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SDA Bocconi MBA Highlights


Applying for MBA at SDA BOCCONI
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SDA Bocconi MBA Introduction


“Triple crown” – AMBA, AASCB, & EQUIS

International Students


Alumni Network





Course Duration

1 Year


Course Fee






In this 1-year-long curriculum, you will get the chance to interact with people from diverse academic and professional backgrounds including 35+ nationalities. The average age of the class would be about 29; hence the classroom discussions would be backed up by an experiential point of view. Moreover, the presence of 37% of women will help bring in a feminine perspective, which is extremely critical in today’s world. Additionally, all these students will have about 5 years of professional work experience. This will help them to exchange their knowledge and thereby gain an understanding of the corporate world of different countries

Average Age





Average Work Ex

5.5 Years

Average GPA


Class Size



The acceptance percentage of Bocconi is 38%, but it does not indicate your prospects of admission to ESADE; rather, it represents your knowledge, experience, and strengths. When constructing a list of 10-15 schools with varying degrees of competitiveness, use the acceptance rate as a general guideline. Take assistance from specialists in this sector to ensure that all your papers, including resumes, LORs, and so on, are totally intact and reflect the best of your talents. When all of these factors are taken into account, you will undoubtedly be admitted to the ESADE MBA programme.

Acceptance rate – 38%


The Global Executive MBA program is a unique 1-year curriculum that will revolutionize the way you think, network, and do business in some of the world’s most important markets, while also providing you with a larger range of possibilities, contacts, and experiences. The Rotman-SDA Bocconi Global Executive MBA program is provided in collaboration with the University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Management.

International MBA, Executive Master in Business Administration, Global Executive MBA, Master of Management in Food and Beverage, Master in Corporate Finance, Master in Fashion Experience & Design Management, and Executive Master in Marketing & Sales are some of the specific programs offered at the B School. It also has an option for custom programs. In addition, Bocconi University has a strong industry connection that helps students find internships and job possibilities.

Executive Master in Business Administration

Do you want to widen your horizons in terms of your professional development? The Executive Master in Business Administration (taught in Italian with certain modules in English) is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to invest in your future while maintaining your current lifestyle. The option to choose between a Modular and a Weekend format (and, for the latter, between Milan and Rome locations) as well as the various combinations of weekend sessions with weekly periods of intensive training make these formats even more flexible, allowing you to tailor them to your specific needs while still ensuring an excellent learning experience. It also helps to incur leadership development.


Another type of MBA called Global Executive MBA is also taught at SDA Bocconi School of Management. The Rotman-SDA Bocconi Global Executive MBA (Master of Business Administration) is a modular program that brings together the knowledge and perspectives of a top European and North American business school in a transformative journey held in worldwide business centers. Global Executive MBA delivers a highly focused focus on leadership development and introduces participants to a global network of elite managers, academics, executives, and thought-leaders, serving as a launching pad for future career phases and an integrated preparation for senior management jobs.

Core Courses

The sequences of Core Courses take place in 5 Terms from September to March: Term 1 (October/November), Term 2 (November/December), Term 3 (January/February), Term 4 (February/March), Term 5 (March/April).

Term 1

  • Populism and the Economy
  • Fundamentals of Accounting
  • Financial Reporting and Analysis
  • Competitive Strategy
  • Microeconomics for Managers
  • Business Analytics

Term 2

  • Financial Planning and Budgeting
  • Understanding Investments
  • Strategic Economic Analysis
  • Predictive Analytics of Big Data
  • Marketing Management
  • Organisational Behaviour

Term 3

  • Banking and Capital Markets
  • Macroeconomics for Managers
  • Cost Management and Profitability Analysis
  • Marketing Analytics
  • Corporate Strategy
  • Python Coding and Application (non-mandatory)

Term 4

  • Decisions & Uncertainty
  • Operations Strategy
  • Corporate Sustainability
  • Managing People in Organisations
  • Macroeconomics in Action
  • Bloomberg (non-mandatory)

Term 5

  • Supply Chain Management
  • Organizational Design in the Information Age
  • Performance Management and Control
  • Corporate Valuation
  • Technology and Innovation Management
  • Perspectives on Emerging Markets (non-mandatory)

Electives and Specialization

The electives are clustered in 4+1 concentrations, among which students have to make choices.

  1. Finance and Financial Institutions
  • Structured and Project Finance
  • Real Estate Investment
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Derivatives & Hedging
  • Investment Banks: Mastering Deal Execution
  1. Innovation, Product Development, Execution
  • Strategy Execution
  • Making Innovation Happen: Scenarios, People, Practices
  • Ideating and Launching New Products
  • Digital Enabled Business Transformation
  • Innovating in the Global Landscape
  1. Customer Marketing
  • Pricing
  • Brand Management
  • Ecommerce
  • Non-Market Strategies
  • Digital Strategy
  1. Private Equity and Entrepreneurship
  • Change and Renewal Strategies
  • Corporate Entrepreneurship
  • Private Equity
  • Entrepreneurial Finance
  • Managing Alliances
  1. Luxury Business Management
  • Retail
  • Merchandising
  • Digital/CRM
  • Go-to-Market and Going Global
  • Product
  • Brand
  • Retail Deep Dive
  • Global Mindset
  • In-Company Project

Extra activities 

Clubs are an important element of the SDA Bocconi experience. They bring together people and foster new ideas by facilitating conversations among professors, students, alumni, and the business community on topics of mutual interest.

