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UBC MBA Review

At UBC Sauder business school, you can experience life-changing study, work, and travel opportunities. The full-time, 16-month Master of Business Administration (MBA) programme at UBC Sauder’s Robert H. Lee Graduate School also known as UBC MBA offers high-achieving, ambitious professionals the opportunity to advance their careers.

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Sauder School Of Business (UBC MBA) Introduction



International Students



Alumni Network






Course Duration

16 Months


Course Fee

CAD 90,056




At UBC Sauder business school, you can experience life-changing study, work, and travel opportunities. The full-time, 16-month Master of Business Administration (MBA) programme at UBC Sauder’s Robert H. Lee Graduate School offers high-achieving, ambitious professionals the opportunity to advance their careers. Looking for fresh possibilities? Do you want to be the best in your field? Considering starting a business? The UBC MBA will challenge your thinking, provide new insights, and assist you in realising your personal and professional goals.

You’ll have life-changing career, study, and travel options while studying UBC MBA. With the obligatory Global Immersion Experience, you’ll earn international consulting experience while travelling worldwide. Take advantage of UBC’s game-changing alumni for mentorship and networking opportunities to pursue your dream of becoming a great entrepreneur. UBC MiM is one of the popular courses.

With UBC’s tailored career tracks like Technology & Analytics Leadership, Finance, Product & Service Management, and Innovation & Entrepreneurship, you may gain the advanced business skills required in today’s economy.

UBC MBA Class Profile

Consisting of students from about 42 nationalities, UBC MBA gives the opportunity to connect with all these people from different backgrounds and enhance their perspectives. The diversity of backgrounds is not only limited to cultural distinctions but also, to the work and life experiences that make an individual unique. These alumni with more than 5 years of experience will help you widen your network a great deal.

Average Age





Average Work Ex

6 Years

Average GPA


Class Size


UBC MBA Acceptance Rate

UBC Sauder is a prestigious business school with a varied MBA cohort. The admit rate at UBC Sauder is 6%, making the business school very competitive compared to other Canadian universities.

Acceptance rate – 6%

Program and Curriculum of UBC Sauder MBA

UBC Sauder School of Business Best Business Schools in Canada

The UBC MBA programme integrates an innovative curriculum with modern technology and innovative teaching methods to educate the most up-to-date theoretical and applied knowledge.

Core Course

  • Accounting
  • Intro to finance
  • Organizational behaviour
  • Marketing fundamentals
  • Operations fundamentals
  • Managerial/micro-economics
  • Fundamentals of analytics and tech


  • Finance
  • Product & Service Management
  • Innovation & Entrepreneurship
  • Technology & Analytics Leadership
  • Custom

Extra Activities

MBA Society

The MBA Society is the student body for the Robert H. Lee Graduate School of the UBC Sauder School of Business’s MBA programme. UBC MBAN is also one of the popular courses at the University. 

Over 200 current Full-time, Professional, and International MBAs make up the Society. In addition, more than 20 nations are represented, and a wide range of academic specialties and professional job experiences.

The society enriches each of its members’ academic and extracurricular experiences through the operation of several clubs, representatives, and an executive council. In addition, the society strives to raise awareness and equity of the UBC Sauder School of Business brand by creating partnerships in the local and worldwide business community.

Now, let’s skim through the clubs available within the MBA society for the students:

  • Net Impact Club: Net Impact is a non-profit organisation made up of students and professionals who use the power of business to make the world a better place for everyone.
  • Product & Service Management Club: The PSM Club’s mission is to engage and educate students who are interested in marketing, brand strategy, operations, supply chain management, and product and service management.
  • Finance Club: The MBA Finance Club connects finance professionals in the community with the UBC Sauder School of Business.
  • Innovation & Entrepreneurship Club: UBC Sauder aims to foster entrepreneurship growth and passion by providing access to entrepreneurial tools, networking with local entrepreneurs, creating an environment that fosters creativity, and assisting members in cultivating and developing ideas.
  • Women in Business: The Sauder Women in Business Club (WIB) is a safe area where women can gain trust, empowerment, and confidence while working together to achieve their goals, support one another, and learn how to make the world a more equal place.

