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Russia with its capital Moscow, is said to be the most populous country in Europe. Also, it is the largest country in the world with an area of 17,125,200 square kilometers. The country is located in between the borders of Eastern Europe and Northern Asia. Also, it is one of the unique countries to have landscapes which vary from desert to frozen coastline.

Moving on to education in Russia, the state government provides most of the education services. Also, in 2016 Russia’s higher education was rated as third-best in the world by a world-known US company Bloomberg. Not only this, Russia also has a literacy rate of 99.7% including 99.7% for men and 99.6% for women.

Study in Russia introductory picture

Apart from education, it also has world known beautiful cities to visit such as Moscow and St. Petersburg. It also has some really amazing museums such as the State Hermitage Museum and State Tretyakov Gallery. A country such as Russia can be the choice for you as it provides you a strong educational system and you also have a chance of pursuing your higher studies for free. Now, what can be better than that, right?

Also, wouldn’t it be great for you to know the fun facts about the country? Although your main focus is on education, you should also know about what other things the country is providing you, so that with study in Russia you also have the chance to explore the country.

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1. The Benefits and Fun Facts about Russia

These fun facts might just make you more interested for you to choose to study in Russia. Let’s look at these fun facts–

  • Multi-cultural– Russia is a country which has 120 ethnic groups who speak different languages. A country having different cultures is willing to invite people from outside the country. Therefore, to study in Russia might be great for you.
  • Writers– Russia is home to many great writers which are world known such as Leo Tolstoy and Fyodor Dosteovesky.
  • Music and Dance– Russia is a country which is rich in music and dance. There have been many great composers such as Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky and dancers such as Rudolf Nureyev. The opera music and Ballet form of dance is quite famous in Russia.
  • Wildlife and Nature- Russia is one of the countries rich in wildlife and nature. It has 60% of land with forests. It is home to a number of different animal species such as snow leopards, polar bears and Asiatic black bears.
  • Railway- Russia has the world’s longest railway of 1900 kilometers long. It is known as the Trans- Siberian Railway.
  • Free Higher Education- Russia also gives a student an opportunity to have free higher education. Russian and international students are given equal rights. Therefore, International students also get the opportunity to study in Russia for free.
  • Great places- Russia also has a lot of great places to visit such as Peterhof Palace, Olkhon Island and cities such as St. Petersburg and Moscow.
  • Museums- Russia also has many Museums which are famous for exhibiting various art collections. There are also many Museums which can tell you about the history of Russia.
  • Education System- Russia follows the system of Bachelors for 4 years and Masters for 2 years. The Universities in Russia provide a wide range of fields and specializations to choose from.

2.  Eligibility Criteria for Masters in Russia

Study in Russia eligibility criteria
After knowing what the country of Russia is about, it becomes necessary for you to know the eligibility for taking an admission into a University of Russia. As, if you are planning to study in Russia, the basic requirements should be known to you. So, for fulfilling the eligibility criteria, you should have the following–
  • 4 years of Bachelor’s degree with transcript
  • High School Certificate
  • English Certificates such as TOEFL and IELTS

3. Admission Procedure For Masters in Russia

study in Russia filling application form
In order to apply to any university in Russia, first you need to fill the eligibility criteria then you are required to follow the procedure–

Step 1: Choose a program and University of our choice.

Step 2: Learn about scholarships

Step 3: Fill application form with required documents–

    • Copy of your education transcripts
    • Copy of ID
    • Photographs

Step 4: Get an Invitation letter and apply for student Visa

Step 5: Give Entrance tests 

Step 6: Receive the Enrollment letter

The entrance tests are conducted by universities and also the government of Russia. The ECG (Unified State Examination) exam is conducted by the Government of Russia and it is taken by every student of Russia to enter into a University. An international student is also allowed to take the exam for the admission.
Other than this, the students are also allowed to participate in academic olympiads such as ‘Time to study in Russia’, International Olympiad Open Doors:Russian Scholarship Project For Masters students and Olympiad for students and graduates to get direct admission or scholarships. 


4. Visa Application

Visa application
Visa application is a basic procedure which you need to follow in order to get a visa to enter Russia for study. So, you are supposed to apply for a Russian student visa which will be for several years. Student Visa basically refers to a kind permission for you to legally be able to stay in a country for a particular period of time. Sometimes, it’s not so easy to get a Visa but it depends on how your interview goes. But as we see, the application procedure is much easier than other countries.
So, let’s see what the application procedure is–
  • Make sure if you need a Visa or not.
  • Complete the application form online.
  • Submit the documents–
    • original passport,
    • the visa application form
    • a recent passport-size photograph NOT OLDER THAN 6 MONTHS
    • booking form
    • additional documents could be required if you are not a UK national

The visa application can be easily done and once you are selected you will be able to attend classes.

