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TU Munich University MBA Review

TUM School of Management prepares students to become responsible managers and leaders at the intersection of management and technology by providing them with a comprehensive understanding of contemporary management approaches.

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TUM MBA Introduction





Course Duration

18 Months


Course Fee





The program will help you obtain excellent management training through our many academic bachelor’s, master’s, doctorate, and TUM MBA programmes. Depending on the programme, you will also receive extensive knowledge and skills in engineering, natural sciences, and consumer sciences. Pursuing courses in domains such as Innovation & Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Strategy & Leadership, Operations & Supply Chain Management, Finance & Accounting, or Economics & Policy will help you improve your personal profile. All of our programmes feature internationally recognised lecturers, regular tutorials, small group seminars, and technology-enhanced learning aids, as well as great instruction.

 You can set your career path with some of the world’s largest global organisations early on thanks to our corporate partner network. International programmes allow you to immerse yourself in other academic cultures while also combining the strengths of universities from various nations. The TUM School of Management is an excellent place to begin your worldwide career.


TUM MBA Class Profile

TUM MBA program offers you a part-time higher education program that gives you the flexibility to complete your studies along with your personal and professional responsibilities. Due to program’s requirements, TU Munich’s AdCom looks for candidates with an average work experience of an average 11 years.

Furthermore, the program offers candidates to mingle with students with a wide variety of experiences from various domains. In terms of professional experience, the program’s previous batches have witnessed about 43% candidates from the Engineering Industry, about 18% from IT and Telecommunications industry, 9% from consulting and so on.

Average Age




Average GPA


Average Work Ex

11 Years

TU Munich MBA Acceptance Rate

With the program’s extensive admission application policy, the program offers an acceptance rate of 8%. This means that out of every 100 candidates, only 8 candidates are selected for the program.

To ensure your admission in the program, you need to build a holistic profile that highlights your leadership or management skills. Apart from these, another way of ensuring your admission is to apply for the program as soon as the admission process is initiated by the program administration.

Acceptance rate – 8%

Program and Curriculum of TU Munich MBA

With 7 core modules and 2 elective modules, TUM MBA program provides a wide range of curriculum to its cohort. With its focus on leadership and personal development programs, you can also complete the program and gain international experience through this program.

Core Course

  • Strategy & Organization
  • stakeholder management
  • Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Digital Transformation
  • Organizational Change & Communication
  • Leadership & Cooperation
  • International Management & Intercultural Cooperation
  • Finance & Accounting
  • Leadership & Personal Development


  • Financial & Risk Management
  • Leadership & Strategic Management
  • Business Development & Innovation Management
  • Operations & Supply Chain Management

Extra Activities

TUM Munich provides various things of your interests such as competitions, internship opportunities, study abroad courses, and exchange programs and also gives fellowships to students. The course structure and activities will develop you into a skilled person and will make you ready to walk into the business world.

International experience 

A study trip is offered to the students as a part of their curriculum with the program’s partner universities in USA or China. 


  • Adam Smith Society
  • CleanTech Group
  • Energy Finance Group
  • Graduate Entrepreneurship and Innovation Club
  • MBA Tech Club
  • Graduate Consulting Group
  • International MBA Student Association
  • MBA Christian Fellowship

Eligibility and Requirements TU Munich MBA


  • Master’s entry qualification – Bachelor, Diploma, Magister, “Staatsexamen”
  • Minimum 3 years of relevant full-time professional experience, (leadership experience is an advantage)
  • Proficiency in English 
  • Passing the multi-stage admissions process successfully
  • Work Experience- You are required to have a minimum of 2 years of professional full-time work experience. It cannot be an internship or apprenticeship. This is how all your peers will be professionals and you will get to learn from them. And you can share your insights and experience with your fellow learners
  • GMAT or GRE   test scores – All the applicants are required to submit the GRE or GMAT exam scores. There is no minimum criteria for the scores, but 660+ in GMAT and 160 in GRE can help enhance your chances of getting in.

Document Related to the Application

  • Resume
  • Essays
  • Letter of Recommendation
  • GMAT or GRE test score
  • TOEFL or IELTS test score
  • Transcripts

TU Munich MBA Deadlines

Every year TUM MBA is known to open admission portals for both national and international students. Candidates with an overall developed profile is known to receive admit from the program. Students are known to receive admit from a number of industries and backgrounds.

One of the best sides of opting for TUM MBA program is that it offers a rolling deadline to its candidates. Hence, you can apply for the program as per your convenience. However, keep in mind that the program closes its application portal once its seats gets full. Hence, it is generally recommended that you apply for the program as soon as possible.

Winter semester 2022/23: 01 Oct .2022 – 31 March 2023
Summer semester 2023: 01 April 2023 – 30 Sept 2023

TU Munich MBA Employment

About 37% of the students work in the engineering as well as industrial sector. While 38% studied Economics and 35% have an academic background in Engineering Science.





