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Sydney MBA Review

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Table of Contents

    University of Sydney MBA Introduction

    Are you looking to take your career to new heights and become influential business leaders? Look no further than the University of Sydney MBA program. With its prestigious reputation, world-class faculty, and cutting-edge curriculum, the University of Sydney MBA offers a transformative learning experience that equips you with the skills, knowledge, and networks to excel in today's competitive business landscape.

    Whether you aspire to drive innovation, lead with impact, or navigate global markets, the University of Sydney MBA provides the ideal platform to unlock your full potential. Join us today and embark on a remarkable journey towards success with the University of Sydney MBA program. Don't miss out on this opportunity to accelerate your career and achieve your goals. Enroll now and be part of an elite community of business leaders. Take the first step towards a brighter future with the University of Sydney MBA program.

    University of Sydney MBA Class Profile

    The University of Sydney MBA program offers a unique and exciting opportunity for students to develop a range of characteristics that are highly valued in the business world. The program is designed to instill a global mindset in students, helping them to develop a broader perspective on business issues and challenges. In addition, the program emphasizes the importance of self-reflection, critical and creative thinking, maturity, and integrity, all of which are essential qualities for success in today's competitive business environment. 

    Besides, the following are the critical aspects of the University of Sydney MBA class profile of the 2023 intake -

    University of Sydney MBA Acceptance Rate

    According to recent data, the acceptance rate for the University of Sydney MBA program is around 11.5%.

    This means that out of every 100 applicants, only about 11 or 12 are accepted into the program. While this may seem daunting, it's important to remember that the acceptance rate is just one factor to consider when deciding whether or not to apply.

    It's worth noting that the acceptance rate for MBA programs in Sydney can also vary depending on the cohort you belong to. In particular, applicants from countries such as India and China may face a lower acceptance rate due to the high number of applicants from these regions. This is because MBA programs in Sydney, like many other top business schools around the world, tend to attract a large number of international applicants especially from countries with rapidly growing economies.

    Program and Curriculum University of Sydney MBA

    University Of Sydney MBA and curriculum

    The full-time MBA Sydney (Leadership and Enterprise) consists of 12 units of study grouped around three key focus areas: Personal and interpersonal skills development, Business knowledge and skills development and Building future enterprises. The final unit is the MBA Capstone (Design Strategy). The first four units of the full-time MBA focus on developing personal and interpersonal skills needed to manage and lead effectively. You will learn to build individual resilience in a world of growing complexity, disruption and ambiguity. Once you complete the first four units, you will focus on core business knowledge and skills, with an overarching theme of building business resilience and sustainability. The final four units will bring together the knowledge and skills you have gained in the previous units to equip you to build and lead future enterprises. The Sydney MBA course duration and the core curriculum of university of Toronto MBA focuses on the following key areas:

    Core Courses 

    These are the core courses of the program :

    Course  Description
    Leadership Practice and Development Develops skills and knowledge for effective leadership in a business context.
    Critical Analysis and Thought Leadership Teaches how to analyze complex business problems, think critically and develop innovative solutions.
    Creativity, Innovation and Business Explores the role of creativity and innovation in driving business success.
    Financial Management Covers the principles of corporate finance, including financial statement analysis, investment decisions, and risk management.
    Leading in a Digital World Examines the impact of digital technology on business and how to leverage it for competitive advantage.

    Clubs and Associations

    • eMBAssy: Provides a platform for MBA students to engage with and support the Indian startup ecosystem.
    • Earth Guardians Club: Promotes sustainable business practices and environmental stewardship through education, advocacy and action.
    • MBA Consulting Club (MBACC): Offers resources and training for students interested in pursuing careers in consulting, including case competitions and networking opportunities.
    • MBA Technology and Innovation Club: Fosters innovation and entrepreneurship in the technology sector through events, workshops, and networking opportunities.
    • The University of Sydney Healthcare Club: Focuses on healthcare management, policy, and innovation, providing a platform for students to connect with healthcare professionals and organizations.

