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20 Time Management Apps EVERY Student must have

In every individual’s life, the student phase is the most vibrant and productive. This is the stage when a person is motivated to learn, capable of multitasking, and observing personal growth. As a result, this is the time when a person should be the most disciplined and utilise his or her time and energy for the most productive activities. They should focus on their short and long-term objectives to emerge as a complete person. However, there are so many distractions and noises surrounding students that it is difficult to manage their time and schedule. Thanks to the advancements in technological space, there are a variety of time management apps available for android and iOS devices.

These productivity apps will help in boosting your productivity, notify you about priority tasks, and manage your to-do list. In this way, it makes one more organised and efficient in general. There are plenty of time management apps for students in the Google and Apple app stores. These are very popular among the students. These applications are very carefully designed, filled with unique features with the best functionality to help you manage your time. When it comes to productivity, even the smallest of improvements can make a big difference. Out of all the apps from the library, we have found out the best time management apps for android and iOS devices that every student must have for themselves.

Time management app

Best time management apps to download for students

The majority of these apps will offer similar features, but each will have its point of differentiation. Some apps offer simple solutions, while others offer cutting-edge technology to help you manage all aspects of your school and personal lives.

Calendar: Meeting & Scheduling 

calendar time management app

Managing dates and events can be a very exhausting task faced by students everywhere. Sometimes it’s because they have not scheduled their events and meetings properly. Many times, it’s because they are caught up in an endless hectic schedule, such that they are simply not available to manage their activities. But a simple time management app can smoothen their student life and help them plan their tasks. Calendar, an AI-enabled digital app, will help students schedule their plans easily. 

You can connect the app with your Google calendar (Android) and iCal (Apple) calendar to create and edit your events. Its AI will sync across devices, and the inbuilt virtual assistant can learn your timetable and assists you in scheduling and organising meetings based on your available periods. The app will help you save time and increase productivity by bringing all your scheduled events in a single timeline. It has a user-friendly interface that will display your upcoming events and agendas. At last, you can also monitor your activities using the analytics tool to see your Progress. You can see the number of events attended and the time spent on each activity. This will help you plan your future events and focus more on improving your time management.

Now onwards, you don’t have to struggle with deadlines and walking on the edge. Download the Calendar app now.
Price – Free


One of the most popular, most downloaded and most rated apps on the list, Google Tasks, is the task management app created by Android developers. This gives Google Tasks the added advantage of sleekly synchronising with your other Google apps such as Gmail, Google Keep, Google Calendar and more. This app is also available on IOS devices for free.

The task feature that was very popular in computer devices was launched in mobile devices to help users manage their tasks from anywhere. You can now access your tasks and subtasks from any mobile device. Students who are mostly occupied by their mobile phones can now use the app’s features to keep their work organised. The AI for this app is very smart and powerful. You can easily integrate it with other Google apps and help create tasks quickly. For example, you’ll be able to create tasks straight from emails and track all tasks back to their source emails while managing your inbox. Similarly, it can be integrated with Google Calendar, Google Notes, Google Keep and other applications to organise your tasks.

Install the Google Tasks mobile app to take charge of your task management. Simply manage your to-do list on the go.
Price – FREE

Forest is a very interesting time management app. It follows the concept of planting a seed and then carefully growing it into a full plant. However, any misstep and the plant might die. Similarly, this app has the same feature where you can grow plants, and over time it will turn into a forest.

This app will help you focus or concentrate on any task at hand. It is simple and fun to use. Whenever you start any important task, you plant a virtual seed in the app. Then start working on your task while the plant keeps growing simultaneously. However, anytime during the task, if you get distracted and check your phone, the plant dies. Thus it is very important to complete the task with full concentration to grow your forest.

In today’s world, when students are distracted by so many external factors, it is very important to use this app so that they can improve their attention span. The app gives you a sense of accomplishment for completing your task efficiently while also rewarding you with a beautiful fully-grown plant. 

Free yourself from the temptation to browse and set a goal to finish your tasks without touching your phone.
Price – FREE on Android | $1.99 on Applestore

Many students, who are on a budget, find it unnecessary to invest in a whiteboard. This, in turn, will affect their time management during student life. But in recent years, technology has turned into a boon for students. There is no need to visit a nearby stationery store to look for sticky notes when you can keep track of our to-do list on your phone, and it’s completely free.

