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Sydney MBA Salary: Sectors, Locations and Opportunities

Interested in the financial benefits of an MBA in Sydney? Check out the University of Sydney's MBA for professionals. It's ideal for those looking to advance their careers in this vibrant city. Sydney's business environment is strong in finance, technology, and consulting, which leads to a higher Sydney MBA salary. As professionals progress, their incomes also rise. Top executive roles often pay six figures or more. Discover the opportunities in the city's competitive job market. It provides growth for MBA graduates.

Average Sydney MBA Salary

The average Sydney MBA Salary is AUD 150,000 (estimated to be INR 8,133,334).

Sydney MBA Salary

Recognised as one of the most elite business schools in the world, The Sydney MBA program attracts an impressive array of students with its rigorous curriculum that empowers graduates for successful careers across various departments.

The University of Sydney MBA program has an average starting salary of AUD 150,000, significantly higher than the national average for MBA graduates. The employment rate for the Sydney MBA program is 85%, indicating a strong demand for the school's graduates.

While the average salary varies depending on experience levels, industry sectors, and location, it is undeniable that a Sydney MBA has an advantage when seeking employment, making it one of the best MBA colleges in Australia.

Despite this, it's essential to observe that remuneration is not the sole determinant of accomplishment for MBA graduates. Many alumni likewise embark on entrepreneurial efforts, pursue positions in nonprofit industries, or further their education with additional degrees - all while gaining a profound understanding of enterprise-related concepts and abilities.

Exploring the Sydney MBA Salary of Different Sectors

Sydney MBA Salary

Understanding salary trends is crucial for professionals seeking rewarding careers in the dynamic employment landscape. Our latest analysis delves into the average salaries for MBA graduates in Australia across different sectors, providing valuable insights for job seekers and employers alike.

The following insights guide individuals navigating their career paths and organisations seeking to attract top talent.

Sector Average Salary
Executive Management & Change AUD 180,000
Financial Services AUD 149,000
Legal Department AUD 135,000
Finance Control & Strategy AUD 130,000
Programme & Project Management AUD 124,000
Public Sector & Not For Profit AUD 120,000

Exploring the Entrepreneurial Prospect of Sydney MBA

university of sydney entrepreneurs

The University of Sydney allows the students to engage in the Remote and Rural Enterprise (RARE) program, a community-engaged learning program connecting students with remote, rural and Indigenous enterprises in Australia and South-East Asia to solve real-world business challenges.

Through the RARE program, students can travel and work alongside a remote enterprise and community, developing solutions and strategies for employment-generating social enterprises or sustainability-related community initiatives. 

Moreover, the University of Sydney provides the Genesis program, which supports founders with mentoring, a supportive entrepreneurial community, and a chance to win the Genesis Wellness Reimagined Prize, valued at USD 30,000, in the bi-annual startup program. At the beginning of 2023, around 700 startups were actively engaged in the Genesis program.

Three University of Sydney MBA alumni, Michael Blenkin, Claire Taylor, and Andrew Cooper, transformed their capstone project into a thriving tech startup, VillageHub. What began as a project to address the City of Sydney's challenge of revitalising suburban vibrancy developed into a platform similar to Airbnb for underutilised business spaces.

VillageHub's dedication and innovation were recognised when the City of Sydney awarded them the Knowledge Exchange Grant, which provided AUD 40,000 to further their mission. Their commitment to fostering local talent and culture shines through their initiative of distributing AUD 500 vouchers to local artists and creatives.

Understanding the Sydney MBA Salary Across Different Locations

location wise salary

Upon exploring the varying salaries earned by Sydney MBA graduates based on their locations, these figures provide insight into how well-compensated this specialised degree truly is.

Prospect of Working in Europe

Working in Europe offers Sydney MBA graduates diverse opportunities across industries and countries. With its rich cultural heritage, vibrant cities, and strong economy, Europe provides a dynamic professional growth and personal development environment.

Additionally, Europe's emphasis on work-life balance and social welfare programs enhances professionals' overall quality of life. The average remuneration for Sydney MBA graduates in Europe three years after graduation is USD 159,794.

Prospect of Working in North America

North America presents Sydney MBA graduates with unparalleled career advancement and success opportunities. With its leading technology, finance, healthcare, and entertainment industries, the region offers various roles across diverse sectors.

Moreover, North America's culture of entrepreneurship and innovation fosters an environment conducive to professional growth and leadership development. The average Sydney MBA salary in the region three years after graduation is USD 196,628.

Prospect of Working in Asia

Asia represents a dynamic and rapidly growing region with abundant opportunities for Sydney MBA graduates. As the world's largest continent, Asia offers a diverse range of industries, markets, and cultures, making it an exciting destination for professionals seeking new challenges and experiences.

With its fast-paced environment, cultural diversity, and unparalleled economic growth, Asia offers Sydney MBA graduates an unparalleled platform for professional success and global engagement. Three years after graduation, Sydney MBA graduates typically earn USD 151,020.

Region Average Salary
Europe USD 159,794
North America USD 196,628
Asia  USD 151,020

It is essential to note that the figures provided above are based on the industry, role, and experience of the MBA graduates. Nevertheless, MBA graduates are in high demand by employers across international borders, making them an opportune investment for Indian undergraduates aiming to advance their careers on a global scale.

Exploring the different opportunities after completing your MBA from the University of Sydney unlocks various opportunities for you; however, consulting an expert can make navigating the Sydney MBA Salary and working at your dream company a reality.


The University of Sydney MBA program offers a pathway to professional growth and success. By investing in your education at the University of Sydney, you're not just gaining knowledge; you're investing in a transformative experience that equips you with the skills to excel in the competitive business world.

As you consider your career trajectory, remember the long-term benefits and opportunities that await upon completing the program. With its renowned faculty, innovative curriculum, and extensive network, the University of Sydney MBA is a wise investment in your future salary potential.

What is the average salary for Sydney MBA graduates?

The average Sydney MBA Salary is AUD 150,000 (estimated to be INR 8,133,334).

What are the top industries hiring Sydney MBA graduates?

The top industries hiring Sydney MBA graduates include Executive Management & Change, Financial Services, Legal Department positions, Finance Control & Strategy roles, Programme & Project Management, and the Public Sector & Not For Profit realm.

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