Top Sectors Hiring TU Munich MBA Graduates

Companies recruiting from TU Munich MBA


  • Deloitte
  • McKinsey & Co.
  • PricewaterhouseCoopers
  • Bain & Co.
  • Oliver Wyman
  • A.T. Kearney


  • Liberty Mutual
  • Citi
  • Morgan Stanley
  • Goldman Sachs
  • JP Morgan
  • Bank of America Merrill


  • Google
  • Wipro
  • Apple
  • Sabre holdings

TU Munich MBA Alumni Info

After completing the TUM MBA program, you will become a part of the program’s vibrant alumni group. As a part of the program’s community, you will not only get to learn from other alumni but also get an opportunity to mentor the program’s current cohort.

Some Famous Alumni

  • Fiore Cappelletto
  • Coco Hannemann
  • Katherina Schwarz

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Application Essay for TU Munich MBA

Letter of Motivation
Tell us about your motivation to pursue the TUM MBA in Innovation & Business Creation and why you are a perfect fit for the program (1-2 pages, in English).

Please outline what you hope to gain from participating in the program and how your peers can benefit from your skills and experience. Also specify your qualifications and knowledge and tell us about extracurricular activities and project experiences. Please also relate to your objectives for the future, your entrepreneurial aspirations, or how you want to be an entrepreneurial leader within your organization or society.

Answer one of the questions below (1-2 pages, in English). This essay is supposed to be about the past. Tell us what you did and particularly how you did it. What was the outcome and the response by the people in your environment?

A) Tell us about an entrepreneurial opportunity you seized.
B) Tell us about a challenging time in your career you had to go through.
How did you face the situation and what are the key learnings you have

Letter of Recommendation for TU Munich MBA

The TUM MBA application for the UT Austin McCombs School of Business includes the following recommendation questions.

Professional LOR 

  • Please provide a brief description of your interaction with the applicant and, if applicable, the applicant’s role in your organisation. (Recommended word count: 50 words)
  • How does the performance of the applicant compare to that of other well-qualified individuals in similar roles? (E.g. What are the applicant’s principal strengths?) (Recommended word count: 250 words)
  • Describe the most important piece of constructive feedback you have given the applicant. Please detail the circumstances and the applicant’s response. (Recommended word count: 250 words)
  • Is there anything else we should know? (Optional)

Interview Questions for TU Munich MBA

The admission-interview is held in English by our admission committee. During the interview, alongside English skills, the applicant’s motivation, dedication, abilities and experiences will be assessed.

Q: What would be the biggest challenge for you during the program?
Q: Introduce yourself.
Q: Why TU Munich?
Q: Describe a situation where you came up with a unique solution.
Q: What has been the biggest challenge so far?
Q: Why TUM MBA and why now?
Q: What did you learn as a professional, especially from the impact of the Covid-19?
Q: Which other schools have to apply to?
Q: What are your short- and long-term career goals? Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Q: What do you plan to bring to the McCombs environment when you are in school AND afterwards?

Q: Tell me about a time you’ve worked with someone of a different perspective, culture, etc. to yourself and what you learned?
Q: What did you learn through this application process?
Q: Tell me a piece of constructive criticism you’ve received and implemented that feedback
Q: A time when you made a decision with limited data. Looking back would you have changed anything?
Q: A time when you had to deal with an extremely difficult employee. How did you deal with the situation?
Q: If you were the CEO of your company, what are the three things that would keep you awake?
Q: Why did you choose the list of organisations you want to work with post-MBA?
Q: How do you plan to land a job with them?
Q: What do you do for fun?
Q: What would you say is the weakest and strongest part of your application?
Q: Give me an example of a time you faced a conflict while working on a team. How did you handle that?

What Makes TU Munich MBA Unique

Here are a few facts about TU Munich that makes it unique-

  • TUM consists of about 11 schools and departments out of which 6 are integrated Research institutions whereas 7 are corporate research centers.
  • The program boasts to have 11,505 staff members along with 182 degree programs.
  • The program is known for its stringent admission policy and hence has an acceptance rate of 8%.
  • The program do not focus on the candiadtes GPA scores and hence, there is no specific GPA requirements. The AdCom prefers candidates with a holistic profile.
  • TU munich does not offer any conditional admission offer. Hence, it would be for the best if you submit all the required documents within the given admission application deadline.


By giving them a thorough understanding of modern management techniques, TUM School of Management trains students to become responsible managers and leaders at the nexus of management and technology. Thanks to our corporate partner network, you can choose your career path early on with some of the biggest international organisations. International programmes provide you the chance to fully experience other academic cultures while fusing the advantages of colleges from other countries. The TUM School of Management is a great place to start a global career.




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Is the TU Munich good for an MBA?

The University of Texas-Austin has been ranked number 18 in Best Business Schools. Apart from these, it has been ranked no. 8 in a Part-time MBA.

Is it hard to get into TU Munich School of Business?

Yes, receiving admission into the TU Munich is highly competitive.

How much GMAT score is required to get into the TU Munich?

A GMAT score of 700+ is required to get into the program. An average GMAT of 708 is required to get into the program.

What are the different types of MBA programs that you can get into the TU Munich?

The TU Munich offers multiple types of programs. Some of these are the Full-Time program, Part-Time program, and the Executive MBA program.

Is GRE required for TU Munich?

Applicants who are applying for master’s program need to apply for a VPD or Preliminary documentation through uni-assist along with applying for TUM. Apart from these, there are some degree courses in which you can give GRE scores.