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15 reasons why your decision to Study in Canada hits the BULLSEYE!


Do you dream of studying in a foreign country like Canada? Then, this blog will make you confident and turn your dream into reality. Studying outside of your country is a big step to take. Study abroad is not just about attaining an education from a different country. It includes big changes to very little changes in a student’s lifestyle. A study abroad student learns to live in a new environment and adapts to new things from the new country. Nowadays, the majority of the students choose to study in Canada.

Canada ranks in the list of the top countries to study in. The other top countries where students go for education are the USA, UK, Australia. Students can opt to study in Canada after the 12th  standard. Canada is a preferable country for higher education by both the students and the parents. This particular country always welcomes students from all around the globe. Here are the top 15 reasons why study in Canada is a great decision:

1. Diverse options of schools

There is a wide variation of schools in Canada. From major research institutions to art schools and universities, Canada offers all kinds of education centres. There are graduate, undergraduate, business schools and many other professional programmes available in the country. Study in Canada is pretty easy due to diverse options in programmes as well as institutes. Canada has over 100 universities and over 200 colleges, institutes and language schools.

2. Affordable education

Education in Canada is considered to be quite affordable. In comparison to countries like the USA and UK, the education fee is affordable. The tuition fee for the common bachelor programmes like business and management, social sciences, natural sciences, can range from 550 – 56,000 CAD per year. For the master’s programme, the fees for the common programmes like law, computer science, and engineering is present in the higher range. The fee for the master’s programme ranges from 1,075 – 65,000 CAD per year. Following are the most affordable universities in Canada:


Name of the University

Tuition Fee per year

Memorial University of Newfoundland

2,150 – 11,460 CAD

Royal Roads University

3,750 – 27,600 CAD

Athabasca University

1,625 – 17,250 CAD

University of Regina

1,715 – 20,050 CAD

University of Saskatchewan

4,110 – 24,000 CAD

3. Multicultural environment

Canada is a people’s country. Everybody is warm and welcoming. It is a country with many different cultures and lifestyles as people live and work there from different countries. Students who choose to study in Canada gets an opportunity to meet new people from different backgrounds. The multicultural environment of Canada also offers a wide range of restaurants serving food from your hometown. This characteristic of Canada makes you meet so many people and gives you great exposure and experience. Living in Canada is peaceful, and the people are quite friendly. Canada celebrates many festivals, which makes living there more lively. Some of the festivals are NHL Hockey, Poutine week, and The Montreal International Jazz Festival.

4. Affordable living

Living in Canada is also considered affordable as compared to other countries. There are cities like Toronto, Vancouver and Calgary that may be expensive in comparison to other cities. The total cost of living in Canada will solely depend if the student chooses to live on-campus or off-campus. New Brunswick is considered to be the most affordable city to live in. Apart from accommodation, Canada also has scenic beauties. There are many places to visit for entertainment.

 5. Student-friendly country

 Canada is considered a student-friendly country due to its highest literacy rate. This country has top educated people, and students get a lot of learning experience and exposure. Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal are considered to be world-class cities. These cities have the best facilities to live and work in and follow cleanliness and all safety measures. The lifestyle of people in this country is also attractive and successful. Due to the large population of students in the country, Canada is the best option for education. People of Canada also have high living standards, which further affects the students in the country. There are many different restaurants, hotels, malls, which also help students settle down quickly and comfortably. 

6. Scholarship benefits

Canada provides several scholarships to their students to help them fund their fees. The Canadian government offers scholarship to study in Canada. There are many other non-government scholarships to study in Canada. The eligibility criteria for all of the scholarships are different. Therefore, it is advised that the student checks the eligibility criteria before applying for the scholarship to study in Canada. Some government-funded scholarships for Indian students are Shastri Indo-Canadian Institute, Ontario Graduate Scholarship Program, Quebec Provincial Government Scholarship, Banting Postdoctoral Fellowships, Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships and many more. There are several non-government scholarships like Trudeau Scholarships and Fellowships and Anne Valle Ecological Fund. Many universities and schools also have their scholarship to study in Canada.

