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UBC Sauder MBA Interview Questions: Tips for Interview

The UBC Sauder School of Business is renowned for its rigorous MBA program, attracting talented individuals from around the world. As an applicant to the UBC Sauder MBA program, it is essential to be well-prepared for the interview process. This blog post will provide you with a comprehensive guide to the UBC Sauder MBA Interview Questions and offer specialised tips on how to tackle them effectively.

UBC Sauder MBA Interview Questions

During the UBC Sauder MBA Interview Questions, you can expect a range of questions that aim to assess your suitability for the program. In UBC Sauder MBA Interview Questions, the panel may ask questions from different sets. Let's explore two sets of questions commonly asked:


  • Question 1: What are you most excited about at Sauder, and why MBA?
  • Question 2: Why UBC Sauder?
  • Question 3: What are your short-term goals?
  • Question 4: What are your long-term goals?
  • Question 5: How will pursuing an MBA at UBC Sauder and your short-term goals help you reach your long-term goals?

Specialised Tips for SET 1

  • Tip 1: Conduct in-depth research on UBC Sauder MBA Interview Questions and program, curriculum, faculty, and resources to show your genuine interest.
  • Tip 2: Clearly articulate your short-term and long-term goals, aligning them with what the program offers and your passion for the industry in UBC Sauder MBA Interview Questions.
  • Tip 3: Highlight how UBC Sauder's specific strengths and values can contribute to your personal and professional growth in UBC Sauder MBA Interview Questions.

Here are five specialised tips for each UBC Sauder MBA Interview Questions sets, taking into consideration UBC Sauder values:

SET 1 – Explaining Each Question:

  • Conduct research on UBC Sauder: Prior to the UBC Sauder MBA Interview Questions, delve into UBC Sauder's mission, values, and programs to gain a deeper understanding of the institution. This will enable you to express genuine excitement about specific aspects of the school and how they align with your aspirations.
  • Showcase alignment with UBC Sauder's values: Emphasize how your short-term goals are in line with UBC Sauder's values of excellence, innovation, responsibility, and diversity. Demonstrate how pursuing an MBA at UBC Sauder will enable you to contribute to these values.
  • Highlight the relevance of UBC Sauder's curriculum: Clearly articulate how UBC Sauder's curriculum aligns with your long-term goals. Emphasise specific courses, experiential learning opportunities, or faculty expertise that will help you acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to achieve your ambitions.
  • Discuss your motivation for an MBA: Showcase your understanding of the value an MBA brings to your career and how it aligns with UBC Sauder's emphasis on professional growth and leadership development. Demonstrate how an MBA from UBC Sauder will bridge any knowledge or skill gaps and accelerate your career trajectory.
  • Connect your goals to UBC Sauder's network: Highlight how the UBC Sauder network and alumni community can support you in achieving your goals. Discuss your plans to leverage the network for mentorship, collaboration, and career opportunities in UBC Sauder MBA Interview Questions.



  • Question 1: Tell me about a time you had a conflict with your manager. How did you handle it?
  • Question 2: What misconception do your co-workers have about you?
  • Question 3: Which other schools have you applied to? What would be your first choice?

Specialised Tips for SET 2

  • Tip 1: Prepare examples from your professional experience that demonstrate your conflict resolution skills and ability to work effectively in a team before UBC Sauder MBA Interview Questions.
  • Tip 2: Be honest and provide insights into how you have addressed misconceptions and built strong relationships with your colleagues.
  • Tip 3: When discussing other schools, emphasise your genuine interest in UBC Sauder and why it stands out as your preferred choice.

SET 2 – Explaining Each Question:

  • Conflict resolution with managers: Share a specific example of a conflict with a manager and emphasise how you approached the situation in a professional and constructive manner in UBC Sauder MBA Interview Questions. Highlight UBC Sauder's value of respect, showcasing your ability to listen actively, find common ground, and work towards mutually beneficial solutions.
  • Addressing misconceptions with co-workers: Demonstrate self-awareness and authenticity when discussing misconceptions that colleagues may have about you. Explain how you have proactively addressed these misconceptions by fostering open communication, building relationships based on trust, and promoting teamwork, which aligns with UBC Sauder's value of respect.
  • Mentioning other schools and preferences: When discussing other schools, express genuine appreciation for the unique aspects of each institution. Clearly articulate why UBC Sauder stands out as your top choice, emphasising its values, strengths, and alignment with your goals. Showcase your dedication to UBC Sauder's community and the contributions you intend to make as a student and future alumnus.
  • Demonstrate adaptability and flexibility: Highlight your willingness to adapt to different working environments and locations. Express openness to working in diverse cities, even beyond Montreal. Emphasise your ability to thrive in new environments and cultures, which reflects UBC Sauder's value of diversity and global perspective throughout UBC Sauder MBA Interview Questions.
  • Showcase continuous learning and growth mindset: Discuss your proactive approach to address any knowledge or skill gaps, such as pursuing additional courses or certifications. Highlight how you have embraced lifelong learning through platforms like Coursera and Udemy, showcasing your commitment to personal and professional development, which aligns with UBC Sauder's value of excellence.

How to Handle the Interview as per School Values

At UBC Sauder, values such as rigour, respect, and responsibility are highly regarded. Here are some tips on how to handle the interview in alignment with these values:

  • Show honesty and integrity in your responses: During the UBC Sauder MBA Interview Questions, it's important to be genuine and honest in your answers. Avoid embellishing or exaggerating your qualifications or experiences. Instead, focus on highlighting your actual skills and accomplishments. Demonstrating integrity in your responses shows that you are trustworthy and ethical, which are highly valued qualities in the workplace.

  • Demonstrate open-mindedness, empathy, and sensitivity towards different perspectives: In today's diverse and inclusive work environments, it's crucial to showcase your ability to collaborate and work effectively with people from various backgrounds. Displaying open-mindedness means being receptive to new ideas, different opinions, and constructive feedback. Additionally, showing empathy and sensitivity towards others' perspectives fosters a positive and inclusive work environment. You can demonstrate these qualities in your UBC Sauder MBA Interview Questions by sharing experiences where you successfully worked with diverse teams or resolved conflicts by considering different viewpoints.

  • Highlight your commitment to social and corporate responsibility: Many companies value candidates who are committed to social and corporate responsibility. This can include aspects such as environmental sustainability, ethical business practices, community engagement, and philanthropy. During the UBC Sauder MBA Interview Questions, you can showcase your commitment by discussing any volunteer work you've done, initiatives you've taken to reduce your ecological footprint or involvement in socially responsible projects. Demonstrating a genuine interest in making a positive impact beyond just the job requirements can set you apart as a responsible and dedicated professional.


Preparing for the UBC Sauder MBA Interview Questions is crucial to make a positive impression on the admissions committee. By understanding and practising the common interview questions, you can effectively showcase your fit for the program and align your goals with UBC Sauder's values. Remember to be authentic and well-prepared and demonstrate your enthusiasm for joining UBC Sauder's MBA program. Good luck!

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