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Planning to Study in Malta? Read our 5 KEY Tips before you take the decision

Whenever you plan to study abroad, planning to study in Malta is not your first obvious choice. This is because this small country, located in the southern part of Europe, is unknown to the student population around the globe. However, this country holds so much for the international students regarding quality education and quality of life. Furthermore, it boasts of mesmerising locations and career opportunities, which will surely excite you. Today, you will find out why your decision to study in Malta can be the best decision you have made in your life.


Study in Malta: A beautiful island for higher education

Malta, a Mediterranean island nation located in Southern Europe, is becoming a popular study location for international students. The country is an enticing study abroad destination because of its high-quality education, low cost of living, and many fascinating employment options.

Furthermore, Malta is best suited for overseas students because it is an English-speaking country with a British-style education system that offers a wide range of options for higher education. As a result, completing your education from Malta will open doors for career opportunities in Business Development, Data Science, Designing, Engineering, Coding, Analysts, and Accountancy. which are continuously in demand. Furthermore, you will be offered highly competitive compensation for these job positions because you will be graduating with a universal acclaimed degree.

Above all, Malta is regarded as Europe’s safest country, with a diversified and welcoming population.

study in malta


What are the Benefits of Studying in Malta? Why Study in Malta?

For international students, there are several benefits and advantages while they study in Malta.

  • It is a Member of the European Union and Commonwealth; thus, a graduate degree from Malta will be valuable anywhere worldwide.
  • An English-speaking nation, that is the most recognised professional language worldwide with more than one and a half billion speakers.
  • It is an amiable and secure country.
  • The living costs in Malta for students and its population, in general, are quite affordable.
  • Malta is notably famous for higher education programs of excellent quality.
  • The country is home to beautiful sceneries and locations.
  • The country, located in the Mediterranean Sea, south of Italy and north of the African continent, screams European Culture.
  • While studying abroad in Malta, you will come across international students from all over the world.

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5 Key Points before you plan to study in Malta

Now that you are all excited to start planning for your studies in Malta, there are some points that you need to consider before you start packing. Above all, these things will help you decide while planning your journey, and they will assist you in getting admittance into top universities in Malta. So today, we will share 5 things and tips that you should know before planning to study in Malta.

1. English language preparation to study in Malta

The British Empire used to rule Malta from 1814 to 1964. During that time, the British had established English as an official language. However, even after their independence, English, alongside Maltese, is the official language of Malta. Almost 90% of the population in Malta speak English. Therefore, it a popular destination for students looking for education in the English language. 

Thus, you should be prepared for the English language requirements to study in major universities in Malta. You will need to prove that you are fluent in English to excel in their English-taught courses. Moreover, you will be asked to submit your English proficiency test scores such as IELTS, TOEFL, or PTE. You should be well versed with the language and should perform well in these proficiency tests

Tips: You should look into the school’s official website and handouts to check the minimum English Proficiency score required for admission. This will help you plan accordingly in your preparations.


2. Select the best suitable Program and University

Despite its small size, Malta has several higher education institutions where students can pursue various degrees. Malta offers a well-rounded educational system, with different public and private schools providing full-time programmes in several disciplines. In addition, students can pursue full-length programs in speciality courses in technology, tourism, arts, and other fields. They also accept students who are participating in exchange programmes or who are receiving a scholarship. That is to say, the qualifications earned at Malta’s educational institutions are internationally recognised.

To move ahead in the right direction in your career, you should carefully decide upon the field of education you wish to study in Malta. Of course, a bachelor’s or master’s degree from Malta will pave the way for your future endeavours. However, it would be best if you analyze well before making a final decision. Similarly, the institution plays a vital role in shaping your future as well. Therefore, select the right institution, which will best assist you in terms of resources, connections, faculty and curriculums. 

These are the most popular courses and Universities among international students studying in Malta.

Popular Universities in Malta

      • The University of Malta: A public university with over 11,000 students, including approximately 700 international students.
      • Malta College of Arts, Science and Technology (MCAST): A public university located south of the capital Valletta.
      • Saint Martin’s Institute of Higher Education
      • Middlesex University Malta: A private university offering specialisation in business, finance, and information technology.

Popular Courses to study in Malta

      • Business and Management
      • Engineering & Information Technology
      • Tourism and Hospitality
      • Health and Nursing

Study in Malta for Indian students

Management diplomas and MBAs and extremely short courses in Business English and Master’s Degree courses are among the courses that attract Indian students to Malta.


