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UBC Sauder MiM Application

Tips & suggestions to perfect your UBC Sauder Masters in Management Application

| About UBC Sauder

UBC MiM gives students an opportunity to learn the fundamental principles of business and management, from accounting to strategic management to finance to marketing, in a collaborative, creative environment. In just 9 months of study, the UBC MiM allows students to accelerate their career with a degree designed for today’s business world.

| Class Profile

Recommended GMAT Score

  • Class Size : 39
  • Average Age : 23 years
  • Female : 56%
  • International students : 51%

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UBC Sauder MiM Essays

Three Short Essays

UBC Suader Resume

Two Page CV

UBC Sauder MiM LOR

Two Letters of Recommendation

UBC Sauder MiM Essay Questions and Answer Tips

Q1. What motivates you to pursue an MM at this time?
(Word Limit: 200 Words)

 A:  To go about this answer, you need to clearly present the factors which motivated you towards pursuing this program. Firstly, mention your current work experience and skill-set and then showcase the need for pursuing the program at this point in your professional journey. It could be anything from starting your own company post-MIM or working in a field which you are passionate about (Eg: Investment banking, consulting etc.) Your intent behind the decision along with your future goals- both short-term and long-term, should be the main focus of this answer.

Q2. Why do you feel Sauder’s MM Program is a good fit for you? How do you plan to get the most out of your MM journey and the cohort community? 

(Word Limit: 200 words)

A: The motive behind asking this question is to know whether or not you are aware of how Sauder’s MM Program aligns with your goals and is good for you in what ways. Here, you should mention the specific features and offerings of the schools and the program that you are interested in. For the second part, you need to talk about how you plan to make the most out of this opportunity. It could be anything from joining clubs to taking part in exchange programs. The Adcom wants to know in what ways can you add value to the programso intertwine your past experiences with the answer to showcase how you are a valuable candidate.

Q3. What are your career goals over the next 3-5 years and what, in your imagination, would be your long-term dream job? 

(Word Limit: 500 Words)

A: This answer needs to cover your short and long-term goals and plans. Start by answering your short-term goals and where do you wish to work upon completion of the program and then talk about your long-term dream job. It is important to state the reasons for your goals while also relating them to the program. For example- If your dream company is Boston consulting group, you need to support this statement with a strong reason about why BCG. In this answer, you need to paint a picture of the future you, 5 years from now and talk about how you are going to work towards achieving those goals.



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