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Sauder School of Business MBA Essays: Sample Answers and Tips

UBC Sauder MBA Essays & Deadlines: Analysis, Tips & Dates

To pursue an MBA at the University of British Columbia's Sauder School of Business is a transformative step towards achieving your career aspirations. Crafting your application, particularly the Sauder School of Business MBA essays, is a crucial component that requires thoughtful reflection and strategic preparation.

These essays offer you the unique opportunity to showcase your personality, ambitions, and the value you will bring to the Sauder community. As a study abroad expert, I aim to guide you through creating compelling narratives that resonate with the admissions committee. 

Sauder School of Business MBA Essays 2023-24

Before going deeper, let me explain the purpose of these Sauder MBA program Essays. This is an opportunity for the admission committee to analyse whether they are selecting the perfect candidate. Your target is to overcome this challenge with good marks. Hence, the main things that you need to highlight as per the question are your past experiences, professional knowledge, extracurricular activities, skills, and career goals. Also, a thorough analysis of Sauder’s website is needed to understand its values, growth opportunities, and curriculum.

Remember, there is a word limit for each question. Please stick to it.

Sauder School of Business MBA Essay 1sauder school of business mba essays

Question 1: What actions will you take to contribute to creating a respectful and positive Robert H. Lee (RHL) community and cohort experience? (200 Words)

Sauder School of Business MBA Essay 1: Personalized Tips 

  • First and foremost, go through the university website and analyse the clubs, societies, and opportunities provided. Understand which aligns with you and your aspirations.
  • Then, start by expressing how important this opportunity is for you. Here, you can write about the change or positive impact that you aim to create in future. 
  • Now, connect this aspiration with any of Sauder's activities or clubs. Remember, you need to clearly mention why a specific club aligns with your aspirations and what you aim to do in it. 
  • Depending on the work you aim to do, you can emphasise your leadership, organisational, communication, and teamwork skills here. Do mention the positive impact you aim to create in the Sauder community by doing these activities.

Sauder MBA Essay 1: Personal Statement Sample Answers

In my dedication to nurturing a friendly and respectful community within the Robert H. Lee (RHL) cohort, I will lead efforts focusing on mental health advocacy and community bonding. Acknowledging the different struggles individuals face, from accepting themselves to adjusting to new surroundings and academic pressures, I will actively work on raising awareness about mental health.

Proposing outdoor activities like treks and camping expeditions, I aim to provide a refreshing escape from academic stress and facilitate stronger connections among RHL members. Facing challenges in nature together can strengthen bonds and improve the sense of togetherness within the community.

Furthermore, I intend to arrange uplifting workshops featuring successful leaders from various fields. These sessions will share insights into personal journeys, obstacles, and achievements, inspiring and promoting a positive outlook among students. Through these combined efforts, I aim to contribute to a supportive and welcoming RHL environment, emphasising both mental well-being and community unity.

Note: Do remember that the word limit of this question is 200. So, please stick to that.

Sauder School of Business MBA Essay 2

sauder school of business mba essays

Question 2: What motivates you to pursue an MBA at this time? How does UBC Sauder’s MBA Program align with your life goals and values? (500 words)

Sauder School of Business MBA Essay 2: Personalized Tips

  • Ponder on what you are missing in your skill set or your professional life. That might be a lack of exposure to the business world, the ability to make complex decisions, or the inability to take leadership roles. 
  • See what UBC Sauder’s MBA would provide you to mitigate these issues. Here, you can write about the courses, esteemed faculty, clubs, alumni, etc. Do mention how their qualities align well with your personality and what skills you would gain from them
  • Take your next step, specifying your career goal. Clearly mention your short-term goal, that is, the designation and the name of the firm in which you aim to work. Write how this would help you achieve your career goal. Frame your answer so that everything aligns perfectly. 
  • Finally, mention your long-term goal and the positive impact you aim to create in this world, whether through addressing industry obstacles, fostering innovation, or advancing social progress. Ensure that your long-term goals align with your values and resonate with your passion for effecting positive change.

Sauder MBA Essay 2: Personal Statement Sample Answers

Amidst the dynamic shifts in the business landscape, my professional trajectory has been influenced by hands-on experiences within my previous venture and a strategic pivot towards the technology sector at McKinsey & Company. The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic brought to light the vulnerabilities in our former family business, Dynamic Enterprises, which predominantly operated within the hospitality industry.

During my tenure within the family business, I oversaw administrative functions, particularly focusing on supply chain logistics and post-sale services. However, the global health crisis prompted me to reevaluate my career path, propelling me towards an executive position at McKinsey & Company, where I delved into the technology domain. In this new role, I quickly grasped the importance of harmonising technical expertise with strategic insight, prioritising practical implementation over mere theoretical planning.

Motivated by this revelation, I am now determined to pursue an MBA. I envision a future where I can strategically contribute to the growth of my family business and eventually expand its reach nationally. The MBA program at UBC Sauder, renowned for its comprehensive curriculum and hands-on learning opportunities, stands out as the ideal platform for embarking on this transformative journey.

My overarching career aspiration remains unwavering: to elevate and expand our family business. To achieve this goal effectively, I recognise the imperative of transitioning from tactical execution to strategic planning. The disruptions brought about by the pandemic have underscored this necessity, prompting me to seek advanced education that can bridge the gaps in my skill set.

