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Scholarships to Study Abroad

Often we find ourselves in a situation where it looks like we can’t afford our dream of studying abroad. Looking at the expensive tuition fees and the skyrocketing cost of attending an international university make us cringe. But there are always some ways to get around those hefty price tags. They might come as scholarships or educational grants.

Scholarships to study abroad

 It is said that when there is a will, there’s a way. The same goes for your dream of studying abroad. If you research extensively, then you’ll come across a number of scholarships and funding options available for international students. 

Below is a list of scholarships that would aid you in your study abroad plans.

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Grants and Scholarships to Study Abroad

Here is a list of the scholarships and grants offered by some of the top business schools worldwide-

University Category Grant Eligibility
London Business School Master in Management Merit Scholarship Multiple Awards for 7,000 Euros
  • All successful MiM applicants who have clear academic and professional merit and can demonstrate the ability to contribute to all aspects of the MiM program.
Master in Management Merit Scholarship for Women Multiple awards for 6000 Euros
  • All successful female applicants 
  • Merit-based scholarships.
  •  The aim of the scholarship is to support female candidates of merit and to help increase the number of women joining the London Business School
London Business School Bursary

Maximum value

10,000 Euros

  • Successful applicants
  • Merit-based
  • Need-based
The Wates Bursary One award for 7,000 Euro
  • Wates Enterprise Trust have a long association with London Business School and one bursary will be awarded to an outstanding MiM student with financial need. All successful applicants who demonstrate financial need will be considered
The Monica and Navin Valrani Scholarship 20,000 Euro
  • Indian women.
  • exceptionally gifted and talented Indian women who have achieved success through their own determination, ambition and motivation and have striven to succeed in their education and career.
The GREAT Scholarship – India 10,000 Euro
  • All successful Indian applicants
  • this scholarship will be awarded based on merit.
Imperial College Business School Brilliant Mind Scholarship 20,000  Euro
  • For applicants showing outstanding academic merit,
  •  a strong overall application 
  •  who otherwise may not be able to fund study at Imperial College Business School.
Future Leaders Scholarship 20,000 Euro
  • All students demonstrating strong career potential 
  •  exceptional leadership potential in your application
Imperial College Business School scholarships 10,000 Euro
  • Academic Excellence and after admission in any MSc program
Imperial College Scholarships 50% of the tuition fees
  • Demonstrate excellent academic records.
  • Overall strong application
IE Business School Financial Aid Grants 50% of tuition fees
  • Offered admission to any of the master program
  • Applied for financial aid at the time of admission
ESADE Business School MSc Scholarship for Excellence Depends on Availability of funds
  • Strong application
  • Excellent academic records
  • Good GMAT Scores
  • Qualifier of The ASIAN Talent Scholarship
Women in Management Scholarship Need-based
  • Women  who have shown academically outstanding performance and want to develop their career in Business and Management
  • have demonstrated strong financial need
The Asian Scholarship Need-based
  • Academically strong candidates from the Asia Pacific region with demonstrated financial need
Unity in Diversity Scholarship Need-based
  • Academic performance
  • Profile diversity
  • Demonstrated need
University of St. Gallen Starr International Foundation Scholarship Fund 5,000-7,000 CHF
  • Exceptional students who speak a foreign language
Loan and Scholarship Fund Need-based
  • Loan provided at no interest rate in case of urgent financial need
Rotterdam School of Management India Orange Tulip Scholarship Program for Indian students  $13,500
  • Outstanding academic record
  • Citizenship of India
  • Demonstrated financial need
RSM non-EEA Scholarship of Excellence 100% tuition
  • Academic Excellence
  • Non-EEA candidate
University of Bocconi Bocconi Scholarship for International Students 100% tuition ; $12,000
  • Academic excellence
  • Economic conditions
WHU Otto Beisheim School of Management Praxi Diversity Scholarship One semester tuition
  • International students with demonstrated financial need
Praxi Women in Business Scholarship One semester tuition
  • International women students pursuing a management course
HEC Paris HEC Foundation Excellence Scholarship
  • International student who has shown consistent academic excellence
The Eiffel Excellence Scholarship
  • Foreign students who wish to pursue  a master or Ph.D. at a French Institution

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Other Popular Scholarships for Abroad Studies

Scholarships for intenernational students to study abroad

Apart from these university-specific scholarships, we also have some independent scholarships and educational grants exclusive to international students. 

Some of them are listed below-

1. Full-bright Foreign Student Program

It is for students who wish to pursue their higher education in the US. It has certain eligibility criteria and depends on the nationality you hold. Under this program, your entire tuition fees as an international student will be waived off.

Grant- 100% tuition fee

2. QS Leadership Scholarship

Awarded every year to individuals who demonstrate strong leadership qualities and high career potential at the postgraduate level.

Grant – $10,000

3. QS Scholarship for Academic Excellence

Awarded to those who have shown consistent academic excellence and demonstrate the potential to make a big contribution in his/her field at the postgraduate level.

Grant- $10,000

4. The Boren Award

The Boren Awards are scholarships and fellowships of $2,500 to $20,000 offered to undergraduate and graduate students learning critical skills or languages in countries of interest to the U.S. These include Chinese, Swahili, Portuguese, and Arabic language programs, summer STEM courses, and subjects like International Affairs and Food Sciences.

Grant: $2,500-$20,000

5. Westminster Full International Scholarship

Offered to International students who have shown demonstrated need and have gained admission to the University of Westminster, UK. These scholarships are awarded on the basis of academic excellence, financial need, and development potential.

 Grant- Full-tuition

Any hesitation related to study abroad majorly revolves around the cost of attendance. However, there are a number of alternatives to make funds available for your study abroad dream. Scholarships are like monetary awards for students and come as a big financial relief when attending an international university.

Recently, there has been a rapid rise in the number of international students aspiring to pursue their higher education abroad. The trend of earning a graduate degree from a top international university is getting popular day by day. This is giving rise to more international students than ever. Scholarships are a great way to finance your education abroad. Although these scholarships are highly competitive but are nonetheless fruitful. With a little bit of research, consistency, hard work, and the right approach; you’ll be good to go, giving wings to your dream of study abroad.

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