Mentorship & training programs:

The Hari B. Varshney Business Career Centre collaborates with a bright and dedicated network of professionals, including UBC Sauder alumni, to deliver mentorship and training programmes that will help you advance your career and find a job.

Now, let’s discuss about these mentorship programs briefly:

  • Brand Management Mentorship Program: This intense curriculum focuses on helping Sauder students achieve coveted brand management positions with big global brands. Professor Tim Silk facilitates the programme, which is guided by alumni marketing experts who share their knowledge of how to succeed in the interview process and in the job.
  • MBA Mentor Program: The MBA Mentor Program, will give you the chance to form a long-term relationship with an experienced business leader who can assist you in developing your leadership skills. You’ll also gain knowledge of various industries and business activities, as well as corporate strategy and how executives deal with difficult situations.
  • Strategy Consulting Mentorship Program: Alumni who work in the strategy consulting business manage the UBC Strategy Consulting Mentorship Program. After successfully completing a simulated case, the programme allows high-achieving students (with strong academic performance and a GMAT of 700+) to be interviewed by consulting firms.

Eligibility and Requirements of Getting Into UBC MBA

Eligibility and Requirements


  • Students applying to the MBA program at UBC Sauder must have a three or four-year Bachelor’s degree with a B+ average or recognized equivalent from an accredited institution.
  • Please note that three-year degrees are accepted only for students from the UK, Australia, New Zealand, and Europe. 
  • Mail transcripts, degree certificates and translations
  • Transcripts are not required for applicants who earned their degrees at UBC.
  • (A GMAT score of 550 with at least a 50th percentile in the quantitative and verbal sections of the test) or (A GRE score of 155 GRE score on both the verbal and quantitative sections).
    • To get an advantage over other applicants, students must have a 650 GMAT OR 320+ GRE score in combined verbal and quantitative sections.
    • Students must score at least 100 on the TOEFL Exam Home Edition test, 600 on the Print test, and 250 on the Computer test. 
    • Students must score at least 7.0 overall band in their IELTS Exam.
    • At least 70 in PTE – Academic.
    • At least 70 overall band in CAEL
    • Students must have atleast two years of full-time work experience after completing Bachelor’s degree.
    • Students must have at least 3 to 5 years of full-time work experience, to gain an advantage over other applicants.
    • Two references are required for all UBC MBA applicants. 
    • Professional references are preferred and must fill out the reference form online. Separate letters are not accepted.

    Document Related to the Application

    • Transcripts/degree certificates/translation
    • Two Letters of recommendation
    • GMAT or GRE test results
    • English Proficiency Exam results
    • Two passport-style photographs used for identification purposes only

    The application fee for the direct application is CAD 151.25.

    Deadlines of UBC Sauder School Of Business MBA

    UBC Sauder business school has separate timelines fixed for Canadian and International students. The deadline dates for both are somewhat similar, but it’s different for the final round. Canadian students get to sit for a total of 4 rounds(3 rounds + Final round), whereas international students get a chance to appear for 3 rounds(2 rounds + Final round).

    Employment/Placement After Completing MBA from UBC Sauder School of Business

    what to do after engineering

    UBC Sauder business school has a good placement rate. Around 79% of MBA graduates got employed within 90 days of completing their graduation. The average salary of an UBC MBA graduate is $89,681. The range of salary lies in between $41,500 – $204,000 for the MBA graduates of UBC Sauder.

    CAD 89,681

    Average Starting Salary



    Top Sectors Hiring UBC Sauder School of Business MBA Graduates

    Employers of UBC MBA Graduates:

    UBC MBA Sauder Alumni Info

    At UBC Sauder, you can connect with the vast alumni network working across the globe at noteworthy positions. Students can leverage the amazing alumni network to accelerate their careers.