7. Better job opportunities

 After the completion of the programme, universities in Canada offer successful job placements to their students. Canada is one of the few countries that offers job opportunities to their graduate students. The job opportunities for international students can be in Canada for three years after graduation. Getting a job abroad leads to settling down in that country as well.

8. A high-tech country

Canada introduced internet connectivity to schools and libraries. This technology is now accepted worldwide. The international leader of information technologies and computer is Canada. It also comprises exceptionally well sectors of animation, aerospace, advanced software, engineering, telecommunications, urban transport, medical devices, hydroelectric powers, biotechnology, microelectronics, and lasers. Canada has reached this level of success due to its high literacy level.

9. Optimum safety measures

Parents are worried about their children, especially when it comes to studying abroad. Indian parents want to send their child to a much safer country. Canada is one such country where students are welcomed warmly. Due to the multicultural environment, Canada is considered to be quite safe. There are very low rates of crime, racial discrimination cases and rape cases. International students also get similar rights to any other citizen of Canada. Canada is a very homely country. The people of Canada are also very friendly and peaceful.

10. High-quality education

Students also choose to study in Canada due to is quality of education. Canada offers high-quality education due to its wide range of programmes. The degrees have a lot of value. Universities of Canada always end up in the high ratings of World University Rankings. The students get excellent education and exposure in the country from top professors. The job profile and the experiences gained by the students from Canadian universities are exceptional.

11. Adequate research opportunities

One of the unique aspects of Canada’s education system is that they include research as a major part of education. Every student is allowed to practice research. There is great emphasis on research in Canada. The Canadian government also supports the research of the students in agriculture, technology, and telecommunications. Taking up research projects have also proved to be very beneficial for the students in finding great job opportunities.

12. Adequate earning opportunities for students

Students wanting to study in Canada should also be ready to work for 20 hours a week. Canada is a country which believes in making their students financially independent. There are ample job opportunities with education during the semesters for international students as well. Restaurants, hotels, hostels, malls are places where students can find part-time jobs. The students can also go for a full-time job during their summer and winter breaks. Students can now work as an intern or get an on-campus job on their study permit. There is no additional requirement for a work permit.

13. Immigration opportunities

There are some immigration opportunities given to the student studying in Canada. Post-Graduation Work Permit Program, also known as PWPP, is a programme made in Canada for international students. Under this programme, the students can work in Canada for three years after completing their graduation programme. This can lead to getting a permanent residency in the country as well. The student also gets international work experience which makes a huge difference in making a great future.

14. High-spirited campus life

It has been observed that the campus life of Canadian universities is very vibrant and lively. There are always some or the other event happening on-campus. The events can be like the festivals or activities which indulge students from the universities. Due to such events, the campus becomes lively, happy, and friendly, and it leads to students from different backgrounds get to know each other. As a great connection is built between the students, it helps them feel more at home and less lonely in an unknown country. The students also start to gets comfortable due to such events.

15. Internationally recognized degrees

Canada is a country that gives quality education and gives degrees that are internationally recognized. A degree from any Canadian universities holds great power and value. In the international job market, a Canadian degree holds great value. The degree also gives out a sense of trust and excellence. The research-oriented study also plays a great role in making the degrees valuable.



The students planning to go for higher education in Canada should keep in mind the points stated above. Canada is a beautiful country with excellent education and safety measures. The government of Canada takes every international study very seriously and welcomes every student in the country. For students who cannot afford education in Canada can also go for scholarships provided in the country. Scholarship to study in Canada helps a lot of students to fulfil their dream of studying abroad. The living cost in Canada is quite affordable. Due to the part-time working system in Canada, the student also learns to value money and time. Time management is the key to live in Canada. So, now it’s time to start planning your study in Canada and realize your dreams. Good luck!

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