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With the passage of time, more and more students are choosing the option of pursuing their studies – undergraduate, postgraduate and/or doctoral, in different countries. Hundreds of global scholarships have made the world more diverse, better connected and have made foreign education affordable for every student who aspires to pursue it. 

Listed below are various scholarships that are available to international students in 10 of the world’s most popular study destinations. 




1. Fulbright Scholarships:

The Fulbright Programme is available for people all across the world. The two sections of the programme are: the first one is for US citizens to study abroad and the second one is for citizens of other countries to study in the US. The grants are divided among several groups and levels with scholarships for students, professionals, teachers and scholars. The Fulbright Scholarships are available only for Graduate level studies and it is important that people finish their undergraduate studies from a recognised university and also have some prior work experience before applying to enhance their chances of getting selected. 

2. Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship Programme:

The Humphrey Fellowship programme is offered for young and mid-career professionals only for a year long training/executive programme in the United States. It is available to people regardless of their nationality. It is only offered for a duration of one year of graduate level non-degree study. 

 3. AAUW International Fellowships: 

The International fellowships are awarded to women who wish to pursue research studies in the United States but are neither US citizens nor permanent residents. The nature of the research work must be full-time. The amount of funding that a successful candidate receives ranges between $18,000-$35,000. It is important that all applicants are in possession of a US equivalent bachelor’s degree in order to be eligible for this fellowship grant. 

 4. Global Scholars Programme:

The Global Scholars programme is a series of scholarships offered by several universities in the United States for undergraduate students. These grants have different eligibility criteria and requirements for different universities. Hence it is best that you check out the dedicated websites for each university to get the specific information. 

 5. Obama Foundation Scholars Programme:

The Obama Foundation Scholars Programme runs in the University of Chicago and the Columbia University. It is offered to future leaders who are dedicated to making a change. This scholarship is available to people in 28 countries outside of the United States. The fellowship is made available for 20 students in each academic year and candidates from all backgrounds are encouraged to apply. 

 6. Global Undergraduate Exchange Programme:

The Global Undergraduate Exchange Programme is open for application to all applicants for a non-degree undergraduate study in the United States. The requirements from the applicant include – i) the applicant must be a resident of any of the participating countries and should hold a secondary education degree from their home country and ii) the applicant must be over 18 years of age. There are several other requirements that can be found out about in the programme website. 

7. Microsoft Research Women’s Fellowship Programme:

This grant is available for all women candidates who are enrolled in a Phd programme at any reputed university in the United States. It is a $25,000 grant that must go towards the doctoral research work. The main reason behind setting this programme up is the under-representation of women in computer science and technology. Students must be in their fourth year of doctoral research work to be eligible to apply. 

 8. PEO International Peace Scholarships for Women:

The United States has several provisions for the promotion of higher studies among women and the PEO International Peace Scholarships for women are just another such provision. The International Peace Scholarship Fund offers need based scholarships upto the amount of $12,500. It believes that quality education is a necessity for peacekeeping all across the world. It is offered only for graduate studies in the United States and Canada. 


1. Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship:

The Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship is available to all residents of Canada, permanent residents and foreign citizens for higher studies in Canada. It is a research scholarship and students must be enrolled in a doctoral degree before application. This scholarship can only be used to fund the successful candidate’s doctoral research. 

2. Ontario Graduate Scholarship:

The Ontario Graduate Scholarship is only available for graduate level studies in the University of Toronto. Students must already be enrolled in a full time degree programme to be eligible for the scholarship. The rest of the details can be found on the University of Toronto website. 

3. Graduate Award Competition:

The graduate award competition is funded by the University of Calgary. There are no citizenship restrictions to be eligible for this scholarship. There are four awards given under this competition, all for funding graduate level studies. These awards are the Alberta Innovates Graduate Student Scholarship, Izaak Walton Killam Doctoral Scholarships, Open Doctoral Awards and Special Awards. 