    Some Famous Alumni

    • Jordan Cash- Owner, Cartems Donuterie
    • Kerry Costello- COO, Co-Founder, HeadCheck Health
    • Jaclyn McPhadden- Co-Founder RecycleSmart
    • Kim Zatlyn- Director, Product Marketing, Salesforce

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    Application Essay for UBC Sauder MBA

    Essay 1: What are your motivations to pursue an MBA? (200 Words)

    Essay 2: What excites you about the UBC MBA Program? How do you plan to get the most out of this journey? (200 Words)

    Essay3: The UBC MBA program prepares leaders who seek to create value for the world. Please describe a situation in which you created value for an organization or group. What was the outcome? We encourage you to consider your contributions in both professional and community settings. (500 words max.)

    Letter of Recommendation for UBC Sauder MBA

    Application to the MBA programm at UBC requires a minimum of two references. In addition, individuals willing to submit a report on your academic skills and qualifications should be asked for references.

    Applicants must give an e-mail address for each referee in the online application system. (Note that UBC Sauder does not accept referee e-mails from Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail, MSN, or other free e-mail accounts.) 

    Each referee will receive a unique link that will allow them to log in to a secure site and submit an online reference or attach a reference document. Interfolio, a U.S.-based electronic reference service, is also accepted by UBC Sauder. You can specify whether a reference is academic or professional in the application system.

    When the referee is someone you have engaged in an academic setting, the academic reference form is employed (e.g. referee was the professor of a course in which you were enrolled).

    If the reference is someone you’ve worked with professionally, the professional reference form is employed (e.g. referee was your supervisor at work).

    Interview Questions for UBC Sauder MBA

    Set 1
    Q: What would be the biggest challenge for you during the program?
    Q: Introduce yourself.
    Q: Tell us 3 key learnings from your work experience.
    Q: Why do you want to do MBA at this stage in your life/ career
    Q: Which of our values speaks to you and why?
    Q: Why MBA?
    Q: Why do you want to do MBA at this stage in your life/career?
    Q: Which other schools have to apply to?
    Q: What are your short- and long-term career goals? Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
    Q: What are things that other people do not know about you and you wish to share with admission board?

    Set 2
    Q: Which other schools did you apply to and why? Have you applied to any other school?
    Q: How would you contribute to the UBC Sauder experience?
    Q: What clubs would you like to participate in at UBC Sauder?
    Q: A time when you made a decision with limited data. Looking back would you have changed anything?
    Q: A time when you had to deal with an extremely difficult employee. How did you deal with the situation?
    Q: If you were the CEO of your company, what are the three things that would keep you awake?
    Q: Why did you choose the list of organizations you want to work with post-MBA?
    How do you plan to land a job with them?
    Q: Why did you choose the role/profile that you want to work in post-MBA?
    Q: How do you plan to find a job post-MBA? What research have you done?
    Q: Give me an example of a time you faced a conflict while working on a team. How did you handle that?

