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10 things to consider before applying to Study in Russia

Russia is the largest country worldwide, with a literacy rate of 99.7%. It has birthed some of the greatest writers and thinkers like Alexander Pushkin, Leo Tolstoy, Anton Chekhov, Fyodor Dostoevsky, Nikolai Gogol, and the list goes on. The country has a long history in the arts, making it a perfect place for students interested in studying literature, music, and painting. Apart from that, Russia is well-known for the Bolshoi Ballet. It is the country’s premier ballet company, which performs classical and modern compositions. Additionally, it is also known for offering various specialist programs in mathematics, geology, physics, chemistry, and biology. To get an overview of what it’s like to study in Russia, below-mentioned is a list of ten crucial reasons to consider before making your decision.

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10 things to consider before studying in Russia 

Study in Russia

1. Top-ranking universities

Russian universities have trained individuals to become great physicists, chemists, mathematicians, and geologists. Students can choose from 1164 masters programs offered at 893 universities. Students can also take up various training courses before they enrol in bachelors, masters or PhD programs. Multiple short-term courses and summer training programmes are also offered at Russian colleges. This allows students to obtain various sorts of vocational skills.

2. Affordability

The inexpensive tuition cost is another aspect that encourages students to pursue higher education in Russia. This amount ranges from $1,750 to $9,036, which is comparatively cheaper than studying in other European countries. Furthermore, the cost of living in Russia is also significantly less than in countries like the UK. Several Russian institutions offer free accommodation to their students. Apart from that, other expenses such as food and clothing are also relatively affordable. Students will have a fantastic time living in the dorms, where they will meet individuals from across the globe and receive multicultural exposure during their course of study in Russia.

3. Learning a new language

Due to Russia’s increasing prominence in science and technology, global recruiters are constantly looking for employees with impeccable Russian speaking skills. Even if you don’t already know the language, you can take a short preparatory course in it if you intend to study in Russia.

4. Multiple fields of study

Another factor that makes Russia an ideal location for students is the immense focus on Innovation and research. Russian universities offer a comprehensive range of subjects for students to choose from. You can apply to the national research University if you particularly want to pursue a research-oriented program. Apart from that, you can apply to a primary higher education institute to study a wide variety of courses, or you can apply to an academy to receive in-depth subject-specific knowledge in areas like economics and medicine. Moreover, many Russian universities are collaborating with other international universities to offer dual degrees to students. This opportunity will enable you to have a truly global experience and attain a Russian degree and another European degree.

5. Great travel opportunities

In addition to studying at a top-notch University, you’ll also have a chance to explore the rich cultural heritage of Russia. You can explore the popular tourist destinations in the city of Moscow and Saint Petersburg. Additionally, you can visit historic monasteries, churches, castles, palaces and picturesque villages located in the country.

6. Special benefits for students

Students in Russia are offered various special benefits like extended medical insurance and reduced everyday expenses. They also get free entry to museums and art galleries sometimes or pay a minimal price for the ticket. Students also reap the benefits of spending half the ticket price while travelling in suburban areas via train and an overall reduced tariff for using public transport.

7. Thriving student life

People studying in Russia have a great time exploring the country and trying the traditional Russian cuisine and exotic dishes prepared by people of different ethnicities. Students can visit various restaurants, cafes, historical museums, and art exhibitions in St. Petersburg during the weekend. Students can also be a part of various sports teams, theatre clubs, music societies, depending upon the university they choose to attend. Each university has its unique tradition of receiving new students and making them feel welcomed.

8. Rich culture

One of the most critical aspects of studying abroad is considering the cultural diversity of the country. Although Russian is the country’s official language, there are various other languages like Buryat, Dolgan, Finnish, that are also spoken in the country. Russia comprises a diverse population consisting of multiple ethnic groups, so you’ll have a chance to interact with like-minded people who hold similar beliefs.

9. Tuition assistance

Apart from having an affordable tuition fee, the Russian government also offers international students’ various scholarships to study in Russia. These awards often cover the full tuition amount and accommodation costs. So, what’s better than an affordable education? Yes, a free one. Stories should also actively participate in university-level competitions; This will help them stand out as remarkable students and lead to them eventually being awarded monetarily.

10. Adaptable lifestyle

One thing that bothers students who plan to study abroad is that they might feel homesick after some time in a new country. When you’re studying in Russia, you won’t have to worry about that due to the country’s huge population. There are various people from different faiths, religions and ethnic groups. The diverse population is a testament to the fact that different people co-exist peacefully in the country. Additionally, Russian universities also offer initial supervisory programs for international students. This initiative help them acclimate to the new environment and understand the country’s education system before they begin their studies.

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Reasons to study in Russia

Russia is the perfect place for students to pursue their higher education as the country has a rich cultural heritage and an incredibly distinct population. It brings together the lovers of art, theatre, dance, music, literature and cinema from all over the globe. You’ll have the ultimate chance of visiting the exquisite Russian sites listed in UNESCO’s World Heritage list.

Additionally, you might be familiar with names like Khabib Nurmagomedov, Maria Sharapova, Anna Kournikova, Vitali Petrov, if you’re a sports fan. The country has a long history of nurturing some of the best athletes in sports like martial arts, tennis, boxing and chess. So, you’ll get the opportunity to experience world-class sports facilities and learn from experienced professionals while studying in Russia, and this is just the tip of the iceberg. Finally, to add to the long list of advantages of studying in Russia, the country will also be hosting the UEFA champions league 2021-22. So, if you are a football fanatic, take out your jersey and get ready because you might catch a glimpse of your favourite team. 

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