Todoist, a mobile app with more than 25 million users worldwide, will help them plan and organise their projects. You can make notes of important stuff like completing your assignment, buying essentials, filling the application form for your dream university and more. Further, you can organise it and plan your routine instantly. This task management app comes with additional features like creating group projects, setting reminders for important tasks, planning your day, and tracking your previous goals and tasks. Its simple yet professional User Interface has garnered praises from millions of users globally, and The Verge has ranked it “the best to-do list right now”. Students should install this app on their devices and make the best use of their time and energy by complying with this application.

The app is available for download on both android and iOS platforms.
Price – FREE | Pro US $3 per month | Business US $5 per month

ClockifyTime Management App for students


It’s a time management app for students that offers vast features than any other stopwatch. This app is very useful for students because of its unique tools and settings. The app is helpful to students, and regular employees are assisting them in keeping track of their activities and recording the time taken for completing those. But its features are not limited to time reading only. You can create or modify any task as per your wish before adding it to the app. 

You can break down your daily tasks in the app and assign a starting and finishing time for each task. The app will notify you of the upcoming tasks, and upon completing them, you can check your Progress in the report section. See how much time you spend on any activity and how you can improve your productivity. The tracker also works in offline mode. However, you require an internet connection to sync your reports with your profile. Lastly, it is recommended that you instal this app on every student’s device to help them keep track of various assignments and work. It will help them dedicate sufficient time for studies, other curricular activities, chores and many more. Students can download the app for both Android and iOS devices for free of cost.
Price – FREE

More than 85000 teams and business are using ProofHub collectively to meet project objective in time. Although it is more useful for businesses and other organisations, students can also make the best use of this app when working on group assignments as a team. Further, you can access it for extracurricular society and club related exercises. 

ProofHub is the project management application that you need to keep track of your projects and remote team members. You may organise and add subtasks to any project, no matter how complex or huge it is. Get rid of confusing WhatsApp group messages, email threads, disorganised projects, misplaced files and documents when working on projects. Discuss important notes with your team and share updates on the go.

The ProofHub app’s strong project management and collaboration capabilities will help you achieve great results even when you’re on the go. Install the app on your mobile phones and log in with your account. Track all the ongoing tasks and monitor the progress status of urgent projects.

The application is available to download for android and iOS devices. Enjoy your 14-day free trial before switching to upgraded plans.
Price – FREE | Ultimate Plan $89 per month


Asana is a team management app. It was featured on the App Store’s “App of the Day”. On this app, you can assign duties to your team and then get into the undergoing project. This application’s clean and detailed interface allows you to analyse time spent by team members, identify bottlenecks, and work towards effective completion of the project without any hassle. Now you can find the contribution of that team member who just shows up on the presentation day.

Asana is intended to help you manage your time better by streamlining teamwork and collaboration. Your team will manage tasks and projects effortlessly, and you won’t have to waste time wondering who has to do what and when. You will be able to prioritise projects and assignments, set deadlines, mention project details, and assign jobs to the respective members of your team. After that, you’ll be able to track the activities’ progress on a simple visual project plan, which will allow you to spot and avoid possible issues, gaps, and overlaps. Whenever a project is finished, overdue, or other, you will receive a notification for everything.

Asana is a trusted time, and task management app used by millions of people worldwide and more than 75000 organisations have increased their productivity with its unique and effective features. You can download the app for Android and Apple mobile devices from their respective stores.
Price Basis FREE | Premium $10.99 per month | Business $24.99 per month

TogglTime Management App

toggl time management app
Every student has a favourite subject or two. And you will be lying if you disagree. But focusing more on one subject will drastically affect your performance in other subjects. And this implies to other important tasks as well, where you forget to keep track of the time. That is why it is important to have a time tracking companion, like the Toggl app, that will help you keep track of your working hours. 

The app is a simple solution that can help you measure your productivity without unnecessary features. 

Toggl is a simple time tracking app. It’s a transparent system with an easy-to-use interface that allows you to manage your time You can manage many projects, tasks, events and teams. Tags and colours make it easy to break down your hours so that you can show specific time intervals in reports. Keep track of which tasks or aspects of your work take the most time. Also, analyse how you could improve your everyday routines and behaviours.

This study time management app will help you devote adequate time to those subjects and topics that need more attention. Toggl is an excellent time-tracking app for small groups and individuals who wish to keep track of their work hours and increase productivity.

