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          Top Universities in

        New Zealand

Offering great views, high quality of life, and a unique approach towards education, the top universities in New Zealand can open gates of success to give a head start boost to your career.

Top Universities in New Zealand

New Zealand ranks second in the Global Peace Index 2020 and offers quality teaching, practical knowledge, and numerous research centers leading to a rise in the number of international students every year. Working along with studies helps the students to earn money to cover up their expenses easily. Approximately 18% of the international students were made up of university students in New Zealand as per the official statistics from the Ministry of Education.

The courses in New Zealand are of varying lengths and levels pertaining to the student’s requirement. The class size is very small in New Zealand leading to effective student-teacher interaction. The universities have set the benchmark in research facilities ensuring that teaching quality is maintained.  After the completion of the degree, students get recruited in highly skilled occupation sectors like Healthcare, Science, and Engineering. Top companies like Barfoot and Thompson, Alliance Group, Genesis Energy, and Grove Mill are the few names that hire students from top universities in New Zealand.

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Top Universities in New Zealand

Below is a list of Top Universities in New Zealand you can look out for your abroad studies

1. University of Auckland

University of Auckland Top Universities in New Zealand

Established in 1883, the University of Auckland is considered to be one of the most prestigious universities hosting more than 40,000 children on five different campuses. The university believes in promoting education by dissemination of knowledge through proper teaching, research, and learning. According to the QS World University Ranking, the University of Auckland ranks number 1 in New Zealand and 179th in the World. Known for its commitment towards students, it provides equal opportunities to all the potential candidates. The university offers a wide range of more than 140 programs to study for undergraduate students. Generating around $230 million in annual research revenue, Auckland University was also the top performer in the Performance-Based Research Fund (PBRF) in all the components. The university discovered fighting antibacterial resistance, contributed to the world, and created a special identity. The applicants are admitted through IELTS and TOEFL. The alumni from the university have achieved high posts at various positions including Vincent Cheng as the Chairman of HSBC and Helen Clark who was the 37th Prime Minister of New Zealand. 

Popular fields of study at the University of Auckland include-

  • Creative Arts
  • Social Work
  • Law
  • Mental and Health Sciences

2. University of Otago

University of Otago Top Universities in New Zealand

Founded in 1869, the university has maintained its reputation by providing a research-led learning environment. The faculty at the University of Otago are experts in their fields and their experience over the years has provided the world with highly skilled professionals. The university holds 2nd position in New Zealand according to the QS Wolrd University Rankings. Being one of the oldest universities in New Zealand, it has surrounded itself with the latest technology and an award-winning library to cheer up the student community. Offering some brilliant courses to undergraduate and postgraduate students, the university has welcomed students from around the world. The list of alumni includes medical researcher Muriel Bell and Astrophysicist Mazlan Othman. It accepts the application of candidates through TOEFL, IELTS, and Duolingo English Test.

Popular fields of study at the University of Otago-

  • Health Sciences 
  • Humanities
  • Business Management
  • Science

3. Auckland University of Technology

Auckland University of Technology Top Universities in New Zealand

Auckland University of Technology aims to create world-ready graduates by offering them a great learning experience. The university follows specific guidelines and principles to help the students find a successful path. The theoretical and practical knowledge among AUT graduates is so strong that 94% of the students find employment within 9 months of graduation. According to the QS  World University Rankings, the AUT hold 3rd position in New Zealand. The academic staff of the university is really supportive and involves students with them in their key projects to enhance their confidence and skills.  The candidate can be admitted through IELTS, TOEFL, CAE, and Pearson Test of English. Auckland University of Technology has contributed in various research fields like Space Research and Artificial Intelligence.

Popular fields of study at the Auckland University of Technology include-

  • Visual Arts
  • Human Resource Management
  • Public Relations
  • Fashion Design
  • Criminology and Criminal Studies

4. University of Canterbury

University of Canterbury Top Universities in New Zealand

Founded in 1873, the University of Canterbury is the second oldest university in New Zealand. The university believes in providing practical knowledge and helps the students to test their abilities and skills by helping them in finding internships. Holding a 4rth position in New Zealand according to the QS World University Ranking, UC has helped students to flourish each day. It offers a degree in numerous fields and has world-known researchers. Potential candidates easily find employment after completing their education. The university alumni list includes Eleanor Catton who won the 2013  Man Booker prize and Ernest Rutherford who discovered conventional models of the atom. The university accepts the application of candidates through IELTS, TOEFL, CPE, and CCEL.

Popular fields of study at the University of Canterbury include-

  • Financial Management
  • Digital Humanities
  • Forestry
  • Sociology
  • Software Engineering

5. Lincoln University

Lincoln University Top Universities in New Zealand

Founded in 1878, Lincoln University facilitates excellent research and education believing in the students to grow the future. The university attracts students from both urban and rural areas to make the campus diverse and positive. Around  40% of the students on the campus are International students. Believing in a better future, the university has 14 research centers focusing on different topics such as food, environment and biodiversity. It collaborates with various industries to provide training in real-time. The third oldest university in New Zealand, LU has produced various scholar alumni working at the high post and is recognized worldwide. Sir Graeme Harrison, the chairman of ANZCO Foods is the fifth largest exporter of New Zealand. Offering courses to both undergraduate and graduate students in various departments, the applications for the university are accepted through IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, NZCEL and Cambridge English.

The popular fields of study at Lincoln University include-

  • Agribusiness
  • Engineering
  • Social Science
  • Tourism
  • Law

6. Massey University

Massey University Top Universities in New Zealand

With a belief in diversity, Massey University provides equal opportunities to potential candidates. The university offers a wide number of courses to students and provides in-depth teaching at the research centers. A deep commitment to innovation, Massey University has helped many students shape their careers. Various alumni events happen year after year to strengthen the relationship with the passed out students. A university council governs Massey University which is responsible for the property and concern of the university. The university accepts the application of candidates through IELTS, TOEFL, and PTE. Being different from the rest, Massey is the only university in New Zealand that offers degrees in aviation, nanoscience, and veterinary medicine. It lays focus not only on education but also on fitness, games, and programs.

Popular fields of study at Massey University include-

  • Creative Arts
  • Health
  • Humanities and Social Science
  • Medicine

7. University of Waikato

University of Waikato Top Universities in New Zealand

Established in 1964, the University of Waikato is committed to delivering world-class education to create a pool of skilled individuals. The university has seen a growth of international students for accepting the challenges of different industries and successfully converting them into opportunities. A smoke-free campus, it pays a large concern towards health and medicine. Having the top class facility and following the principles of professionalism, the university never fails to make an impact in the field of research.

Popular fields of study at the University of Waikato include-

  • Chemistry 
  • Physics
  • Health
  • Design

The universities in New Zealand have helped graduate students to build their careers through extensive training and quality teaching. Students after graduating from these top universities in New Zealand tend to earn an average salary of around $77,088. The universities in New Zealand puts you in a good place by helping you embrace your English skills through plenty of resources. New Zealand is the perfect destination for both adventure and higher education. More than 8 universities feature in the QS World University Rankings.  A population of less than 5 million, New Zealand offers the best living conditions, providing education in diverse fields. Excellent opportunities, low fees, and an open environment are the top factors considered by students to study in New Zealand.







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