4. Trudeau Foundation Scholarships:

The Trudeau Foundation Scholarships are awarded for pursuing studies in Canadian Universities. The subject areas where the scholarship is awarded include the social sciences and humanities. Students are selected based on their academic excellence, leadership abilities, public engagement and communication skills. All candidates who apply must be in their first or second year of doctoral research studies. Approximately 20 scholars are awarded each year. 

5. Banting Postdoctoral Fellowships:

Under the Banting Postdoctoral Fellowships, candidates are offered $75,000 for 2 years in the areas of health research, humanities and social sciences, natural sciences and/or engineering. All candidates regardless of their status as Canadian residents, permanent residents or foreign citizens are eligible to apply for this scholarship. The grant goes towards the funding of their research work. 



1. Chevening Scholarships:

The Chevening Scholarships are offered to talented and deserving individuals for undertaking graduate level study at any UK University for any course of their choice. These scholarship grants are fully funded. These scholarships are provided for the one year master degree programmes and include everything – flights, accommodation and tuition fees. The following eligibility conditions must be met in order to be an applicant:

  1. Applicants must be a resident of an eligible country or territory. 
  2. Applicants must return to their native countries for a duration of two years upon the completion of their studies in the UK. 
  3.  Applicants must have about two years of professional work experience. 
  4. Applicants must have completed all components of a bachelor’s degree to be eligible for a UK Master’s degree. 
  5. Applicants must meet the language requirements. 
  6. Applicants must apply for three courses and must have received an unconditional offer from at least one of them before the scholarship application deadline. 

2. Commonwealth Scholarships:

The Commonwealth Scholarships are offered to students of all the member commonwealth nations for undertaking postgraduate studies in the United Kingdom. There are various types and slabs within the commonwealth scholarships framework including Phd, Rutherford, Medical, Professional, Masters, Shared and Distance Learning Scholarships. The masters scholarships are available for candidates intending to enroll in a full time study at a UK University. Detailed information pertaining to the application details can be found in the dedicated scholarship website. 

3. Gates Cambridge Scholarships:

The Gates Cambridge Scholarships are fully funded scholarships for Masters and Phd studies at the University of Cambridge, United Kingdom, regardless of the area of study. They are only awarded to students outside of the United Kingdom with the aim to build a global network of future leaders who are committed to making an impact in the world and changing the lives of others for the better. In order to be eligible to apply for the Gates Cambridge Scholarships, students must be able to fulfill the following criteria:

  1. Demonstration of outstanding intellectual ability
  2. Potential for conducting leadership activities
  3. Commitment to improving the lives of others
  4. There must exist a good fit between the candidate’s aspirations and background records and the courses offered by the University of Cambridge. 

4. Rhodes House Scholarships:

The Rhodes Scholarships are awarded to exceptional students for undertaking fully-funded postgraduate level studies at the University of Oxford. A total of 100 scholarships are awarded every year which cover tuition fee, living and accommodation costs and travel expenses. After covering all requisite expenses, the grant also leaves you with a generous monthly allowance. In order to be eligible to be a Rhodes Scholar, the following criteria must be fulfilled:

  1. Students must be a resident of one of the participating countries. 
  2. Students must be between 18 and 28 years of age during the time of application. 
  3. Students must also have a bachelor’s degree from a recognized university with competent scores to be eligible for application into an academically demanding and rigorous master’s program at the University of Oxford.


1. Eiffel Scholarship Programme of Excellence:

The Eiffel Scholarships of Excellence are offered by the Government of France to candidates from any country across the world in order to be able to undertake postgraduate/masters level or doctoral studies in France. An interesting aspect of these scholarships is that candidates cannot apply themselves. Candidates must apply to a French University of their choice and upon the success and confirmation of their candidature in that particular university, the university shall send in the names of the applicants for this scholarship. Thereby all candidates must meet the eligibility criteria and other requirements laid down by their university and must also secure a place there. Every university can send in the names of a maximum of 40 candidates each academic year for this scholarship. The Eiffel Scholarships are partially funded and do not cover tuition fees. They are only inclusive of living expenses in France and travelling expenses between France and your country of origin.