3. Cost of living in Malta

Malta is significantly more cost-effective than other European countries, offering a high standard of living at reasonable prices. That is to say, food, transportation, living costs, and tuition fees are quite reasonably priced. Furthermore, as a member of the Eurozone, the official currency in Malta is Euro. Therefore, before moving to Malta for higher education, you should keep this in mind, the economy of Europe and the country, the value of the Euro and other notable economic events in the area. That said, here is an estimated cost of living in Malta for international students.


What are the Tuition Fees for International Students in Malta?

Admission and tuition expenses at a public university in Malta range from 4,000 Euro to 8,000 Euro per year. Private universities can also charge between 4,000 Euro and 8,000 Euro as first academic year’s school expenses. Admission fees, tuition fees, facility, equipment usage, and other costs make up the first academic year’s school expenses. However, on the other hand, citizens of Malta and the European Union can receive free full-time undergraduate studies.


cost of living Malta


What is the Cost of Living in Malta for International Students?

Monthly living costs in Malta might range from 500 to 800 Euro depending on your lifestyle, kind of accommodation, and other factors.

Particular Cost per month
Accommodation 200 to 400 Euro per month
Food  100 to 150 Euro per month
Transport 20 to 30 Euro per month
Utilities  90 to 120 Euro per month


Malta has a well-developed public healthcare system that offers free services to all Maltese nationals and EU residents.

How to get a Scholarship in Malta?

Students interested in pursuing higher education in Malta can look into the numerous funding alternatives and scholarships available to overseas students. Being a member of the European Union and the Commonwealth provides numerous scholarship opportunities to international students. Most importantly, it is also a part of the European Higher Education Area. 

scholarship study in Malta

In most situations, institutions in Malta offer international students a 50% scholarship. However, students who possess or have achieved exceptional academic qualifications may be eligible for additional scholarship incentives. Here are some of the useful scholarships available to international students. 

  • Tertiary Education Scholarship Scheme
  • Malta Arts Scholarships
  • Financial Services Scholarship Scheme
  • Malta Scholarship for Doctoral Programs
  • University of Malta Scholarship
  • Government of Malta Masters Scholarships

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4. Study in Malta Requirements: Documents

To avoid any last-minute hassle and confusion, keep all the necessary admission related documents handy with yourself. The admission process in any institute in Malta will require you to submit the necessary documents. Most importantly, since the Immigration Department in Malta requires a substantial quantity of specific documentation, students should acquire all of this material several weeks or months ahead of time to ensure that nothing is missing that could slow down the procedure. 

Visa Eligibility for Students

Furthermore, a student visa is required to get permission to carry out your degree in Malta. However, a student visa is usually granted without delay if all of the paperwork is in place.

Although the eligibility requirements for student visas are simple, a long list of documents must be submitted to acquire a visa.

  • an original passport 
  • a passport photo
  • one signed student visa application form
  • a letter of invitation or official confirmation of enrolment from the school or the college
  • proof of payment from the school or college
  • an official declaration from the school or college in favour of the student applying
  • verification of current address
student documents

    Students are eligible to apply for a student visa in Malta shortly after getting their acceptance letter and paying their university tuition costs in Malta.

    5. Lifestyle in Malta

    Whenever you visit a new country, you should be familiar with its culture, people, beliefs, and environment. Therefore, it would help if you kept in mind that when you will be spending a good couple of years of your life in a country, which is more of an island, you should learn about all its ins and outs.

    Interesting geographical locations such as Sicily and Alexandria surround Malta. It is also a gorgeous place in itself. Moreover, it also has an excellent area to explore because of its natural terrain, stunning lakes, and oceanfront views, separate from the rest of the world. In short, Malta is a relatively peaceful country surrounded by natural beauty, with a wide range of employment options for students to pursue. Whether you choose to study or live there for the rest of your life, Malta has a lot to offer and will provide you with an educational experience you will never forget. 

    study abroad in Malta

      How is International Students life in Malta? 

      Most of the universities in Malta are located in the capital’s city Valletta. Therefore, you will meet many international students from other countries. In addition, the locals in Malta are also very welcoming and accepting of students from different cultural backgrounds. Furthermore, Malta is one of the safest countries globally, making it one of the best choices for students abroad. 



      Malta Educational Institutions has around 80,000 international students from 71 countries enrolled in full-time or part-time degree and certificate programmes. It is a place where you can acquire an excellent education, live in a high-quality environment, and meet a lot of interesting people from all over the world, and that’s just the start of your trip. Above all, Malta is known for its traditional national cuisine, delectable fish, and pleasant locals. You will have the best resources you need to establish a profession or perhaps start your own business once you graduate. Studying in Malta can be one of the best experiences of your life. 


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