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Planning to Study in UK? Here are the 10 things that can help you gauge your decision

Planning to Study in UK? Here are the 10 things that can help you gauge your decision


The moment one thinks about studying abroad, it’s quite common to get excited with several questions popping up in mind. Isn’t it? Every year, lacs of students look forward to studying in the developed countries like the UK. The United Kingdom is the largest island in Europe. It is made up of four countries, namely England, Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland. This destination is considered to be the second most popular place for students to go for higher education. The UK has great universities with exceptional architecture. From world-class teaching to high-ranking universities, UK is a desirable place to study. The United Kingdom enrols a good number of students in their universities from all around the globe. Selecting a good destination for higher education affects the value of the degree earned by the student. The top 10 reasons for students wanting to study in UK are as follows:

1. Prominent Universities

Students choose to study in UK due to their prominent universities. Three universities of the UK rank in the top 10 universities globally as per World University Rankings. Any degree from a UK university holds great value and power internationally.  Studying in the UK means studying in a world-renowned institute. There are a large number of choices when it comes to programmes and courses in the universities. The top universities in the UK include:

There are universities in the UK which do not require the IELTS exam for admission. Studying in the UK without the IELTS exam is a blessing for some students. Instead of the IELTS score, the students are required to provide the English Language Proficiency Certificate.

The universities in the UK that allow the students to study in UK without IELTS exam are as follows:

  • The University of Bolton
  • Birmingham City University
  • The University of Geneva
  • Portsmouth University
  • The University of Northampton
  • London Southbank University
  • The University of Basel
  • Riga Technical University
  • London South-bank University
  • Sheffield Hallam University
  • Swansea University


2. Cultural diversity 

The UK is a warm and welcoming destination. It welcomes students from all around the globe. The cultural diversity in the UK is exceptional. Students get an opportunity to meet new people from different countries and backgrounds. This also enhances the skills of the students, which helps them in future work environments. The campus of the universities is always so lively and vibrant due to many cultures coming together. Students not only learn academically but also hone their skills of communication and relationship building.

3. Short-term courses

In the United Kingdom, the duration of the courses is shorter as compared to other countries. The undergraduate degree is completed in three years, and a master’s degree is done in a year. This does not mean that the students learn less. The quality of the education is not sacrificed at all. Short-term courses also save significant money, which is best for students on a tight budget. The academic fee and the accommodation cost are saved.

4. Ample earning opportunities 

Employers and companies around the globe recognize the education provided in the UK. Gaining work experience with education is a difficult yet attainable task. Students are permitted to work along with gaining an education. Students can work for 20 hours a week. During the holidays, students can work a full-time job. It can be a part-time job, internship or placement in a company. The universities also provide placements after the course is over. Working a job can help you manage your financial needs. It also adds up to your resume.

5. Excellent education system

The United Kingdom is said to have a very high-quality education system. It has a great international reputation when it comes to the education sector. The UK provides quality education to all of its students. The people of the UK do the famous researches. The universities employ teachers that are rated highly by the Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF). The Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) audits all the universities in the UK regularly. They keep a tight check on the universities and ensures to maintain the standards of education. UK higher education funding bodies also examines the universities and publish the reviews regularly. This security makes sure that every student is getting a quality learning and teaching experience.


6. Scholarships 

The UK provides financial helps to international students through many scholarships. The students who cannot afford the fees of the universities can go for scholarships. These scholarships come with some eligibility criteria. Before applying for a scholarship, the students should check the criteria for the same. Following is some of the scholarships for Indian students to study in UK:

  • Rhodes Scholarships
  • Felix Scholarship
  • Dr Manmohan Singh Scholarships
  • Erasmus Mundus
  • Chevening Scholarships for Indian and International Students


7. Opportunities to hone your language skills

A significant number of people in the UK speaks English. The students from any country have to communicate in English during their study tenure in their respective university. Students who study in UK get a chance to boost their English language skills. It is also important to know the language as it is also required in the global business areas. The companies also pay attention to the hold of the student on English. Also, the world’s largest library is in London. It is home to more than 170 million items. Students can go to the library and practice improving their language. Therefore, living and studying in the UK will hone your English skills. 

8. Health benefits

One of the best reasons to choose to study in UK is the health benefits. The students get free medical treatment who take up full-time courses. The National Health Service (NHS) is given to every student who studies for six months or more. The cost of the medicines is not included in the NHS, but the medicine will cost you £8.60 at the most. If your spouse, partner, and dependent children live with you, their health services will also be free.  This step also reduces the expense of studying in the UK. 

9. Travel Europe while studying

Students choose to study in the UK for its excellent education system and the beautiful place it is. The UK is full of places, cultural landmarks, music festivals, events, and multicultural cuisine. Students living in the UK for studies need a distraction for which the UK is the best place. From the UK, mainland Europe is easier to travel to. Reaching the other parts of Europe does not take long. Students get 12-14 weeks of summer breaks to travel to the countries in Europe like France, Belgium, and the Netherlands.

10. Work permit after study

UK government has announced a work permit after the graduation of a student. This permit allows the student to stay and work in the UK for two years.  Those who complete their PhD can work for three years in the UK. This work permit called The Graduate Route starts from 1st July 2021. It would require a new Visa application. The cost will be £700 for the visa application and the Immigration Health Surcharge of £624 per year.


The UK is a safe and worthy destination for students. It is a welcoming and student-friendly place. The country provides as much as it can to make the student’s life better in the UK. The quality of education is never sacrificed, and students get much more experience and exposure than expected. People who cannot afford the education costs have scholarships for Indian students to study in the UK. Every university has its own offers and plans for its students. Before applying to a university in the UK, it helps to check if some specific scholarships are given to their students.

Students also get to study in the UK without an IELTS score, which further saves them money. Thoroughly verify all the details and requirements of a university before applying to them. A student will not make a bad discussion if he decides to study in the UK. Thus, if you have already started planning your study abroad, the tips mentioned above will help you execute your study abroad plan successfully.

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