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Tepper MBA Salary

Explore the comprehensive Tepper MBA program

Are you ready to take your career to new heights? The Tepper School of Business at Carnegie Mellon University offers a transformative MBA program that equips you with advanced business knowledge and skills and opens doors to lucrative Tepper MBA Salary and employment opportunities.

In this blog, we will explore the salary highlights of MBA graduates, unveiling the impressive figures and diverse sectors where they have thrived. Discover the Tepper MBA Salary and how a Tepper MBA can propel you towards a successful and rewarding career.

Average Graduate Salary At Tepper MBA 

Few schools can match the reputation and outcomes of the Tepper School of Business at Carnegie Mellon University when launching a successful career after completing an MBA. One aspect that separates Tepper is its remarkable average starting  MBA salary for graduates. 

Average graduate Tepper MBA salary of class 2022: $156,291

According to data from the Employment Report of MBA Class of 2023, Tepper MBA graduates enjoyed an average starting salary of $156,291. This impressive figure not only showcases the high demand for Tepper graduates but also reflects employers' value on the skills, knowledge, and expertise acquired through the program.

The Tepper MBA program curriculum goes beyond theoretical concepts, emphasising practical application and real-world problem-solving. Through rigorous coursework, experiential learning opportunities, and engagement with industry professionals, Tepper MBA students are equipped with the tools to excel in their chosen fields. 

Sector-wise Salary for a Tepper Graduate

Tepper MBA graduates have found success across various industries, each offering unique opportunities for professional growth and financial rewards in the form of a high salary. Let's take a closer look at some sectors where Tepper graduates have significantly impacted.


A significant portion of Tepper MBA graduates, comprising 45.9%, pursued careers in the consulting sector. These graduates join top consulting firms and contribute their problem-solving and strategic thinking skills to provide valuable insights to clients. The average salary range for MBA graduates in consulting is approximately $170,805 to $175,000 annually.


Approximately 1.6% of Tepper MBA graduates secured positions in the technology sector. These graduates thrive in established tech giants and emerging startups, utilizing their skills to drive innovation. The average salary range for MBA graduates in technology is around $173,000 to $165,000 annually.


Tepper MBA graduates also found opportunities in the finance sector, with 14.1% of graduates entering this field. These graduates excel in investment banking, private equity, and corporate finance roles. The average Tepper MBA salary range for finance graduates is roughly $143,556 to $140,100 annually.


With 18.4% of Tepper MBA graduates pursuing careers in marketing, they contribute their expertise in brand management, market research, and product development. The average salary range for MBA graduates in marketing is approximately $148,606 to $142,800 annually.


15.1% of Tepper MBA graduates chose to work in product-related roles, focusing on product management, development, and strategy. These graduates play crucial roles in driving the success of various products in the market. The MBA salary range for product graduates is roughly $148,826 to $142,800 annually.

Industry Percentage (%) Average Salary  Median Salary 
CONSULTING 45.9 $170,805 $175,000
MANAGEMENT/STRATEGY 41.1 $172,649 $175,000
FINANCIAL SERVICES 14.1 $143,556 $140,100
IS/IT 1.6 $173,000 $165,000
MARKETING 18.4 $148,606 $142,800
PRODUCT/INDUSTRIAL (B2B) 15.1 $148,826 $142,800
POM 4.9 $147,789 $142,800
OTHER 1.6 $157,033 $157,100

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Tepper MBA's Locations Wise Salary 

tepper MBA Salary

USA MBA graduates have a diverse range of career options across different geographies. The employment data shows that Tepper graduates have secured positions in various regions, with notable concentrations in the Northeast, West Coast, and Mid-Atlantic regions. These regions offer thriving business ecosystems and opportunities for professional advancement and provide a high Tepper MBA Salary.