    Extra Activities at Sydney MBA

    • Sydney Ideas: Presents a diverse range of public talks and events on cutting-edge research, ideas, and contemporary issues across various disciplines.
    • Raising the Bar: A one-night event where academics and experts present engaging talks on a wide range of topics in various bars and pubs across the city.
    • International Festival: Celebrates the diversity and cultural richness of the University of Sydney community through food, music, dance, and other cultural activities from around the world.

    Scholarships for Sydney MBA

    • MBA Director's Scholarship: Provides financial assistance to students with exceptional academic and professional backgrounds.
    • Student Exchange Travel Scholarships: Offers funding for students to participate in exchange programs with partner universities around the world.
    • Self Sourced Placement Scholarship: Provides financial support for students undertaking a self-sourced placement or internship in Australia or overseas.

    Eligibility and Requirements for Getting into University of Sydney MBA

    The Sydney MBA offers a prestigious MBA program that equips students with the knowledge, skills, and networks to excel in the dynamic world of business. The Sydney MBA eligibility and requirement for the program, candidates must hold an undergraduate degree from a recognized institution and demonstrate strong academic performance. While a specific GPA is not stated, a competitive academic record is highly valued. Additionally, applicants are required to submit their GMAT or GRE scores, showcasing their aptitude for advanced business studies.

    The Sydney is renowned for its top-notch MBA program, which provides students with a transformative learning experience. With its innovative curriculum and diverse student body, Sydney offers a collaborative and inclusive environment that fosters both personal and professional growth. The program is designed to equip students with the knowledge, skills, and global perspective needed to excel in today's dynamic business world.

    As for the fees, the Sydney MBA fees is a significant investment in your future. While the exact cost may vary depending on various factors, including residency status, the program's tuition fee reflects the value and quality of education you will receive. The school also offers scholarships, financial aid, and funding options to support students in their pursuit of an MBA at Sydney.


    • A minimum of three years of relevant work experience
    • A minimum grade point average (GPA) of 65 or equivalent in your undergraduate degree
    • Official mark sheet that displays your marks per semester.
    • Official diploma(s)/degree certificate(s)
    • Academic transcripts
    • GMAT/GRE scores
    • English proficiency test (IELTS/TOEFL)
      IELTS - 7.0 minimum
      TOEFL - 96 minimum
    • Prerequisite Course

    Application Fees

    International students who apply to study onshore need to pay a non-refundable application processing fee of A$150.00.

    Document Related to the Application

    • Degree certificate(s) or current certificate of enrolment.
    • Professional details or Employment history
    • A one-page resume (CV)
    • All official up-to-date academic transcripts and official GPA.
    • GMAT official test score report.
    • English language proficiency test score report (IELTS)
    • 2 completed online reference forms
    • Copy of your passport or identity documents

    GPA Needed for Sydney MBA

    To be considered for admission to the Sydney MBA program, applicants must have a minimum GPA of 65 or equivalent in their undergraduate degree. This requirement ensures that students have a strong academic foundation for success in the program.

    GMAT Needed for Sydney MBA

    While the Sydney MBA GMAT is not a specific requirement for candidates who meet other admission criteria, students with GMAT scores within the target range of 550-700 are more likely to receive an offer for admission to the program. A balanced score on all parts of the GMAT is recommended, and candidates should aim for a score of at least 630. Although there is no specified minimum score, candidates with a score below 500 are highly unlikely to be admitted.

    GRE Needed for Sydney MBA

    The Sydney MBA program does not require GRE scores for admission. However, if applicants have taken the GRE and believe that their scores will strengthen their application, they may choose to submit their scores as additional evidence of their academic ability.

    Average Work Experience Needed for Sydney MBA

    Applicants to the Sydney MBA program are required to have a minimum of three years of relevant work experience. This ensures that students have the necessary professional experience to contribute to and benefit from the program's collaborative learning environment.

    Is IELTS Needed for Sydney MBA

    If English is not your first language, you may be required to prove your English proficiency with an approved English skills test taken within 2 years of commencing the course. The minimum required score for the IELTS test is 7.0 overall, with a minimum of 6.0 in each band. Other approved English proficiency tests include TOEFL - IBT and Pearson Test of English. It is important to check the specific language requirements for the Sydney MBA program before applying.