All clubs are student-led, and great management skills are required to raise finances, establish business strategies, and handle connections with the press and private companies.

Clubs enrich the MBA by immersing students, prominent visitors, and the alumni network in a variety of events such as regattas, sports weekends, charity dinners, conferences, seminars, and wine tastings to supplement a full class and study calendar.

Here are various Clubs at SDA Bocconi

Professional Clubs

  • Entrepreneurial Club SDA Bocconi
  • Ethica Club SDA Bocconi
  • Finance Club SDA
  • Healthcare Club SDA Bocconi
  • Industry & Operations Club SDA Bocconi
  • MGMT and Consulting Club SDA Bocconi
  • LGBTQ+ Club SDA Bocconi
  • Luxury Arts Club SDA Bocconi
  • Tech and Marketing Club

Social Clubs

  • Running Club SDA Bocconi
  • Sailing Club SDA Bocconi
  • Ski Club SDA Bocconi

Eligibility and Requirements (How to get into SDA Bocconi MBA) 

The primary requirement to study SDA Bocconi MBA is a bachelor’s degree from a renowned university. In addition, you are also required to have a score of at least 50% in your 12th and an average of 65% combining both 10th and 12th scores.

Apart from this, you must have a professional work experience of around 5 years to study MBA at SDA Bocconi. On average, SDA Bocconi MBA students have a work experience of 2 to 10 years.


  • The INSEAD MiM MIM requires participants to have a sound academic foundation thus you are required to face either GMAT or GRE and submit the scores. 
    • A competitive GMAT score is likely to be above 650. The Admissions Committee at INSEAD prefers to see around 65% scores in both the Verbal and Quantitative sections and about 70% for the Integrated Reasoning section
    • For the GRE, the Admissions Committee expects around 80% in both the Verbal and Quantitative sections 


  • If you are not a native English speaker then, you have to face an English Proficiency Test and submit the scores for the same. Otherwise, you are not required to do so to get into SDA Bocconi MBA
  • On the other hand, if you are a native English speaker, then, an English Proficiency test is not required
  • Here are some exams accepted by the College
    • TOEFL (recommended score equal to or above 103), 
    • IELTS (recommended score equal to or above 7.5), 
    • Pearson Test of English (PTE)
    •  Academic (recommended score equal to or above 70).
  • No specific cutoff mentioned
  • Applicants should have an undergraduate degree in any discipline
  • Work experience – 5 years


Application Documents

The documents for the SDA Bocconi MBA, either Global or Executive Master programs, are the same. They are:

  • Degree certificate(s) or current certificate of enrolment.
  • A one-page resume (CV) – Your CV should be crisp and clear. It must contain the crux of your knowledge, experience, and skills.
  • All official up-to-date academic transcripts and official GPA.
  • GMAT official test score report.
  • English language proficiency test score report (TOEFL or IELTS or Cambridge or PTE).
  • Copy of Passport or ID card.
  • Two completed online reference forms.
  • Passport-style photo in .jpg or .jpeg format only
  • SOP- SOP stands for statement of purpose, also known as Motivation Letter. This letter is a chance for you to highlight your best qualities. So much so that the reader would like to meet you in person. Basically, write specifically about your motivation, goals, and learning expectations.

SDA Bocconi MBA Deadlines

The selection process is focused on a number of soft aspects and how you align with their MBA: abilities, talents, enthusiasm, motivation, capacity to contribute, and ambition to grow as a manager and as a person. You must also meet the formal entrance standards, which include past university courses, exam scores, and professional experience. And one of these things is timely completion of tasks, which you can prove by completing you application a couple of days before the deadline.

Round 1 Submission Deadline November 22, 2022
Round 2 Submission Deadline January 20, 2023
Round 3* Submission Deadline March 21, 2023
Round 4* Submission Deadline TBD


SDA Bocconi MBA Employment

SDA Bocconi MBA program requires a strong investment in relationships, cooperation and teamwork. It will be a transformative journey. This environment builds candidates with a truly global mindset and strong diversity management skills. As a result, almost all of them pursue a substantial change in their careers in either industry sector, function or country, and they are invariably successful. The MBA Career Services division works with you for the entire duration of the program to support your professional development.

Top 3 Sectors

  • Consulting
  • Technology
  • Financial Services
  • Consulting25%
  • Technology20%
  • Finance12%
  • Consumer Goods11%
  • Industrial10%
  • Luxury8%
  • Health6%
  • Energy2%
  • Hospitality2%
  • Others4%




Top Sectors hiring SDA Bocconi MBA Graduates

After, graduating from, SDA Bocconi MBA students get to work in a wide range of domains such as Consulting, technology, healthcare, real estate, etc. The top three sectors in which these remarkable graduates are working are Finance, Technology, and Consulting. The top companies which are hiring the SDA Bocconi MBA Graduates are McKinsey & Co., PricewaterhouseCoopers, Bain & Co., Amazon, Microsoft, Zurich Insurance Group, PIMCO, etc.

