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UC Davis MSBA Review

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    UC Davis MSBA Introduction

    The University of California Davis is proud to offer its Master of Science in Business Analytics (MSBA) program, providing students with a comprehensive education in the latest analytical tools and techniques used in the business world, forging highly-skilled professionals who possess the technological knowledge, data science tools and managerial acumen necessary to drive organizational change. This degree provides students with an unique opportunity to develop their analytical skills while living the high-flying lifestyle of San Francisco and Silicon Valley—working alongside entrepreneurial pioneers seeking new applications for business analytics.

    UC Davis MSBA Class Profile

    The Master of Science in Business Analytics degree program welcomes students with a wide range of academic backgrounds including economics, statistics, engineering and other degrees that suffice as prerequisites.You will find students from different background which opens up doors for opportunity to learn from one another and enhance your knowledge and skills.

    The class is diverse, with students from all over the world, representing many different countries. UC Davis MSBA students are well-equipped to develop innovative solutions to some of today's most challenging problems.

    UC Davis MSBA Acceptance Rate

    The acceptance rate of UC Davis MSBA is 48.5%

    Program and Curriculum UC Davis MSBA

    uc davis msba program and curriculum

    The Master of Science in Business Analytics (MSBA) at UC Davis MSBA  prepares students for the world of analytics by providing a comprehensive curriculum and program. 

    You will collaborate with renowned faculty members, take part in student-run teams and further enhance your proficiency in :

    • Data Modelling
    • Databases
    • Regression
    • Data mining
    • Machine learning
    • Operations research methods
    • Methods for acquiring, storing, handling and representing data
    • Strategic thinking
    • