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France is a western European country which shares borders with Belgium, Germany, Luxemburg, Switzerland and Italy. The Eiffel Tower in Paris, which is the capital of France, is one of the most attractive tourist destinations in the world. France has almost 37 World’s Heritage sites, including cities, seaside resorts and beaches which are known for their high cultural interests.

France has more than 3,500 universities both public and private. The education system of France is well known and about 75% foreign students apply to Universities of France. Also, France is the home to many world-known inventors such as Louis Braille; who invented the braille system of reading and writing for the blind, Rene Laennec; who was the inventor of stethoscope, and Montgolfier Brothers; who invented the hot-air balloon.

In France, it is a tradition to welcome foreign students from all across the world. This is one of the attractions for a student who is willing to go for study in France. But, in case, if you have a doubt in choosing France as your country to study in, you should clear your doubts by getting the answers to your questions arising in your mind. So, let’s go through some common questions–

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Why to go for study in France?

why study in france

France is one of the countries which are full of exciting music, art and culture. France is also known for welcoming the highest number of international students in the whole of Europe. 

So, before applying to a University there, you should know the overall reasons as to why you should choose France.

  • Leading Universities: France has a number of prestigious universities which offer a good education. This becomes one of the most important reasons for a student to choose France as the country to study in. 
  • Affordable education: France provides the most inexpensive education to the students. The public universities are the most inexpensive in the country.
  • Home to Nobel Prize winners: France has developed the most influential thinkers and writers who have won Nobel Prize for Literature. France is known to have won the most Nobel Prizes than any country. It is a privilege for any student to be studying in a country such as France.
  • Discounts for students: France also provides students with discounts at places such as Museums, theatre and cinema. This will help you in exploring the city at a lesser rate.Students are also offered discounts on electronics and softwares. So, in case you want to buy softwares for your laptops, you can easily get a discount on your student ID card.
  • Social assistance: Every University in France provides you with social assistance as well as medical facilities. So, if you have some health issues then you are allowed to go see a doctor within a campus. You don’t have to run in circles to find a doctor.
  • Accommodation: Students are also offered discounts on accommodation. Also, every University assists in providing accommodation where you don’t have to pay rent at a high rate.

What are the academic requirements?

To get an admit to any university, you need to know the general eligibility criteria. If you are an eligible candidate then it would be easy for you to further the process. The minimum eligibility criteria to get admission in any university is to have–

  • A Bachelors degree. 
  • Academic transcript of your undergraduate degree. 
  • GRE/GMAT with a score more than at least 300.
  • Average score of 6.5 in IELTS, to prove your English proficiency. 
  • Document stating the level of French or can obtain one by giving official French exams such as DELF, DALF, the TCF or the TEF. 

This is the minimum eligibility criteria which you need to fulfill in order to get admission in the Masters program of your choice. 

What is the Overall study cost?

france study cost

In order to get an admit in a University of France, you should know the approximate cost of the program in which you want to be enrolled. France can be a very inexpensive country for you to pursue your Masters in. So, in order to understand and calculate your tuition fees and living expenses, you should know the approximate cost which you will be liable to pay.

Studying in France gives you an advantage of having less tuition cost. This is so, because the Government of France covers one-third of the cost of postgraduate courses for international students, therefore the amount of tuition fee is less than the tuition fee of other countries. 

The tuition cost for a Program at Masters level with the registration fee is €3,770 per year in the Public Institutions. The tuition fee for MBA program is approximately €5,250 to €15000 per year. The colleges under Grande Ecole have tuition fees of approximately €9,600 to €10,500.

Other than tuition cost, it’s also important to know the living expenses if you are going to another country for study. The living expenses for a student is approximately €4000. This cost of living includes the cost of food which is €300 per month, health care budget which is €25 to €30, transportation and entertainment cost €250 to €450.

How to get a Student Visa? 

france student visa

Student Visa is one of the most important documents for you to enter into another country. So, in order to get education legally you need the student visa.

The process of French visa application is an easy one. A student going for Masters is assigned a short-stay visa (for 90 days) enabling you to enter France in order to give your entrance exam for your respective University where you have applied. If you pass the exam, then you are supposed to visit the police station near your area of residence in France with the required documents. After a few days you will be assigned a long term visa depending on the duration of your study. 