2. The Chateaubriand Fellowship:

The Chateaubriand Fellowship is offered by the Embassy of France in the United States of America. This is offered to outstanding Phd students for American Universities in order to conduct their research activities in France. The duration of the research should be between 4 and 9 months. This fellowship programme is further divided into two sub-programmes – Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, Health and Humanities and Social Sciences. This scholarship is offered purely on a merit basis and the evaluators who choose the final winners are competent leaders in their respective fields. 


1. DAAD Scholarship Programmes:

The DAAD Scholarships are aimed at funding German and international students in their postgraduate and doctoral level studies in Germany. These scholarships are offered to citizens from almost every country of origin. There are a total number of 192 scholarships available and detailed information about every scholarship including application requirements and eligibility criteria can be found in the respective dedicated websites. 

2. Heinrich Boll Foundation Scholarships:

The Green Political Foundation Scholarships are awarded to master’s level and doctoral level students and candidates from countries outside of Germany. All applicants must demonstrate a specified level of knowledge of the German language in order to be eligible for consideration of these scholarships. The foundation only accepts online applications for which the application portal opens about 6 weeks prior to the deadline of submission. Germans who apply for scholarship must have a valid bachelor’s degree however all other applicants, including the residents of the European Union and EEA countries must hold valid master’s degrees from recognized universities. While the tuition fee is not covered for German and other European Union residents within the scholarship, certain students applying from outside of Europe with no qualification from a German University are eligible for a tuition fee waiver. 

3. Deutschlandstipendium National Scholarship Programme:

The Deutschlandstipendium National Scholarship Programme is for high achieving International students from all across the world in Germany who receive an allowance of 300 euros on a monthly basis. The monthly allowance of 300 euros is continued for a minimum of two semesters and a maximum of three semesters, which covers the standard duration of postgraduate studies in Germany. There are several institutions within German Territory who support these scholars and give them opportunities to network with industry experts and also secure good internship opportunities. Out of the 300 euros per month, 150 euros are sponsored for the candidates by private institutions, individuals and agencies while the remaining 150 euros is borne by the Federal Government of Germany. 

4. Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung Scholarships:

The Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung Scholarships are offered to international students in the postgraduate masters level. These scholarships are available across a wide variety of disciplines ranging from arts and sciences to music, law and medicine, only to name a few. In the present cohort of scholars, candidates belong to a diverse group of 55 countries. This scholarship gives a monthly stipend of 850 euros and also offers various subsidies to the scholars. At the Phd level, the monthly scholarship is 1200 euros. The students who fulfill the following criteria are eligible for admission:

  1. A university level bachelor’s degree
  2. Above-average academic performance
  3. Not more than 30 years of age
  4. Engaged in voluntary work
  5. Up to B2 level knowledge of German
  6. Must study at least three semesters in a German university
  7. Broad knowledge in education and other general world affairs
  8. Must be passionate about human rights and democracy
  9. Should be motivated and open to developing personal perspectives
  10. Should be able to convince the expert panel about their personal and professional goals in life. 
  11. Persons who already have a doctorate degree are ineligible


1. Swiss Excellence Scholarships for Foreign Students:

It includes two types of scholarship. The research scholarship is for post-graduate researchers in any field who are planning to pursue research or studies at doctoral and post-doctoral level in Switzerland. Whereas the art scholarship is open to art students looking to pursue an initial Master’s degree  at any Swiss conservatory or University of arts. The selection is based on the profile, research or artistic work and covers monthly payment, tuition fee, housing allowance and other expenses which vary from applicant to applicant depending on the nationality.


1. Italian Government Scholarships for Foreign Students:

The Italian Government Scholarships for Foreign Students are offered by the Government of Italy for masters/Phd level studies for a duration of three, six, or nine months depending on the course of studies. Only students from participating member foreign countries are eligible for this scholarship. The waving of enrollment and tuition fee depends upon the policies of the individual universities concerned. Successful candidates will receive 900 euros on a quarterly basis which will be paid to their Italian bank account. Students cannot be over 28 years of age at the time of application for the masters level grant, 30 years of age for the Phd level grant and 40 years of age for the research grant. 

