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HEC Paris + MIM 

Application Checklist

Access the complete Application Checklist via our Application-Resources-Pack.

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Sample Essays

Sample Essay Questions

Question 1:
Why are you applying to HEC Paris and this program? Please include your career goals in this essay (450 words max)

Question 2:
What is Leadership to you and how do you recognize a great leader? Please include personal example(s). (600 words max)

Question 3:
In recent weeks, what business issue or news topic have you found inspiring? (300 words max)


LOR Workbooks
Access this Resource via our Application-Resources-Pack
Access this Resource via our Application-Resources-Pack
LOR Questions

Question 1:
How long and what capacity have you know the candidate?

Question 2:
What do you think about the candidates professional performance & potential (Including any room for improvement?

Section 1: What is a LOR?

Section 2: Crux of LOR

LOR Workbooks
Access this Resource via our Application-Resources-Pack
Access this Resource via our Application-Resources-Pack


Interview E-books

Want to know how you can ACE the last stage of the application cycle?
We have personally interviewed 800+ successful admits to DECODE THE SUCCESSFUL PATTERN of answering every interview question and have created THE ONLY MASTER GUIDE you will ever need to crack the toughest B-School questions.
Interview Question Catagories Covered in the Master Guide:

  • Profile-Based Questions
  • Competency-Based Questions
  • Guesstimate Questions
  • Goal Based Questions
  • Current Affairs
Salient Features of the Master Guide:
  • Access Answer techniques of more than 35+ most common interview questions.
  • Get access to 20+ interview transcripts of successful interview applicants
  • Access a database of more than 100+ mock questions for practice

Access this Resource via our Application-Resources-Pack

Section 1: Basics of Interview

Section 2: Types of Interview

Section 3: Types of questions and basic interview Etiquettes


Your application is only as strong as the way you choose to showcase it.

Schools are looking for holistic profiles who can add value and diversity to their cohort

So just having a good GPA and a strong GMAT won't be enough, you need to go beyond the same and show how you are different

We as consultants can only help you once we have developed an in-depth understanding of your profile, and the brainstorming call is designed to do exactly this.

In the adjoining file you will find an analysis sheet which will be used for our first brainstorming call.

Try to spend an hour or two filling it up, and personalizing it with your information.

Every small detail will help.

The analysis sheet has 3 sections

  1. Work done- What was your job role, what work did you exactly do there?
  2. Experience gained- This is more personal. Why do this? What did you learn? How did you progress?
  3. Any memorable instance - Mention one key achievement you had or any particular impact you made.

There is a sample in one of the tabs, to give you some ideas as to how to fill up the sheet.

Access this Resource via our Application-Resources-Pack


Access this Resource via our Application-Resources-Pack
Access this Resource via our Application-Resources-Pack
Access this Resource via our Application-Resources-Pack

Section 1: How to create a perfect resume?

Section 2: Basics of resume writing

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Scholarship Samples

Looking for a Scholarship to help that can help you finance your Masters Program?
While scholarships come with tough competition, you will be happy to know that there are several options that you can you look into for subsidies:
- School Specific Scholarships : These include waivers and subsidies offered by schools ( Eg:HHL's Young Leader Scholarship)
- Country Specific Scholarships : Scholarships offered by your home/host country's Government (Grants from The French Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs)
- Third Party Scholarships: Scholarships offered by external organizations ( DAAD Scholarships)
Want to check out the complete list of Scholarships you can target?
Check out our services to Unlock this section!

Access this Resource via our Application-Resources-Pack

Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

Ideally 4-6 schools should be applied to 2 Dream, 3 Competitive and 1 Safe

Regardless of the no. of schools you are working with us on, you should make sure you apply to some schools yourself. Esp if you are doing less than 3-4 schools with us.

Once your application is submitted, we will send you a full list of scholarships you can apply to as well as offer you samples and edits to help you apply.

Kira Talent is a recent concept and a highly convenient way for schools to pre-screen the applicants before being invited for a in-person interview that is the final stage of the application review. Each Kira interview can last from 20-40 minutes and consists of 2-6 questions that could be asked in either video or written format. You can also have practice sessions before going ahead with the actual interview. You'll require a computer/laptop with a working webcam and microphone or a mobile phone with a front facing camera

Internships don't count as professional experience however there are schools such as HEC Paris, ESADE etc. that do so. But showcasing internships through resume/essays can make your application stronger so make sure you highlight that part to further add value to your application.

Admissions Test

Supporting Documents