The MBA Program at UBC Sauder perfectly aligns with my aspirations. The extensive curriculum, focused on experiential learning, is designed to bridge my current knowledge gaps. Offering elective subjects like Managing Information Technology and Business Intelligence for Management expands my business acumen, adding to my pre-existing technical prowess. Additionally, UBC's global immersion initiative is vital to my ambition. It offers real-world international exposure, fostering interactions with a diverse ensemble of peers and professionals. This multicultural exchange will broaden my understanding and prepare me aptly for the intricacies involved in managing a nationwide family enterprise.

By actively engaging in the MBA Society, Management Consulting Club, and the mentorship programs at the Sauder Business Career Centre, I intend to gain practical exposure and establish professional connections. This will enhance my learning journey by creating a dynamic atmosphere of continuous knowledge acquisition.

In essence, my decision to pursue an MBA at UBC Sauder is a strategic move to acquire the skill set needed for my long-term goal. It is not merely an academic pursuit but a holistic, experiential journey that resonates with my values of continuous improvement, innovation, and global perspectives. This MBA is not just a degree; it's a transformative bridge that will elevate my capabilities and contribute meaningfully to the expansion of my family business.

Note: Maintain the word limit of 500 provided by the university.

Sauder School of Business MBA Essay 3

sauder school of business mba essays

Question 3: What does responsible leadership mean to you in the context of equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI)? (500 words)  

Sauder School of Business MBA Essay 3: Personalized Tips

  • Now, this question is quite interesting, isn’t it? Because here, you have the opportunity to demonstrate your leadership skills.
  • Before writing your essay, you have to consider some factors. A responsible leader would consider everybody’s opinions, like the employees, customers, or communities, and move in an unbiased manner. Similarly, write your definition of leadership.
  • Next, provide your definition of EDI. What do equity, diversity, and inclusion mean to you, and how do they align with your leadership philosophy?
  • Then, move on to stating instances where you, as a leader, championed EDI initiatives. Describe what you did to promote EDI in particular and how effective it was. If you have faced challenges, state what they were and how you overcame them.
  • Now that you have implemented EDI in the past, you can write how you would like to use this at UBC Sauder. You can write about the projects or clubs in which you would participate. Then, write how you would bring this point into action.
  • Also, dedicating a paragraph to showcase how you would implement EDI in your future goals would be a bonus point. 

Sauder MBA Essay 3: Personal Statement Sample Answers

Responsible leadership, especially concerning Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI), holds significant importance to me and is rooted deeply in my core values and experiences. The challenges faced during my tenure at a multinational corporation in the tech industry reinforced this belief. Witnessing the disparities in access to opportunities and resources among employees from different backgrounds underscored the critical role of responsible leadership in fostering an inclusive environment.

In my role as a team leader, I encountered diverse challenges that demanded effective communication and understanding across various demographics. Collaborating with team members spanning different age groups and cultural backgrounds emphasised the importance of patience, empathy, and bridging gaps in perspectives. Overcoming these challenges required learning from each other's experiences and fostering a culture of mutual respect and collaboration.

Furthermore, participating in the company's diversity and inclusion initiatives highlighted the importance of proactive measures in promoting equity and inclusivity. Engaging in mentorship programs aimed at supporting underrepresented groups in the tech industry provided firsthand insight into the barriers they face. This experience underscored that responsible leadership entails not only advocating for diversity but also actively creating pathways for underrepresented individuals to thrive.

Additionally, my involvement in community outreach programs, such as partnering with local schools to promote STEM education among marginalised youth, further reinforced the principles of responsible leadership. By actively addressing systemic barriers to education and empowering disadvantaged communities, we can work towards a more equitable society.

Moreover, fostering a culture of inclusion within the company involved implementing policies and practices that value and respect diversity. From inclusive hiring practices to providing resources for professional development, responsible leadership requires a holistic approach to creating an environment where everyone feels valued and supported.

In conclusion, responsible leadership in the context of EDI means recognising and addressing the unique challenges faced by individuals from diverse backgrounds. It involves taking proactive steps to promote equity, fostering empathy and understanding, and creating inclusive environments where everyone has the opportunity to succeed.

Note: The word limit is 500. Hence, don't write more.

Deadlines for 2024 Entry

sauder school of business mba essays

The UBC Sauder School of Business has three application deadlines for its MBA program. In this blog post, we'll take a closer look at the UBC Sauder MBA deadlines, discuss the best round to apply, and explore the benefits of applying early to get admission in MBA colleges in Canada. For the 2024 intake,  UBC Sauder School of Business has set the following application deadlines:

Round 1 April 16, 2024
Round 2 July 16, 2024
Round 3 October 1, 2024
Supporting Documents October 15, 2024
Official Documents  Deadline November 19, 2024

You can check the Sauder MBA admissions page to get more information.


In conclusion, crafting compelling Sauder School of Business MBA essays is paramount in portraying yourself as a standout candidate in the application process. Through a thorough comprehension of the essay prompts, adeptly aligning your responses with the school's values, and skillfully showcasing your distinctive qualities, you can significantly enhance your prospects of gaining admission to the esteemed MBA colleges in Australia.

Remember, the UBC Sauder MBA deadlines are approaching, so be sure to plan and submit your application in a timely manner. Best of luck as you start on this exciting journey towards advancing your career and personal development!

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