Toggl app is available for free on Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Download now for simplistic time tracking.
Price – FREE

remember the milk

Remember the Milk is a time management application designed to help you remember tasks on your to-do list. When you are caught up on multiple college assignments with different due dates, this app will help you sort those tasks on a criteria basis. You can also attach documents to your tasks, so you don’t forget them with this app.

Use this app to make your to-do lists and receive reminders through email, text message, and other methods. You can also integrate it with your favourite applications, such as Gmail, Outlook, and Google Calendar. You can set due dates for everything you need to do now, tomorrow, this week, or at any other time with this simple virtual assistant.

It’s a fantastic free programme that works with your phone, computer, Gmail, Outlook, and other devices, allowing you to sync all of your devices for better time management. This app will assist you in conveniently managing your tasks and reminding you of them. It’s also a wonderful tool for group projects because you can share tasks and lists with others. This application is available for both Android and iOS mobile devices.
PRICE Basic FREE | Pro $39.99 per year

Kiwake: smart alarm clock

kiwake time management app

Who doesn’t enjoy morning classes? If you are a student and reading this, we believe you will disagree with me to some extent. If you are not a morning person and have pushed the snooze button a hundred times, the Kiwake app is a must-have. This app is more than just an ordinary alarm clock; and it is one of the best time management apps for students out there. This app will give you a fresh and cheerful wake-up call and help you stay productive throughout the day. 

Its one-of-a-kind wake-up method is specially designed to help you wake up early. It’s a lot easier than you think. The app is not a regular alarm clock, but it is more like a guide that assigns you a series of tasks once you wake up. 

  • These tasks include taking a photo of something far away from your bed to prove you left it.
  • Complete a mini-game so that you are actually awake and alert. 
  • Reading your major goals and giving yourself a huge motivation boost.

The app can get annoying if you do not perform those tasks, which is the app’s main focus.

All the settings in the app can be customised manually, like setting the alarm timings and dates, the difficulty of the game, cool-down period. You should make the best use of this app and stay motivated throughout the day. The app is available for iOS devices
Price – FREE | Premium $1.99 per month


Trello is a mobile app that provides you with a simple yet effective workboard. Here you can track the progression of various pending and ongoing tasks. This application can be very useful for students to keep track of various subjects and their related homework and assignments. The app is simple to use, with more than 50 million users have downloaded it.

It works by allowing you to generate cards for the tasks you need to finish. Each card is moved across the Trello board, divided into columns like ‘To Do’, ‘In Progress’, and ‘Completed’. This provides clarity concerning all the tasks start till completion. Moreover, the app does not require an internet connection and can function properly offline. In this way, you can access all the features of this amazing application even when you don’t have network connectivity. It will always save all your data and information offline. 

Put your brain to some productive use and relieve it from the hassle of remembering everything. This application’s notification setting will remind you of all future activities. It may appear complicated to new users, but it gets more understandable with some interaction with the user interface. This task management app is free for students to use and can be downloaded from Google play store and Apple Appstore.
Price – FREE | Business Class $10 per month

Clear Todos

clear todos
There are many apps and tools available which are used to prepare to-do lists. But most of them either lack important features or are stuffed with too many selections, ending up being ineffective. A time management app for iOS or Android device should be simple and serve the basic features of a virtual to-do list.

This is where Clear Todos stand out from the crowd. Clear is a simple, button-free to-do list application that lets you add, organise, track, and manage your chores using swipes, pulls, and pinches in a touch-based and gesture-based interface. The app somehow improves on the simple task of clearing off your pending work. This app will help you keep your work organised and focus on something in a simple way. 

Talking about its features, it has a very attractive yet clean user interface. While preparing the to-do list, for your convenience, it can be colour-coded. The app pushes you to be precise with your phrasing because each to-do item description can only include 30 characters. This makes it very simple and unique. Use gestures like pinching, swiping or tapping on your devices to edit and manage tasks.

The app is new and already getting positive reviews from users on the Google play store and Apple app store. The app is free to use for android devices while it requires a one-time purchase for apple users.
Price – FREE (Google Play Store) | $4.99 (Apple App Store)

Remember those classroom lectures when you lost track of the discussions because you were too busy making notes in your notebook and those college society meetings where you cannot recall the topic of discussion because of too many participants. If you faced those problems, it’s because you aren’t using apps such as Otter for better management.

