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Specialized Masters Essay Editing Service

One question that we predominantly get asked is

“Do you help for other masters as well”?

Well, the precise answer is yes we do.

Our Specialized Masters Essay Editing Service is to highlight just that.

Till date we have helped people get into a variety of different degrees, for example-

  • Masters in Financial Analysis
  • Masters in Marketing/ Accounting/ Strategy
  • The highly popular MBA
  • Masters in Finance
  • Masters in IT
  • Masters in Engineering/ Industrial Engineering etc.

And the list goes on…

We have helped place students in different Master’s programs for colleges ranging from LBS, HEC, Kings College London, RSM in Europe, to USC, NYU, University of Washington, Michigan Ann Harbouretc. in the US.

But then the question arises,

Wait, aren’t you specialized in Masters in Management?

Well yes we are, and though that’s how we started out, over time we have grown and adapted to help people who wanted to get into more specialized degrees.

We have been able to successfully do so because, at the core every admission committee wants one thing,

Motivated, smart students who would be a good addition to their school.

And how do schools perceive this?

Well your Essays/SOP play a huge part in pitching this to them.

When you dissect any degree’s application SOP/ESSAY, you see three major sub-part

  • Who are you? What have you done in your life? What has got you to this point?
  • What is your future plan? Where do you want to go? Why? What have you done to get there uptil now?
  • Why this degree in particular? What will it help you achieve?

If you look at these sub-parts closely, the first two are highly personal and talk about your life, your decisions, why you did, what you did?

Questions like What inspires you?  What’s your thought process? What’s next on your plate? Why that?

are things the college is interested in knowing.

Specialized Masters Essay Editing

Having helped 100s of people with their applications, we have perfected the art of getting all this knowledge from people, and specifically have a special brainstorming session when we start the application process, to do just that.

This way we can carefully evaluate if your motivations are right, what your strengths are, how to account for your weaknesses and so on, and can then help you place them properly in the essays.

For the 3rd part, the questions that arise are

Why this particular degree?

Would you be a good fit for it?

Will it help you get to your goals?

Now it is in this part where specific knowledge is required.

Months and months of research into different degrees & helping people get into specific colleges hasgiven us a great knowledge of different courses and what they require, so we will use this to help you.

Further, the essays are not a one-person job, it’s a team effort, we have people from different disciplines in our team, from consulting to finance to engineering. We will cash on to this wide network to help you prepare a well researched & well-formulated essay.

This method has helped us place 100s of applicants in their target schools and deliver a 92% acceptance rate.

In fact, we even offer a 100% money back guarantee with our Specialized Masters essay editing service in case you feel the service you are getting is not up to the mark.

Further, the roles you can expect are the following

  • Trading/Sales/Structuring
  • Financial Analysis/Firm Valuation/Transaction Services
  • Project/Structured Financing
  • Risk Management/Control
  • Portfolio/Asset Management
  • M&A/Consulting
  • Equity/Debt Capital Market
  • Private Equity
  • Project Management

See yourself in these shoes? Then the M.Fin is for you.

That said getting into a good M.Fin school is not a piece of cake.

The competition is intense with 1000’s of applicants applying for the same odd 60-100 seats.

How does the Specialized Masters Essay Editing Service work?

Step 1: The Initial Counselling

Which schools can be targeted with my profile? How many schools should I target? 

Will these schools be a good fit for me?  How can your services help me?

These are just a few of the questions we help tackle during our initial counseling section.

By pairing you with one of our consultants, we give you one on one attention and help resolve all queries you may have.

We help you figure out your unique strengths, the glaring weaknesses and brief you on how exactly we can help you.

Step 2: The Brainstorming Session

A consultant can’t really help you if they do not have a good understanding of your profile.

Hence our first official Skype call is an hour long brainstorming session where we dig into “the why” behind every life step of yours.

From schooling to college life, right up to your current work experience, we dig into each part, cross-questioning you on why you took those particular steps.

Why this particular activity? What did you learn while doing it? How did it help you grow?

These are just some of the questions which will help us dig deep into your profile, and allow us to understand what makes you unique.

Post the session we will send you a detailed analysis sheet which will be useful in selecting experiences to include in school specific SOP in future sessions.

The Brainstorming Session is designed to give us an understanding of your motivations and aspirations, knowing which we can help you shortlist prospective schools and decide on your final targets. Hence it is not necessary to have a final list of schools before you start working with us.

Step 3: SOP Content Analysis


The next step would be scheduling Skype calls to discuss your SOP.

Here is what we would do:

  • Analyze each SOP sample, and help you understand what the school wants
  • Dig into your profile and highlight activities which can be used to make a positive impression
  • Help you figure out the content and structure of the SOP 
  • Give you tips on how the readability and flow of the SOP can be improved
  • Make sure that every line is personalized and is unique to your profile

Notes would be taken during the call, and a recording of the call would be sent to you as well.

At the end of the call, you will have the SOP game plan, & would be more than ready to work on your first draft.

Step 4: Analysing Sample SOP

To prepare you better for writing your first draft, we’ll send you sample SOPs of former successful applicants.

This will allow you to understand how past applicants framed their experiences in the concise format required by the SOP, and give you some ideas on how you can do the same.

With 2 different sample SOP, you will be confident that the approach you are taking has been tried and tested.

Step 5: Proof Reading and Comprehensive Edits

Once you have created your first draft and have sent it to us for review, we will

  • Edit the content, making sure there are no abrupt breaks or missing gaps in the story line
  • Add suggestions for improvement
  • Proofread the SOP for any grammatical mistakes

Be ready to have your initial draft ribbed with red and green comments; SOP take several edits to hone, and we will make sure yours is perfect.

What will follow is an exchange of five to & fro emails, with successive drafts, each one improving upon your SOP until you are assured that the SOP you have is the best possible one.

This process has been tried and tested by 100’s of our past clients, and we have a splendid 92% success rate with the same.

So if you are ready to take your application SOP to the next level, and improve your chances of gaining an admit exponentially, Sign up with us.

Also, want insights into how our service helped people in the past?

Check out what our clients have to say.

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