5.Costs of Living and education in Russia

study in Russia cost of study
When you are going to study in Russia, you should always have information about approximate costs of living and studying there.This helps you out in setting your budget of living as well as of tuition cost.

As being a student, the government provides you discounts on transportation, places of cultural interests so therefore a student may spend much less than a normal person who is visiting Russia.

  • Student Transportation Cost- 405 Roubles.
  • Accommodation Cost- May vary from 500 to 5,000 Roubles per month.
  • Health Care for students- Free of Cost

The tuition costs vary depending on the University you apply to. But the basic education costs for Masters is around RUB 122,500 to RUB 880,000 per year.
The students who have taken competitive exams and are studying free of cost, get an allowance monthly of RUB 2,921/USD 42.


study in Russia scholarships
Scholarships are the best way to finance your education as well as your living expenses. Russia is a country which is offering you various opportunities to be able to study for free. The Government of Russia conducts several Olympiads for the Russian Students as well as International students. So, you have this opportunity to give the Olympiad and score highest marks in order to obtain the opportunity to study for free. The Government of Russia provides you a monthly allowance as well.
There are various scholarships that several universities award you to study in Russia in Masters program–
  • HSE University Full-tuition Global Scholarship Competition in Russia
  • EEUA International Scholarship Foundation in Russia, 2019
  • NRU Higher School of Economics International Master Awards in Russia
  • Russian Scholarship 2020
  • HSE Gold funding for International Students in Russia


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7. Employment Opportunities

study in Russia handshake close up executives
Russia is a country which has a 99.7% literacy rate. The majority of the country is educated and therefore the country gives an immense amount of opportunities to a student. There are various sectors where you can choose to work. The sectors are high in growth and will provide you with a good monthly package.
There is high demand for foreign experts in Moscow in sectors such as Human Resources, IT, business development, and finance. Also sectors such as energy, construction and NGOs provide you ample opportunities.
There is high demand for professionals in Government jobs as well. Job profiles such as English Speaker are demanded in sectors such as governmental institutions, publishing and mass media.

8. Top Universities to study in Russia

1. Lomonosov Moscow State University

  • Established in 1755.
  • Located in Moscow, Russia.
  • Tuition Cost RUB 350,000
  • Global Ranking: 74
2. Novosibirsk State University

  • Established in 1958.
  • Located in Novosibirsk, Siberia, Russia.
  • Tuition Cost 3,000 USD per year
  • Global Ranking: 228
3. Saint Petersburg State University

  • Established in 1724.
  • Located in Vasilievsky Island and the other in Peterhof.
  • Tuition Cost is around RUB 301,200per year
  • Global Ranking: 225
4. Tomsk State University

  • Established in 1878.
  • Located in Siberia, Russia.
  • Tuition Cost RUB 213,762 per year
  • Global Ranking: 250
5. Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT / Moscow Phystech)

  • Established in 1946
  • Located in Dolgoprudny, Moscow, Zhukovsky, Russia
  • Tuition Cost 400 000 RUB per year
  • Global Ranking: 281
6. Bauman moscow state technical university

  • Established in 1830.
  • Located in Moscow, Russia.
  • Tuition Cost RUB 7,198 per month
  • Global Ranking: 282
7. HSE University (National Research University Higher School of Economics)

  • Established in 1992.
  • Located in Moscow, Russia.
  • Tuition Cost RUB 880,000 per year
  • Global Ranking: 298
8. Ural Federal University – UrFU

  • Established in 1920
  • Located in Yekaterinburg, Sverdlovsk Oblast, Russia
  • Tuition Cost around RUB 300,000
  • Global Ranking: 331
9. Kazan (Volga region) Federal University

  • Established in 1804
  • Located in Kazan, Tatarstan, Russia
  • Tuition Cost around RUB 300,000 per year
  • Global Ranking: 370
10.  Peter the great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University

  • Established in 1899
  • Located in  St. Petersburg, Russia
  • Tuition Cost around RUB 213,762 per year
  • Global Ranking: 401
NOTE: The tuition cost for the university is an approximate cost as the cost will differ from program to program.


If you choose to Study in Russia, it will help you in obtaining a high quality education with the opportunity to explore beautiful places and museums. The country is full of knowledge and you will learn from everywhere in the country. As told earlier, Russia is rich in art, culture and history. Therefore, you will be able to learn from all areas of the country.
Remember, Knowledge is not only about education. But in Russia, you are getting everything; good quality education as well as the opportunity to explore. As a student, you can get benefits from studies to museums to transportation services. As a student, you get discounts on different services which definitely is saving your money.
Russia is full of fascinating places and art forms. Therefore, if you are willing to go for studies abroad, a country such as Russia can be a great choice for you.







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