2. Scuola Normale Superiore Phd Scholarships:

This scholarship program is for all Italian and non-Italian students looking to pursue doctoral programmes in the fields of Philosophy, Data Science, Mathematics, Methods and Models for Molecular Sciences, Nanosciences, Neurosciences, Political Science and transnational governance. It includes tuition fee, a grant for board and accommodation and additional funding for research activity for 4 years.



1. Foundation for Academic Excellence and Access Scholarships:

All Indian residents who have passed class XII from a recognized board in India and come from economically or socially weaker backgrounds can benefit from FAEA scholarships for undergrad courses. You can only apply for this scholarship after the declaration of your class XII results. The scholarship covers tuition fee, maintenance allowance, hostel/mess charges and other basic costs but the amount and continuation of scholarship depends on the candidate’s academic performance.

2. TWAS-DBT Postgraduate Scholarship:

This fellowship programme to pursue research towards a PhD in biotechnology in India, is open to foreign scholars from most developing countries in the South. Anyone below 35 years of age can apply and choose from 5 fields – Agricultural Sciences, Structural and Molecular Biology, Biological Systems and Organisms, Medical and Health Sciences including Neurosciences and Chemical Sciences. You can go for a full time scholarship or sandwich if you have already registered for a PhD in your country. The monthly stipend covers living costs, food and health insurance and house rent allowance.

3. Swarna Jayanti Research Fellowships in Science and Technology:

Under this scheme, Indian nationals residing in India or abroad with degrees equivalent to Ph.D in Science, Masters in Engineering or Technology will be provided support to pursue their research. With a maximum duration of 5 years, it includes a fellowship of 25,000 per month for five years for those scientists who don’t have any earning source and 10,000 for others. Moreover, grants for equipment, consumables, communication facilities, travel expenses, other basic and special expenses will also be covered.

4. Raman Charpak Fellowship Programme:

Launched in 2013, gives an opportunity to Indian and French PhD scholars who are below the age of 30, to carry out part of their research in a University/ Research & Development Institute in France or India for 2 to 6 months. It is also open to French Masters Students who wish to spend some time in India in accordance to their curriculum. The applicants should be residing citizens of the respective country and must have registered for a PhD in a recognized university or research institution. The amount for the scholarship and the expenses covered can be found on the official site.

5. INSPIRE Scholarships in India:

This programme provides students undertaking bachelor’s and master’s courses in Natural and Basic Sciences a scholarship of INR 80,000 (60,000 cash and 20,000 for those undertaking summer time research projects) annually for a duration of 5 years or till completion of course. The applicant should be between 17 to 22 years of age and be in the top 1% scorers in 12 boards exam, among top 10,000 rankers in JEE, cleared the AIPMT or among top 20,000 rankers in AIEEE. 


1.Joint Japan World Bank Graduate Scholarships: 

The World Bank Graduate Scholarship Programme is offered by the World Bank and fully funded by the Government of Japan. This scholarship is open to all candidates from developing nations irrespective of caste or gender. These scholarships are offered for graduate level studies in the United States of America, Europe, Japan and Africa. All candidates who wish to be selected must apply after fulfilling the following criteria – 

  1. Students must be a resident of any developing country according to a list generated by the World Bank Group.
  2. Students must have a recognized bachelor’s degree.
  3. Applicants must have at least 3 years of experience in development-related work. 

2. Aga Khan Foundation International Scholarship Programme: 

The Aga Khan Scholarship is offered to students from these countries only – Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Syria, Egypt, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Madagascar and Mozambique. Applications are also accepted from students in the UK, USA, France, Portugal and Canada who were originally residents in one of the listed developing countries. Students must be less than 30 years of age and show immense academic excellence and must have received admission in a highly reputed university programme. This scholarship is given on a loan basis with a very low annual interest rate of 5% only. Students are finally selected on an interview basis. 

