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What is the UBC SAUDER MiM Review?

The UBC Sauder MiM Review is an important assessment for all those people who want to get a quick understanding of the UBC Masters in Management program at University of British Columbia Sauders School of Management and understand whether the program is a correct fit for them. Apart from a brief review of the school, data about Masters in Management application process, the class profile and placement statistics upon graduation are presented.


The Program

Established as early as in 1856, UBC Sauder School of Business has been one of the top business schools in Canada and in the world since decades. The MBA program of the University consistently ranks among the Top-50 management programs in the world. The Master of Management program at the University is relatively young and has been a work in progress.

However, the signs are good as the UBC Master of Mnagement program is hovering around Top-50 in the Financial Times Ranking of MiM programs. The program was ranked 58th in 2017 and is expected to break into Top 50 once again when the rankings are released. It is the 2nd best Masters of Management Program in the continent of North America.

UBC Sauder School of Management offers two Masters of Management programs:

  • Master of Management: This is a 9-month program hand-crafted for individuals who possess a graduate degree in any non-business discipline. The program is designed to enhance the business skills of the individual and helps you to increase the career opportunities by manifold times.
  • Bachelor + Master of Management Dual Degree: This is an especially designed degree for the high school grads to opt for a 4.5-year dual degree which gives them the opportunity to pursue both the degrees at the same time. This one is not for those of you who are willing to do a master and are willing for just a master’s degree.

ubc sauder


The UBC Sauder Masters in Management value proposition

Being ranked in the Top 100 in the Ranking of Best Business Schools for MBA and within Top 60 for Masters of Management is no easy feat and this is the reason why UBC Sauders School of Management has recognition throughout the globe.

The program gives you the great opportunity to enhance your business skills and set off your progress in the financial world. The program is a good mix of theoretical and practical topics, designed and arranged meticulously to bring the best out of the candidates and provide them with the able knowledge to rule the world of commerce. Some of the most valuable benefits of the program are:

  • The strong alumni network provides the luxury of networking with some of the most distinguished businessmen in the world at present.
  • Vancouver being a city of established trade and commerce, it is an opportunity to be surrounded by some of the best businesses in the country.
  • The reputation of being a part of one of top the B-Schools in the world.

Skills which the UBC Master of Management values

Each and every B-School has a particular set of skill in their mind which they search in their potential students. Some of the most important qualities required by the potential students:

  • Managerial ability
  • Leadership Potential
  • Maturity
  • Ambition
  • Drive
  • Open minded
  • Collaborative

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 UBC Master of Management Eligibility Criteria

  • Three or Four Year non-business Bachelor’s degree with a B+ average, or recognized equivalent from an accredited institution. Applicants with business degrees (majors/minors) are not eligible.
  • GMAT score of 550 with at least 50 percentile in each test section OR GRE score of 150 each in quantitative skills and verbal skills.
  • No full-time work experience to a maximum of two years full-time work experience gained after graduation from your Bachelor’s degree.
  • Valid TOEFL or IELTS score

UBC Master of Management

Programme Content

The UBC Master of Management modules are designed in such way that they provide a comprehensive, broad-based management education. It gives one in-depth business expertise across a range of key business subject areas. Topics included are strategic management, finance, managerial accounting, marketing, entrepreneurship, organizational behavior and human resources, information technology, supply chain management, and operations and logistics.

Topics included are strategic management, finance, managerial accounting, marketing, entrepreneurship, organizational behavior and human resources, information technology, supply chain management, and operations and logistics.

Core Courses

There are a total of 19 modules which are to be covered in the 9 month period. Some of the have been specially designed for the Masters of Management students to gain a fair understanding of the business world. Some of the modules are financial reporting, foundations in accounting, managerial economics and a few others which cover the base of the course. There are some courses like Fundamentals in Entrepreneurship and Leadership which are designed for those willing to take a leadership role or to become an entrepreneur.

Optional UBC Sauder Prep

Optional UBC Sauder prep is the optional course which can be taken before starting the nine-month program. The main objective of the preparation course is to revise those concepts of the students which are to be used during the program.

Community Business Project

From January to May, the Community Business Project allows you to engage, collaborate and network with local businesses on group projects as you apply your classroom knowledge to real-world scenarios. The Community Business Project is a 1.5 credit course that provides an opportunity for you to put your business skills to work on community-enhancing projects such as business planning, market expansion, community planning, and environmental sustainability initiatives. This section of the program gives you the real-world, practical business experience you need to make employers sit up and take notice.


This is your chance to demonstrate your new skills.  Use your business knowledge and leadership abilities to solve a significant business challenge in this three-day business simulation.  This is an invaluable opportunity for Master of Management students to use the theoretical and applied learning they have gained in the past nine months, preparing them for any industry.


Useful Information on the UBC MiM degree

Duration: 9 months.
Location: Vancouver

Tuition Fees for 2019 intake: $44,566 CAD

Acceptance rate is an important factor when a candidate tries to assess his chance!

Well, the acceptance rate of UBC Sauder School of Business was close to 6% for Fall 2016.


Application Deadline for 2019 intake:

   Rounds                     Deadline Dates
   Round 1                 December 4, 2018
   Round 2                 February 5, 2019
   Round 3                   April 2, 2019
   Round 4                   June 4, 2019

Constituents of the application requirements

  • Online Application Form
  • 2-Page Resume
  • GMAT/GRE Score
  • 2 LORs
  • IELTS, TOEFL, Cambridge CPE, CAE or PTE Academic score (for some international students)
  • Application Essays
  • A copy of college transcripts
  • Application of $137.50 CAD

UBC Master of Management Student Profile

  • Class size: 48
  • Average Age: 23
  • 48% female intake
  • 53% international students
  • GMAT score range: 650 is a competitive score

UBC Master of Management

Placement Statistics

  • Average Base Salary of $45,517 CAD
  • Employment rate is strong for MiM graduates with 90% employed within 3 months of graduation
  • Overall MM UBC Sauder Placements are pretty good, and hence it is an attractive proposition for most people.

Sectors students were placed in:

  • Financial Services 21%
  • Technology - 21%
  • Consumer Products and Services: 8%
  • Real Estate – 8%
  • Energy/Utilities/Mining/Oil & Gas - 5%
  • Government - 5%
  • Pharma/BioTech/Healthcare - 5%
  • Sustainability - 5%
  • Other – 22%

Some companies hiring UBC Sauder MiM’s

  • HootSuite
  • RBC
  • Vision Critical
  • Ernst and Young
  • BuildDirect
  • Cymax
  • BrainStation
  • Olympic Industries
  • Roland Berger Strategy Consultants
  • ZipZap


The most vital aspect when it comes to clearing the first round of screening in the Business schools is writing some excellent essays.

 Short Answer Questions. (200-word limit on each)

  • What are your motivations to pursue a MiM? (200 Words)
  • What excites you about the UBC Master of Management Program? How do you plan to get the most out of this journey? (200 Words)

Long Answer Question (500-word limit)

  • In 3 years time, if you look back and reflect on your MM experience, how do you think this program has been a success for you?

Please respond to the following question, in video format (60-90 seconds) and upload it to either YouTube or Vimeo and provide the video's URL in the space provided. For complete instructions, please download the following instructions: PDF

Our students and alumni often describe their MM experience as a transformational discovery of themselves. How do you see yourself being transformed by the UBC Master of Management program

We hope the UBC Master of Management Review was useful to you, all the information has been sourced by the University of British Columbia Sauder MiM Site, and for more data, you should visit there.

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