    University of Sydney MBA Deadlines

    If you're planning to apply for the Sydney MBA program, it's important to be aware of the application deadlines. Meeting the deadlines is crucial to ensure that your application is considered for the upcoming cohort. Here is an overview of the Sydney MBA deadlines for the next intake.

    Sydney MBA Admission Process

    The admission process for Sydney MBA includes the following steps:

    • Check the admission criteria: Ensure that you meet the necessary admission criteria before applying for the program.
    • Apply online: Complete the online application with details of your academic qualifications, employment history/professional details, and a statement of motivation (maximum two pages) outlining your goals, achievements, community involvement, leadership qualities, and awards.
    • If you want to apply for a scholarship, mention it in your statement of motivation.
    • Interview: Shortlisted applicants will be called for a selection interview to assess their suitability for the program.
    • Submit additional documents: If the results of your previous study aren't available by the closing date, you can still submit an application. However, you will need to forward the relevant results once they become available.
    • Wait for the decision: Once the interview and document submission process is complete, the admission committee will review your application and inform you of their decision.

    When do the admissions start?

    To secure admission into the program, you are required to apply to one of the given deadlines. Although the program offers 6 Rounds for filing the admission application, it would be for the best if you could apply as early as possible to maximize your chances of admission.

    Deadline Dates
    Round 1 12 March 2023
    Round 2 16 April 2023
    Round 3 21 May 2023
    Final application deadline 2 July 2023


    University of Sydney MBA Employment And Placement

    The University of Sydney MBA Employment & Placement Office, dedicated to business students, offers a range of opportunities to explore your career options, plan your career/job, develop your skills, and network with recruiters and employers. Business School students who engage early with career exploration, professional skill development and industry connections are best equipped to make their mark in today’s complex and changing professional world.

    Sydney MBA Average Starting Salary

    According to the University of Sydney, the average starting Sydney MBA salary for part-time MBA graduates is $147,000. While the university doesn't provide an exact figure for full-time MBA graduates, it's reasonable to assume that the salary range would be similar. Graduates from Sydney MBA have gone on to work for some of the world's leading companies, and their salaries are a testament to the value of the degree.

    Sydney MBA Employment Statistics

    Sydney MBA has an impressive placement rate of 85%, indicating that the majority of graduates are able to secure employment shortly after completing the program. The program's alumni work across a wide range of industries, including finance, consulting, technology, and more. In addition to the high placement rate, Sydney MBA also boasts a strong alumni network that can help graduates with job searches and career development.

    Sydney MBA Employment Report

    The average salary of University of Sydney full-time MBA graduates is $147,000, which is significantly higher than the national average for MBA graduates. Additionally, the employment rate for the Sydney MBA program is 85%, indicating a strong demand for the school's graduates.

    The report also provides statistics on the industries in which graduates are employed. Consulting, financial services, and technology are the top three industries that hire Sydney MBA graduates, with consulting being the most popular industry. Graduates also pursue careers in industries such as healthcare, consumer goods, and energy.

    Furthermore, the report details the job titles of Sydney MBA graduates, which include roles such as product manager, investment analyst, project manager, and management consultant. The report also highlights the top employers of the program's graduates, which include well-known companies such as Deloitte, EY, IBM, Lendlease, PwC, and Uber.

    Top Sectors Hiring University of Sydney MBA Graduates

    university of sydney

    Sydney Business school’s MBA’s career cell works adherently for providing career opportunities to its cohort. If we look at the top industries in which the program’s MBA Sydney graduates received placement offers includes Business/Financial, whereas other sectors in which the program’s cohort performed best were Consulting sector and the Finance sector.