It is a voice recorder app that saves you the effort of writing down notes. You can record and take meeting notes in real-time, allowing you to focus on the conversation while knowing that all information, and actions, are saved. easily searchable and shareable with your mates. It is beneficial to students who have a hectic schedule or spend a lot of time in meetings and discussions. It reduces the stress of meetings by moving a load of documentation to the app, allowing users to participate in the discussion fully.

The free version of the app provides 600 minutes (equivalent to 10 classes of 1 hour-long) of recording for every month. Upon upgrading to the Pro version, you will get 6000 minutes of recording (i.e. recording for 100 classes) per month. It is available for free download from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store, and it can be upgraded within the app itself.
Price – FREE Basic | Pro $8.3 per month | Business $20 per user per month

Focus@WillStudy Time Management App


You ever heard of an app that is suggested to be used while you are studying? And no, we are not talking about calculators. It’s an app with a collection of music that can help you concentrate better while studying. Focus@Will, developed by a neuroscientist team, combines neuroscience and music to help you become more productive. It can help you expand your alertness by up to 400%, thus making it an essential time management app.

Focus@will is helpful for students who have trouble concentrating while studying or reading. Thousands of hours of unique brain music are available at Focus@Will to help you manage your productivity. Scientifically tailored music listed on the app will help you achieve focus flow for longer. 

You can select from various genres, and Focus@Will provides a choice of music specially created to help you concentrate and create flow.

Fun fact: The in-app assessment agent analyses data from the world’s largest brain database and their data from 9 years of music brain study to recommend the music style and energy level that will work best for you.

The app is available for a free 7-day trial. Download now and put in the most productive study session you’ve ever had. 
Price – FREE 7-day full-featured trial | Annual $52.49 per year | Two-year $45 per year 

taskade time management app

During the first phase of lockdown, which lasted for months, many students were facing issues connecting with each other. More importantly, communication problems are usually common when the person to discuss with is not in front of you. This has drastically affected students’ time management, and they have to put on extra hours to complete their projects. However, when they were introduced to Taskade, it made their work much simpler. The task management app that stands at a solid rating of 4.7 is popular among students and other business operators. 

Taskade is a powerful task management and collaboration solution that allows you to work on your short and long-term projects from a single workspace. All your teammates can also work in the same space from their home, and they can also add tasks and create to-do lists. You can collaborate with team members and edit projects in real-time. The app also provides an instant chatting feature. Boost your team’s productivity using Taskade.

The project progress system is another important feature of this task management app. All users will be able to examine their tasks and then mark them as complete. The progress bar fills up as you complete more tasks, which indicates how much more work you have to complete to accomplish the project. 

The app is very useful for teamwork, but it can also be used as a time management app for students. Taskade app is completely free, with an option to upgrade to Taskade Pro at an affordable cost.
Price – FREE | Unlimited $5 per month

If you are having trouble managing all of your tasks and organising your goals, try using MyLifeOrganized. This task management app assists you in determining what you should concentrate on to achieve your goals.

You can create tasks in this app and define the objective and necessity of every task. You can change the status of the task and create dependencies between any two activities. Once you have entered your information and defined tasks, the app will create a detailed hierarchical list and suggest the next action plan. This list is automatically updated as you finish a task. It also smartly update the list depending on your location, time or date. For example, if you are near a book market, the app will remind you to shop for all the items that were planned earlier. 

It is an amazing application that can effectively help you manage your tasks. It creates to-do lists for you and suggests priority tasks first that require your immediate attention. Keep track of your progress. In this way, you will manage tasks and projects, routines, and even life goals.

The app is very helpful for students to keep their daily tasks organised and stay away from task completion worries. This application can be easily installed on Android and Apple devices.
Price – FREE | Professional $29.99 Annually

TimeTree: shared calendar app

timetree time management app

TimeTree is a social calendar app that allows you to share your calendar with friends, classmates, colleagues, and family. You’ll be able to schedule events, your academic life, organise your work, delegate tasks, and more. This TimeTree app allows friends and teams to interact on multiple calendars and events. Whether you are planning a group project, throwing a party or managing the department sports team, TimeTree can keep everyone informed about current and upcoming events and activities.

TimeTree has been there to organise their class schedule and stay on top of what needs to be done next for students’ use. It is a day planning and time management app that helps students establish daily timetables. Plan ahead of time, so you know what you’ll be doing during your school hours. 

