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Samar, 25, India 


His drive to succeed and Passion for projects



Very low CGPA, hardly any extra-curricular activities



Engineering from India




 The Challenge

With no substantial professional experience and some failed entrepreneurial projects, our client was at a low point in his life. Further, in the pursuit of his ventures, his academics had suffered greatly. To add to his woes he had a very low GRE.

Client Hesitation

As an Indian engineer, this client was in one of the most competitive pools in which a b-school candidate can find themselves.
He was very demoralized, as he felt that he lacked differentiating aspects in his profile, as a result he was perplexed by the idea of applying to b-schools in India or abroad. 

 Our Strategy

We had to build a core theme that would make our client’s profile and story stand out. So, we decided to focus on the client’s entrepreneurial projects and the reason he choose this path. We also encouraged him to choose a more realistic goal along his current career trajectory, which would make sense to the admission committee and thus explain the reason for pursuing this business management degree.

 How we Implemented it

Not having much to work with, we decided to concentrate on his passion for his projects and why he took this path. Via brainstorming we found, his inherent passion for his ventures and how he had, again and again, tried his hand at different ventures. We found that though he failed, he had learned from his mistakes, implemented findings and planned bigger and better ventures.

Though he had yet to taste success, his profile was already very different from many of his conventional peers. Further, his drive to succeed, follow his passion and relentless pursuit of his goals equipped him with skills schools valued. We worked with him to craft all these points into very personalized rhetoric that spoke straight from the heart. Moreover, we talked about his reaffirmed commitment towards learning more and how the skills he has gained will help him perform well at business school.

Result: NYU and few other US schools grabbed him!

Client Remark



“MiM-Essay has been there for me throughout the process, they have been my guide and mentor and have been very professional in their approach, but at the same time been very personal. I could talk to my mentor any time of the day, discuss my worries and doubts, and this more than anything was something that I required at that point of time and which gave the confidence to apply and succeed.”

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