    What makes UBC Sauder MBA Unique

    Here are a few facts about UBC MBA that makes it unique-

    • Strong Alumni Network: The University of British Columbia(UBC) allows students to connect with the vast alumni network of more than 40,000 alumni spread across the globe. The UBC’s alumni are extremely helpful and welcoming as they host private art tours in London, deep dives into cryptocurrencies in Hong Kong, and Canadian Thanksgiving dinners in San Francisco. Students can expand their network to leverage their career goals.
    • Global Experience: Students at UBC Sauder will experience global exposure to expand their knowledge and career options. Students coming in from several nations and diverse backgrounds will encourage students to be more inclusive in their thinking and expand their knowledge on several social and cultural aspects of life. This will make them more than eligible to work in any professional setting worldwide.
    • Research Powerhouse: UBC is a significant research institution. UBC receives $759 million in research support each year from the government, non-profit groups, and industry, and its researchers file more than 250 patents each year. Many of the programmes feature brand new, cutting-edge buildings and facilities. At UBC, you’ll collaborate with dedicated academics as you investigate the world’s most pressing issues.
    • Experienced faculty: You’ll learn the cutting-edge business from the individuals who helped define it if you study at UBC Sauder. Professors at UBC Sauder are among the best in their disciplines. Their work has helped make it one of the best in the world for business research (Times Higher Education Academic Reputation Survey 2019 – Research placed us #37 university in the world for research reputation). This research has not only benefited local and worldwide organisations, but it has also transformed education.
    • Global Immersion Experience: The GIE is an integral part of the UBC MBA programme. It allows you to travel abroad and counsel a pre-selected international organisation on a real-world business problem. The 5-month programme begins at UBC Sauder with an introduction to the host country’s business methods and customs. After that, you’ll consult with a local company’s management team and assist them in solving some of their specific business difficulties once you’ve arrived in the country.


    Numerous international students reside in Canada, and an MBA is among the most sought-after courses by these students there. The MBA programme in Canada offers students the chance to network with business leaders and develop their managerial skills. The University of British Columbia’s MBA programme is exceptionally competitive and exclusive, with a 6% acceptance rate and only 200 students enrolled in its management courses.

    Through its Global Immersion Experience and in-class opportunities, the UBC MBA provides opportunities for work and study that can change lives. Students can develop their business skills by choosing one of four specialised tracks (finance, product and service management, innovation and entrepreneurship, or technology and analytics) or by creating their own MBA plan.


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    Is there a waiver available for GMAT at UBC Sauder for its MBA program?

    Waivers for the GMAT/GRE are not guaranteed, and they are granted on a case-by-case basis. If a waiver is not granted, applicants will be notified that a GMAT or GRE test would be required to proceed with their application.

    However, international applicants can apply for GMAT/GRE waivers until October 5, 2021, while domestic applicants can apply until January 6, 2022. Any applications, including a statement of qualification and all supporting documentation, must be submitted to qualify for the GMAT/GRE waiver.

    What are the eligibility criteria to apply for GMAT/GRE waivers for the MBA program at UBC Sauder?

    Applicants for the MBA program at UBC Sauder must fulfil one or more of the following qualifications to be considered:

    • A master’s degree with a minimum academic average of B+ or equivalent, plus at least one bachelor’s degree in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics)
    • A minimum of four quantitative courses is also required for non-STEM degrees.
    • A bachelor’s or master’s degree from UBC in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) or Commerce with a minimum academic average of B+ (76 per cent at UBC)
    • A minimum of four quantitative courses are also required for non-STEM/Commerce degrees at UBC.
    • Students must have a bachelor’s degree with a minimum academic average of B+ or equivalent and a Level III CFA designation
    • A PhD in philosophy.
    What are the fees for the MBA program at UBC Sauder?

    UBC Sauder business school charges different fees from its Canadian students and international students. Canadian students are required to pay $51,415 CAD to get enrolled in the MBA program. Whereas international students have to pay higher fees,i.e., $90,056 CAD, to become a part of the MBA program at UBC Sauder.

    What is the minimum GPA required to get admission in the MBA program at UBC Sauder business school?

    Students must have a bachelor’s degree with a B+ or 76% or above or a 3.3 average GPA to have a competitive advantage over other applicants.

    What happens if a student's Sauder School of Business programme is cancelled?

    Colleges can substitute fully qualified speakers not specified in the programme description for last-minute scheduling programmes. Due to insufficient enrollment, the University reserves the right to cancel or reschedule the dates of any executive programmes. If a programme is cancelled, the University is responsible for completely refunding the programme fee. Students should get travel insurance because no funds will be supplied for travel expenditures.

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