    Companies recruiting from University Of Sydney MBA

    Sydney MBA graduates are highly sought after by a wide range of industries. Here are some sectors in which most graduates were hired, along with some firms from each sector:

    Consulting  Finance Technology
    Deloitte Goldman Sachs Amazon
    McKinsey & Company Macquarie Group Atlassian
    Boston Consulting Group (BCG) Commonwealth Bank of Australia Google

    University of Sydney MBA Alumni Info

    With more than 400,000 University of Sydney alumni and 66,000 Business School alumni across the world, you’ll have the opportunity to connect with a powerful global network. Upon graduation, you’ll be in demand – our graduates are ranked the most employable in Australia and fifth worldwide in the latest QS Employability Rankings.

    Some Famous Alumni

    • Glenn Stevens AC –  Governor of the Reserve Bank of Australia
    • Matt Comyn – CEO of Commonwealth Bank of Australia
    • Tony Abbott – former Prime Minister of Australia

    Application Essay for University of Sydney MBA

    The University Of Sydney has only one Statement of Purpose in the application - A one-page statement of motivation outlining what you hope to achieve professionally and personally by completing the part-time MBA at the University of Sydney. You can find the statement of motivation down below.


    When applying for the full-time MBA program at the University of Sydney Business School, applicants are required to submit a statement of motivation. This statement provides an opportunity for applicants to showcase their unique experiences and explain how they will add value to the cohort.

    Below are some questions to cover in your statement of motivation as mentioned by Sydney MBA Application:

    • What do you hope to achieve professionally and personally by completing the full-time MBA from the University of Sydney Business School?
    • What are your academic and professional achievements?
    • Are you involved in community and extracurricular activities?
    • What are your leadership qualities?
    • Have you received any awards and recognition?
    • What sets you apart from other candidates around the world?
    • How will you add value to the full-time MBA?

    Tips for Sydney MBA Essays

    Here are some tips to help you craft a compelling statement of motivation while keeping in mind Sydney MBA Essays values:

    • Connect your personal and professional goals with the program's goals Demonstrate how the program aligns with your career aspirations and how the skills and knowledge you will gain from it will help you achieve your goals.
    • Highlight your achievements and experiences Share your academic and professional achievements, community involvement, extracurricular activities, leadership qualities, and any awards or recognition you have received. Show how these experiences set you apart from other candidates.
    • Be authentic and honest Don't exaggerate your accomplishments or make false claims in your statement of motivation. The admissions committee values honesty and authenticity.
    • Emphasize how you will contribute to the cohort Explain how you will add value to the program and contribute to the learning experience of your fellow cohort. Share your unique perspective and skills that will benefit the cohort.
    • Mention your interest in scholarship opportunities If you are interested in applying for a scholarship, provide details of your financial need, academic achievements, and any other relevant information that will make you a strong candidate for the scholarship.

    Letter of Recommendation for University of Sydney MBA

    university of sydney

    It is important to ensure that the recommender is able to speak to the applicant's relevant skills and experience, and that the letter is submitted in a timely manner. Overall, while not mandatory, submitting a letter of recommendation can strengthen an applicant's profile and increase their chances of being accepted into the program.

    While the University of Sydney Business School does not specifically require a letter of recommendation for its MBA program, it is highly recommended that applicants provide at least one letter from a professional reference. This letter can provide valuable insight into an applicant's work ethic, leadership potential, and overall suitability for the program.

    Interview Questions for University of Sydney MBA

    SET 1
    Q: What would be the biggest challenge for you during the program?
    Q: Introduce yourself.
    Q: Why Sydney Business School?
    Q: Describe a situation where you came up with a unique solution.
    Q: What has been the biggest challenge so far?
    Q: Why MBA and why now?
    Q: What did you learn as a professional, especially from the impact of the Covid-19?
    Q: Which other schools have to apply to?
    Q: What are your short- and long-term career goals? Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
    Q: What do you plan to bring to the McCombs environment when you are in school AND afterwards?

    SET 2
    Q: Tell me about a time you’ve worked with someone of a different perspective, culture, etc. to yourself and what you learned?
    Q: What did you learn through this application process?
    Q: Tell me a piece of constructive criticism you’ve received and implemented that feedback.
    Q: A time when you made a decision with limited data. Looking back would you have changed anything?
    Q: A time when you had to deal with an extremely difficult employee. How did you deal with the situation?
    Q: If you were the CEO of your company, what are the three things that would keep you awake?
    Q: Why did you choose the list of organizations you want to work with post-MBA?
    Q: How do you plan to land a MBA job?
    Q: What do you do for fun?
    Q: What would you say is the weakest and strongest part of your application?
    Q: Give me an example of a time you faced a conflict while working on a team. How did you handle that?

