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Shreyas, 24, India


The trove of knowledge he possessed


Previous year rejects from top schools, Low morale, Low GMAT


Hotel Management degree from a top Swiss School



 The Challenge

Our client had a pretty unique profile, after completing Hospitality Management he had discovered a love for Finance and had just finished an internship at JP Morgan, and now wanted to pursue a career in Finance via a Masters.
The problem was he had applied unsuccessfully to several schools and was not really sure if his profile was good enough for top schools. 

Client Hesitation

When our client contacted us, he was low on morale and only aiming for schools post the top 10 range as facing rejections had tampered with his confidence.

 Our Strategy

Our client was a reapplicant so we knew that we had a couple of possible strategies we could employ. We either needed to stick to his original story, showing how his application improved or we could rebrand him entirely. 

After going through his applications, we got to know that his strengths were not portrayed properly and his goals were not in sync with the school’s offerings, hence we focused on correcting these wrongs. 

 How we Implemented it

The first order of business was understanding his profile and assessing his strengths and weaknesses, as well as the reason for the rejects.

We discovered he had a good profile, with strong international exposure and some good brands, but his essays and LORs did not leverage any of these facts. Nor did he showcase clarity towards goals which was essential due to his somewhat different career path (Hospitality→ Finance).

 Further, even though his GMAT was low, we knew that leveraging his profile strengths and highlighting what he could add to the community would clear his shot at the top 10. 

And this is exactly what we did!

Using his Hospitality management and Finance insights, developed via projects and internships, we painted a picture of his resilience (to switch into such drastically different fields) while at the same time showcasing the trove of knowledge he developed in the process (and how he can help the school via this USP). We also linked his interest in hospitality and Finance to showcase a goal towards a niche filed in Asset Management which successfully helped portray a goal oriented approach and braced his reason for pursuing a specialized masters.

Result: Admits from IE, ESCP and Imperial

Client Remark

I find it very remarkable that the whole team is there to support you, they don’t spoon feed with your essays and push you to give your 200% effort

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