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What is SAI School Application?

What is SAI application Review?

The SAI application review is useful for those people who want to gain a quick understanding of the SAI Master in Management application to join the Grande Ecole program offered by 5 top-ranking Management Schools and to experience it in France. Below we will tell you about the documents needed and the best options available for you before submitting their application via SAI. In addition, it will provide you with Insight for the interview process of SAI application and help text you to prepare for it accordingly.


What is SAI School Application?

It is a consortium selection process used by top 5 MiM European schools for their Grande Ecole Master in Management program, The SAI (Service des Admissions Internationals) interview takes place in more than 60+ countries worldwide to select the best international candidates before the deadline. The consortium includes :

  • ESCP Europe
  • HEC Paris, France
  • Emlyon
  • Skema, and
  • Audencia Nantes

What should you choose SAI OR DIRECT?

If you are targeting only for ESCP and HEC individually, then the direct application will be a better option for you. Under a direct application, you have to write a number of long essays( upto 8) while in SAI application you just have 4 short essays.

Whereas via ‘SAI’ (Service des Admissions Internationales), you can target all these 5 French Business Schools together. SAI gives a more cost-efficient application process, as one SAI application will be applicable for five schools which will save your time as well as your money.

One Should also keep in mind that an applicant can choose only one of these methods to apply for the schools.

Useful Information

Application Requirements :

The following documents need to be uploaded while applying to SAI online Application :

  • A Written test score (GMAT/GRE, CAT or TAGE-MAGE)
  • TOEFL, IELTS or Cambridge
  • 2 LOR
  • Degree certificate/diploma, if available
  • Grade transcripts covering all years of university study
  • Proof of identity – passport, id card, birth certificate
  • Passport size photo

If you are a native English speaker or have undergone at least two years of university studies in English in an English-speaking country then you don’t require an English language test for your application.

Application Short Questions :

The SAI Grande Ecole MiM application comprises of 5 question in total. Where 4 are in the descriptive format wherein you have to type out the answer online itself before submitting the application. Here is the list of question that you have to answer :

Q1) Describe your proudest accomplishments?

Q2) Describe a situation where you faced failure, what lessons did you learn from it?

Q3) How does your application benefit the 5 member schools?

Q4) Did you take part in any extra-curricular activity these past years? ( hobby, non-profit, sport etc..)

Q5) How will you finance your studies?

These questions play a very crucial role in your application evaluation. So make sure your answers are top notch.

Personal Interview:

Once your online application is Evaluated you will be Invited for a 30 minutes Personal interview in your selected city. This interview plays an essential role in assessing the candidate’s appropriateness for joining the Master in Management programme.

The Interview is carried out in English or French (according to the student’s preference) by an interview panel of upto 4 persons. The aim is to evaluate the candidate’s potential and aptitude for master in management


Three criteria are analyzed rated on the scale of 1-4.

  • Communication skills
  • General knowledge and awareness
  • Personal qualities.

All candidates who get select will receive an offer letter via an Email and one needs to make an initial non- refundable payment to confirm their acceptance of the place.

Some questions asked in SAI MiM Personal interview are as follows:
1. Why a MIM?
2. How is your French?
3. Why study in France and what do you know about it?
4. What are your future plans?
5. How will a degree from our school, help you in your future?
6. What do you think would be your key takeaway from this degree?
7. Do you have any questions for us?

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