  1. Northeast: With 32.2% of Tepper MBA graduates finding employment in the Northeast, this region stands out as a major destination for career opportunities. The Northeast boasts a robust financial sector, vibrant startup culture, and many Fortune 500 companies, providing a fertile ground for Tepper graduates to thrive and earn high salaries.
  2. West Coast: The allure of the West Coast attracts many Tepper MBA graduates, with 24.3% accepting job offers in this region and providing a high Tepper MBA salary. Known for its thriving technology and innovation hubs, the West Coast offers exciting opportunities in Silicon Valley, Seattle, and other tech-driven cities.
  3. Mid-Atlantic: The Mid-Atlantic region, with 16.9% of Tepper MBA graduates finding employment, presents a balanced blend of industries, including finance, healthcare, consulting, and more. This region's proximity to major cities like New York and Washington, D.C., opens doors to various career possibilities with a high Tepper MBA salary.
  4. Midwest: The Midwest attracted 11.3% of Tepper MBA graduates. With cities like Chicago, Minneapolis, and Detroit, this region offers opportunities in industries such as manufacturing, finance, healthcare, and consulting. 
  5. Southwest: Approximately 55.6% of Tepper MBA graduates secured positions in the Southwest region. This region encompasses states like Texas, Arizona, and Colorado, with vibrant business communities and growing technology sectors. Southwest's favourable business climate and diverse industries provide a range of career prospects offering high salaries.

Tepper MBA Salary

Tepper MBA Salary and Job Placement Records

Digging into the data (something the Tepper School loves to do), it's evident that MBA students performed exceptionally well in challenging times. 94% of the Class of 2023 received offers, with 92% accepting within three months after graduation. The MBA in USA students continue to launch new careers in a diversified set of industries, functions, and geographies, reporting an average accepted starting salary of $156,291 and an average accepted signing bonus of $40,139.Tepper MBA salary

Both figures represent new record highs for the MBA program! Consulting remained the top industry choice for 42% of the Class of 2023, followed notably by Technology at 29% and Financial Services at 14%.

Top Companies Hiring at Tepper MBA

Herein, we shall talk about companies in the top three sectors hiring Tepper MBA graduates so that you get a brief idea of the MNCs that you are willing to be a part of in the future:

Consulting Finance Technology
A.T. Kearney, INC AT&T INC Amazon
ALCOA, INC American Investment Company Apple
ATOS THAILAND Chicago Trading Company Cisco
BAIN & COMPANY Citi Bank Disney

Other Opportunities Along With Salary

Tepper MBA graduates benefit from attractive  MBA salary packages and gain access to a wide range of additional opportunities that enrich their career trajectories. The Tepper School of Business(one of the best MBA colleges in USA) offers a comprehensive career management program that equips graduates with the tools and resources for professional success.

Moreover, Tepper MBA students can take advantage of career treks, which provide firsthand exposure to diverse industries and companies and a high Tepper MBA salary. These treks enable students to network with industry professionals, gain industry-specific insights, and explore potential career paths.

Together, these additional opportunities, alongside competitive Tepper MBA salary, make the Tepper MBA experience a transformative journey that sets graduates on a path of long-term professional growth and success.

Tepper MBA Salary

Tepper MBA Famous Alumni

Tepper School of Business at Carnegie Mellon University boasts an impressive array of alumni who have made significant contributions to various industries worldwide, including notable figures such as -

Name Position
Swetha Arbuckle Director, Talent Experience - Amazon Entertainment, Amazon
David Betts Principal, Deloitte Consulting LLP
John Dischner  Managing Director, AlixPartners LLP
Chris Shoemaker Director of Investment Banking, Bank of America


In conclusion, the Tepper MBA program at Carnegie Mellon University opens doors to lucrative career opportunities. The impressive average starting Tepper MBA salary for graduates reflects the value that employers place on the skills, knowledge, and expertise gained during the program. Whether in technology, finance, consulting, or other sectors, Tepper MBA graduates are making a significant impact in their chosen fields.

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