The procedure for applying for a short-term visa is as follows–

  • You should seek out if you require a visa or not. If you require a visa then you should seek the duration for which you need. 
  • You need to to fill out the application form online and submit the required documents–
    • A travel document issued less than 10 years ago which has a validity for at least three months. 
    • 2 recent ID photographs in ISO/IECI format. 
    • A cover letter stating the purpose of visit. 
    • Proof of accommodation
    • Proof of civil status 
    • Proof of sufficient financial means. 
  • Arrange appointment with a visa application centre. 
  • Submit your application, biometrics and fees. 
  • Track your application on the online portal.

How to get a Post-study work permit? 

post study work permit france

If you intend to work in France post graduation, obtaining a work permit is essential. You should have the following documents, in order to successfully get a post-study work permit-

  • A promise of employment or a work contract which can prove that you have been employed. 
  • You should have a salary of at least one and a half times the minimum wage i.e., €2, 220 gross per month. 
  • You should have an Autorisation Provisoire de Sejour (temporary resident permit) which will be valid for 12 months post-study. 

What is Autorisation Provisoire de Sejour? 

Autorisation Provisoire de Sejour is a temporary resident permit which allows a foreign student to remain in France for one year after the end of your study. 

In order to be eligible for the application of the temporary resident permit you must fulfill either of the two conditions i.e., 

  • You should have a professional Bachelors or Masters degree. 
  • Or you should be in the process of starting a business. 

The process of the application of getting a temporary resident permit is easy as compared to other countries. 

  • You should apply, before 15 days of your expiration of your student resident permit, with the local prefecture. 
  • Submission of the following documents with the application–
    • Passport
    • Letter from your Institute from where you did your Masters
    • Residence permit
    • A proof of address (under 3 months old) 

Then after a few days, you will receive an administrative document with the statement of extension of right of residence as student receipt. 

What are the scholarships provided? 

Every student looks for a way to get financial support for the educational costs. There can not be a better way to finance your education than the scholarships. So, in order to apply for the scholarships, you must have information about what scholarships are provided in France. Some of those scholarships are mentioned here to give you an idea-

  • The foreign Ministry’s Scholarships: 25% of these scholarships are directly financed by the Ministry.
  • The Ministry of Higher Education’s Scholarships: These scholarships are awarded to the students who have been living in France for at least 2 years and have been paying taxes.
  • Scholarships from Regional Authorities: Many French regions and towns allocate scholarships for the students who are enrolled in Institutes in their region.
  • The Erasmus+ Mobility Scholarships for foreign students: Erasmus+ is a European Union Program that provides scholarships to the best students in the world.

There are also country-specific scholarships for students such as Student Exchange support for students of Japan, Maintenance Grants for the students of Ireland and many more. 


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What are the Employment Opportunities? 

employment opportunities after study in france

A student with a degree from France, has a number of opportunities in different fields such as art, music and design. Apart from artistics industries, there are a number of major industries such as aerospace, motor industry, pharmaceuticals, industrial machinery, textiles and food which have a lot of scope for you. 

If you don’t plan on being a paid-employee, you can start your business in any of these major industries which give you a high return. France has a lot to offer you. A student with a degree from a University of France has a lot of scope in sectors such as IT and banking. 

Top 10 Universities for Masters in France

There are four different types of Institutions which offer a number of courses; the Universities, the Grandes Ecoles, Specialised schools and Institutes, School of art and applied arts and the national schools of architecture. These institutions offer courses in different fields such as, art, music, design, journalism, fashion, medicine, engineering and many more. So, before applying to any of these Institutes, you should first make yourself aware of the top ten Universities which can offer you a Masters Degree and a number of benefits as well. 

Here, mentioned are the top ten universities which offer Masters in different fields. 

  1. HEC Paris
  2. ESSEC Business School
  3. INSEAD Business School
  4. ESCP Europe
  5. EDHEC Business School
  6. Skema
  7. Grenoble
  8. Emlyon 
  9. IESEG
  10. Audencia Business School


Studying in France is a great choice if you are fond of visiting places which are rich in culture, art and music. The country offers you a lot of benefits. It gives numerous discounts on electronics, swimming pool services, medical services as well on your student ID card. So, you are not only benefiting in education but also in other services. 

The Universities in France offer you with a number of program choices. You have the opportunity to choose from them. France is giving you numerous benefits. Even the visa application for this country is so easy and also the process is not so long. 

The Universities offer a number of scholarships which will support you financially. The tuition fee and living expenses are such which you can afford easily with scholarships. The country offers you with welcoming arms as it is a tradition in France to welcome students from all around the world. Now, you are aware about the benefits of France, education system and requirements for visa and academic application, so what are you waiting for? Apply to one of these top 10 universities and get a good quality of education.

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