    Tips for Sydney MBA interview questions

    During the Sydney MBA interview questions, it is important to keep in mind the values of the program, including leadership, teamwork, and innovation. Here are five tips for answering interview questions that align with these values:

    • Be authentic and demonstrate self-awareness - Sydney MBA values candidates who are genuine, self-aware and able to reflect on their experiences and strengths.
    • Show your leadership potential - Highlight your past leadership experiences and how you approach challenges and motivate others to achieve their goals.
    • Demonstrate your global mindset - Sydney MBA values diversity and international exposure, so be prepared to share how you have adapted to different cultures and how you can contribute to a global cohort.
    • Highlight your teamwork skills - Collaboration is highly valued at Sydney MBA, so be prepared to discuss how you have worked in teams, resolved conflicts and contributed to group success.
    • Connect your career goals to the program - Sydney MBA seeks candidates who are motivated and have clear career goals that align with the program's offerings, so be prepared to articulate how the program will help you achieve your aspirations.

    What Makes University of Sydney MBA Unique

    University Of Sydney MBA and unique

    Is Sydney MBA worth it? The Sydney MBA program focuses on developing personal and interpersonal skills which helps them effectively manage and lead. Students can get scholarship opportunities on the basis of their academic as well as extracurricular performance.

    • Global Perspective: The Sydney MBA program provides a global perspective through its diverse student body, international study tours, and partnerships with top business schools around the world.
    • Real-World Learning: The program emphasizes real-world learning by incorporating case studies, simulations, and practical projects to give students hands-on experience in solving complex business problems.
    • Industry Connections: The University of Sydney Business School has strong connections with industry leaders, providing students with networking opportunities, internships, and access to top employers.
    • Focus on Leadership: The Sydney MBA program focuses on developing leadership skills through a range of activities such as leadership coaching, team building, and experiential learning.
    • Flexible Study Options: The program offers a range of study options including full-time, part-time, and executive MBA programs, allowing students to balance their studies with work and other commitments.


     Here are a few facts about University of Sydney Business School that makes it one of the top MBA colleges in Australia and makes it stand out from rest of the business schools. The University of Sydney MBA program is designed for professional and career-oriented individuals. The program takes students through a 2-year process in order to equip them with the necessary skills for the global economy. The University of Sydney MBA program is one of the most prestigious MBA in Australia. The curriculum revolves around a holistic approach to management and offers courses on diverse topics such as marketing, accounting, finance, economics, and strategy.

    The University of Sydney MBA program is designed for students who are looking for an opportunity to develop their skills in a global environment. The coursework provides students with the knowledge and skills that are necessary for them to succeed in the business world. The University of Sydney MBA program has been ranked as one of the top programs in Australia by Business Insider. It is accredited by AACSB International-The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business.

    Know Your Author
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    Is the University of Sydney good for MBA?

    In the QS Graduate Employability Rankings 2022, the University is ranked first in Australia and fourth in the world for graduate employability. Hence, making it is one of the best universities out there while applying for an MBA.

    Is doing an MBA in Australia worth it?

    Yes. Australia is one of the top five worldwide countries that offer globally recognised MBA degrees. Furthermore, MBA admissions in Australia are competitive, but it is worthwhile to apply because of the excellent internship and placement options.

    Is the University of Sydney a good school?

    Yes, the university has constantly maintained its rankings amongst the Top 50 QS world university rankings. Hence, it would be safe to say that it is a good school. Apart from this, the program’s excellent research makes it one of the top universities in Australia.

    What is the University of Sydney’s acceptance rate?

    The program’s status of being one of the best universities worldwide, it is extremely difficult to get into the University of Sydney. The program offers an acceptance rate of 30%.

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