Consulting Sector

  • McKinsey & Co.
  • PricewaterhouseCoopers
  • Bain & Co.
  • Boston Consulting Group
  • A.T. Kearney


  • Google
  • Amazon
  • Microsoft
  • Uber
  • Infosys


  • Credit Suisse
  • Generali Investments
  • Zurich Insurance Group
  • UBS

SDA Bocconi MBA Alumni info

Bocconi University has over 114,000 alumni, with 16,000 alumni coming from SDA Bocconi. This dynamic network of people based in more than 110 countries is an invaluable asset. Through the alumni network, you can access a wealth of experience and knowledge and build strong and lasting relationships.

Some Famous Alumni

Kaarel Ots – the Chairman of the Management Board of Nasdaq Tallinn

Andrea Illys – the Chairman of illycaffè S.p.A.,

Dubravka Nègre – Head of EIB Regional Representation for the Western Balkans

We have a 97% Success Rate In Helping Applicants Get Into Top Schools Like

Application Essay for SDA Bocconi MBA

Essay 1: What interests and occupations do you pursue in your free time? (approx. 1390 chars)

Essay 2: What do you think you gained from your university studies? Conversely, what important things do you think your studies lacked? (approx. 1390 chars)

Essay 3: Explain the most significant goals you think you have achieved so far and the reasons for their importance in your personal growth. (approx. 1500 chars)

Essay 4: Describe your strong points, personal and professional, explaining why you see them as such. (approx. 1500 chars)

Essay 5: Describe your weak points, personal and professional, explaining why you see them as such. (approx. 1500 chars)

Essay 6: What are the reasons that lead you to apply to the MBA program at this point in your life? (approx. 2400 chars)

Essay 7: What other possibilities have you seriously considered, apart from the MBA program, for reaching your goals of personal and professional growth? (approx. 2400 chars)

Essay 8: Have you applied to other business schools in Italy or elsewhere? If yes, which ones and why? (approx. 2000 chars)

Essay 9: Where do you wish to pursue your profession after receiving the MBA diploma? Italy? My home country? Elsewhere? Why? (approx. 2300 chars)

Essay 10: What are your short-term professional goals (within the next four years)? (approx. 2300 chars)

Essay 11: What are your long-term professional goals? (approx. 2500 chars)

Letter of Recommendation for SDA Bocconi MBA

Here are the questions that you are required to answer in your Letters of Recommendation.

  1. How long have you known the candidate? In what connection?
  2. In your mind, what are the candidate’s most revealing qualities?
  3. What are the candidate’s most significant weaknesses?
  4. Do you consider candidates suitable for admission to a challenging full-time program such as the MBA?
  5. Please comment further on your judgments and add any other information you think may be useful?
  6. Do you know any purely emotional factors to be kept in mind regarding the candidate’s effective participation in the MBA program? If so, could you give some instances?

Interview Questions for SDA Bocconi MBA

After getting selected for SDA Bocconi MBA, you will be asked to face an interview. This interview could be via G-Meet or in person. Although there are not any interview questions specified by the school, it should be kept in mind that AdCom is interested to know your goals, motivation, and other endeavors. So, these are the things that you should thoroughly be prepared with.

Some general questions that you should prepare yourself with for the interview at SDA Bocconi MBA

Q: Tell me something about yourself

Q: What are your major strengths and weaknesses?

Q: Why do you want to pursue the Course/ Program?

Q: Tell me about a recent news affair that has caught your attention.

Q: Have you ever lived in any other country or had any sort of interaction with people from different countries?

Q: What is your proudest achievement?

Q: What was your role at your previous job/ Internship?

What makes SDA Bocconi MBA Unique

  • The curriculum is only a year-long
  • Bocconi SDA MBA is application-based
  • It is personalised, challenging, as well as sustainable
  • Top-ranked in Italy
  • Maximum learning opportunity in a lesser amount of time



7 Step Game Plan to Build your Profile for 2023 Intake

Limited Slots Left


Is SDA Bocconi MBA worth it?

Yes, ranked #3 in Europe, SDA Bocconi MBA is worth the while and investment.

How much does Bocconi MBA cost?

The tuition fee for the SDA Bocconi MBA is $68,374.58. In addition to this, you would also have to bear your living expenses, application fee, etc.

Is SDA Bocconi a good school?

SDA Bocconi was placed third in the European Business School Ranking by the Financial Times in 2020, and seventh in the world for business and management studies by QS World University Rankings. So, yes we can say that it is a good school.

How hard is it to get into Bocconi MBA?

Out of every 1000 applicants, only about 380 manage to get in, so it is safe to say that it is quite hard to get in. Therefore, you must properly prepare application documents. For this, it is suggested that you take expert advice.


Does SDA Bocconi have hostel?

Yes, SDA Bocconi have a hostel, it is close to the didactic area as well as the famous buzzing Hiranandani Gardens in Powai, which has all of the main food brands and recreational businesses.

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