee will not be searching for the best or most accurate answers. It is to test your communication abilities, as well as your ability to think on your feet and communicate information. In some cases, you can just state that you don’t know how to respond to the question.

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