3. Rotary Peace Fellowships:

The Rotary Peace Fellowship is offered by the Rotary Foundation. It is offered for Masters Degree Programmes and Professional Degree Certificate programmes. The grants from this fellowship covers tuition fee, living expenses, accommodation and boarding expenses, internship and field study expenses and round trip transportation costs. They are offered for a maximum period of 24 months inclusive of a two-three month study field. Students must fulfill the following criteria for being eligible for the masters level fellowship:

  1. Proficiency in english
  2. Have a bachelor’s degree
  3. Leadership Potential
  4. At least three years of full-time experience in peace or development work.
  5. Commitment to understanding peace through academic, professional, personal and/or community services. 
  6. In addition to meeting the above criteria, a candidate must also be a member or Rotary Club, Rotary International or any other Rotary entity. 

4. ADB-Japan Scholarship Programme for Developing Countries:

The Asian Development Bank Scholarships, in association with the Japanese Government offers master degree scholarships for students from 40 developing countries. Applicants must be below 35 years of age at the time of application. They also must be in good health, should have a valid bachelor’s degree or its equivalent and an extremely brilliant academic record. These students also must commit to return to their home countries after the completion of their foreign degree. They must contribute to the cultural and economic development of their native lands. The purpose of this scholarship is to ensure that the winning candidates effectively help in the development of lesser developed countries by applying their levels of world class education. 

5. Civil Society Leadership Awards:

The Civil Society Leadership Awards are offered to those candidates who wish to impact a positive social change. These scholarships are offered to candidates from 19 under-developed countries for pursuing masters in social studies and humanities. To be eligible, applicants must be a citizen of any participating country and be able to demonstrate professional expertise in their chosen field of studies. They must also be committed to returning to their home countries and contributing significantly to its development. They must also demonstrate leadership potential, have a bachelor’s degree and be proficient in German, French or English. It is also important that candidates are able to participate in an immersive and intensive pre-academic summer school before the start of their programme and be able to receive a student visa from the host country. 

6. Inlaks Shivdasani Foundation Scholarships:

The Inlaks Scholarship is offered to Indian Students by the Inlaks Shivdasani Foundation in India. This is a full scholarship that covers all tuition fees and living expenses along with giving the students a monthly allowance and airfare for travel to India. Students must be exceptionally qualified with a rich academic background to be eligible for the scholarship. It can be used to study anywhere in the world with a maximum grant of $100,000. Students are selected competitively through two rounds of interviews. This is not a loan scholarship and need not be returned. Students are eligible for the grant only for masters level study however there are certain fields that are not included. More information can be found on the specific website. 

7. British Council GREAT Scholarships:

The GREAT Scholarships are offered by the British Council to Indian Citizens for studying a masters level degree in any university in the United Kingdom. These scholarships have certain prerequisites that include a valid passport, an offer for postgraduate studies from any of the participating universities and proven knowledge in English. Further details pertaining to particular universities can be found in the website. 

8. Erasmus Mundus Joint Degree Scholarships: 

The Erasmus Mundus Scholarships are funded by the European Union and are offered to students who are residents of third world (developing) countries and the European Union. These scholarships cover participation costs, living expenses and a contribution to travelling and installation costs. The winners get a monthly endowment of 1000 euros for the entirety of their 24 month long masters programme. Students willing to apply must meet the following criteria:

  1. The student must hold an applicable higher education degree before the start of the programme. 
  2. Students must be residents of any one of the participating countries. 
  3. A full and timely application must be submitted with all necessary documents.

Further details regarding the scholarship can be found in the designated site. 

After going through our list, you must have realised that most of the scholarships listed above do not pertain to individual universities but are offered as a whole to every eligible candidate, except a few extremely popular ones. There are hundreds of other University specific scholarships available. All you need to do is have a good and strong academic background and must have the zeal to make an impact in the world and stand out in a crowd.