The app is most effective when working with a group of people. Whether organising a college fest, working on a group assignment, or leading a sports team, this app will help create a plan, and you can share the schedule with everybody. You can work on multiple calendars with a single account as well. Create a calendar for each group of people, add members, chat with them, share documents and notes, set reminders, and synchronise all calendars together to avoid overlapping work.

It was the winner of Apple’s “App Store Best of 2015” award. The app is available for both android and apple devices for free.
Price – FREE

evernote app

Whenever you come up with a creative or an interesting thought, you should write them down immediately. Who knows, it could be the title of your future book. Similarly, students find a lot of inspiration around them every day, and not everyone carries around a journal with them. But they can still make the most of the moment by noting your thoughts on your mobile phone. Evernote is a useful tool for capturing and arranging ideas for creative students. All you have to do is to install the app.

The app makes the note-making process very simple and quick. You can easily access the app and use it. It can use it as a study time management app. It provides more than just typing feature, such as sketching, recording, adding attachments, which an ordinary notebook cannot provide.

Since the beginning of the app stores, Evernote has been there, but its mobile apps have just undergone a major overhaul to make them appropriate for the new generation. You can add memos, set a reminder, scan documents and sync your work with other devices. It’s still a great way to take and keep notes, but it’s even better at finding them when you need them.

Evernote app is free to download and use. But with a subscription plan gives you access to more services and storage space.
Price – FREE | Premium Rs. 190 per month | Business Rs. 500 per user per month

RescueTimeTime Management App

rescuetime time management app
Nowadays, every other student has a smartphone, which is a necessity in today’s modern world. When used properly, it can be a powerful asset that can boost your career. But it can easily turn into an addiction and affect your student life. Thus, it is necessary to be very disciplined with your mobile devices and make sure to get the best out of them. Many students are in denial that they are addicted to their mobile phones. Here the RescueTime app will present the total time you spent on your device and the duration you spent on different apps and games.

A time management apps for students, RescueTime, will help you improve personal time management. It’s a simplistic combination of a timer and a site blocker. This app helps you gain complete control over your focus simplistically. You may use RescueTime to automatically track how much time you spend on apps, games, and documents. Review your data in reports to find out the most addictive or spent app. You can also block distracting websites, set daily limits on applications and webpages, personalise what to block, and arrange focused time in your calendar.

Also, the Real-Time Nudge feature will notify you whenever you get distracted and spend more than dedicated time on an application. It will help you switch and focus on other important tasks.

Install the app now on your android and ios devices. Now you can stop scrolling on less productive applications and start using your time wisely.
Price – FREE

nTask is a free task management application for your device that is simple to use. Start using nTask for android to organise your daily chores, projects, and activities. It is the easiest method for you and your team to manage everyday responsibilities, with a simple interface and a range of services. 

Although it was created as a project and task management app, it now has a redesigned time tracking feature with the most recent update. This will assist core users in honing their time management skills in order to meet the demands of any number of projects.

The multitude of functions you can perform on nTask includes forming teams for a project or other tasks. Establish dedicated workstations and assign them to the appropriate team. Prioritise key tasks by identifying them. Collaborate with members from various teams in the same nTask workspace. Keeping everything in rhythm and maintain a sense of calm.

You can add an unlimited workspace for free in the basic free version of the application. Members can also see how much time they spent on each activity and submit their status reports to their respective team leader or project managers.

nTask is a very good team management app. You can download it on your devices from respective app stores.
Price – FREE | Premium $2.99 | Business $7.99 

How we used time management apps to increase team productivity 

I have been using the ProofHub app for the last 6 months, and it has helped me and my team manage ongoing and upcoming tasks. The application’s interface is really simple and professionally designed. You can create projects in the app and further break them into sub-tasks to go ahead step by step. You can easily assign work description, duties, and the deadline for every task. The app has helped the team in managing the assignments and avoid all the confusion before its implementation. ProofHub portal is the go-to place for all our team members, and we are remarkably benefiting from its services.


Thousands of useful apps have been released across the app stores over the years. The majority of them are identical to one another and don’t offer anything useful. But these apps, as mentioned above, have been the top picks of many users. With thousands of users worldwide and excellent ratings, they easily stood out from the crowd. 

There are many books, articles, and tips available on being more productive and managing your time. In terms of efficiency, though, nothing tops time management apps. They are the most popular time management apps among students because of their easy accessibility, free features, and modern technology. Start using the applications mentioned above and see how your habits improve significantly over time.