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Tepper MBA GMAT & Class Profile

Tepper MBA GMAT & Class Profile: Scores, Insights & FAQs

Considering an MBA at Tepper School of Business? A key consideration is the Tepper MBA GMAT. The GMAT, or Graduate Management Admission Test, is widely utilized by business schools like Tepper to assess applicants' capabilities. Explore why the Tepper MBA GMAT holds significance and its implications for prospective students contemplating enrollment in the MBA program.

Average Tepper MBA GMAT Score

The average Tepper MBA GMAT score for the Class of 2025 is 705.

Tepper School of Business attracts a diverse pool of talented individuals to the Tepper MBA Program, each with unique backgrounds and experiences. With an average GMAT score ranging from 650 to 750, applicants consistently demonstrate their commitment to excellence and readiness to tackle the rigorous curriculum. A higher GMAT score can improve your chances of being admitted to one of the best MBA colleges in the USA.

Analysing the Year-on-Year Trends in Tepper MBA GMAT

The average GMAT score for Tepper MBA candidates has been rising each year, indicating a steady surge in the quality of applicants.

The following table shows the trend of GMAT over the last 6 years:

Year  Average GMAT score
2025 705
2024 705
2023 705
2022 702
2021 691
2020 680

How to Get a GMAT Waiver for Tepper MBA?

Tepper School of Business acknowledges standardized exams to assess academic readiness, although it recognizes various avenues to demonstrate preparedness. Hence, the institution offers a test waiver option, which is evaluated individually based on readiness for the Tepper MBA. The waiver does not guarantee admission but allows for a holistic application review.

How Can You Improve Your Tepper MBA GMAT Score?

To improve your GMAT score, you can start with the official GMAT materials, and there are always interactive online courses that test your knowledge with study guides and practice tests.

Many sources offer extensive materials and forums for discussion and advice. You can refer to this GMAT Preparation guide to enhance your chances of getting good scores on the test.

Significance of GRE Scores: An Alternative to GMAT

GRE Scores for Tepper MBA

For the Tepper MBA, the overall average GRE score is 324. Regardless of your background or qualifications, you must submit a GMAT or GRE score with your application to Tepper School of Business, reflecting the school's commitment to a comprehensive admissions process.

Tepper School of Business regards both GMAT and GRE scores as indicative of potential while maintaining an inclusive approach to all scores. The current class exemplifies diverse abilities among students, showcasing the varied capabilities of our applicants.

Tepper MBA Class Profile: Shaping Future Leaders

The Tepper Business School MBA class profile attracts a highly diverse and talented group of students worldwide. Students can participate in various experiential learning activities, including case studies, simulations, and real-world projects, to gain practical business knowledge and skills. This global outlook allows students to interact with and learn from classmates with varied cultural perspectives, making the program a truly global experience and one of the best MBA colleges in USA.

Average Age 29
Average Work Experience 5.8 Years
Class Size 171
Female Students 36%
International Students 53%
Nationalities Represented 24
Average GMAT Score 705
GMAT Range 650-750
Average GRE Score 324
GRE Range 314-338

Analyzing the Background of Tepper MBA Students

This diverse mix of industries and academics in the Tepper Business School MBA program provides students with a comprehensive understanding of the global business landscape and its subjects. It also allows them to gain insights into various sectors, preparing them for career transitions and determining what their most popular academic backgrounds are.

Students' Industry Backgrounds

The Tepper Business School MBA class profile demonstrates that their students are from various professional backgrounds. The class of MBA 2025 represents the following industries:

industry experience of tepper mba students

Students' Academic Backgrounds

The class profile of the Tepper Business School MBA represents the following educational backgrounds:

Student Academic Background

The Additional Factors to Consider While Applying for Tepper MBA Program

work experience 1

Significance of Work Experience in Tepper MBA Admissions

Tepper cultivates an environment that attracts, develops, and retains an outstanding and diverse community of students and provides them with a rewarding experience and a sense of purpose. The school responds to the unique educational needs of each student and personalizes their professional development plans to build career-advancing skills, knowledge, and leadership competencies. Here are reasons why work experience is necessary to secure MBA admissions:

  1. Practical Knowledge: Tepper wants its students to have insights into the real world. Hence, it requires students with some work experience in which the candidate has showcased their best and learned something. 
  2. Contributions: The Admissions Committee is more interested in knowing what you achieved than what you did. They consider making a difference important. 
  3. Different Perspectives: Having work experience means having different perspectives. People from varied industries will have different viewpoints, which could certainly enrich the lives of many.

Significance of Letters of Recommendation (LORs)

Your recommendation letters can add much value to your application. Tepper MBA admissions committees seek recommenders who know you personally and can share real-life stories and anecdotes demonstrating your personality, experience, and accomplishments. And the guide for writing the best LORs can help you through this.

Significance of Essays

Your essays should emphasize your distinctive personality and life experiences. The essays provide a word limit of 500, which can be utilized to discuss the most important aspects. Focus on what excites you and why you should be accepted into the Tepper MBA program. You can also use the optional essay to provide additional information if you have a subpar GMAT score. Writing answers to the essay questions can be challenging, but with the Specialized Tips to Write Tepper MBA Essays, you can write essays at par with the school standards.


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While Tepper MBA GMAT scores are an important component of the admissions process, they do not solely define an applicant's potential for success. The Tepper School of Business values a diverse and inclusive cohort, considering a range of factors to evaluate candidates holistically.

By strategically preparing for the GMAT, emphasizing your strengths, and presenting a well-rounded application, you can improve your chances of securing admission to this prestigious MBA program and embark on a transformative educational journey.

What is the average GMAT score of Tepper MBA?

The average Tepper MBA GMAT score for the Class of 2025 is 705.

Is there a waiver available for GMAT score in Tepper MBA

Tepper School of Business offers a test waiver option, which is evaluated individually based on readiness for the Tepper MBA. The waiver does not guarantee admission but allows for a holistic application review.

What is the average GRE score for Tepper MBA?

For the Tepper MBA, the overall average GRE score is 324.

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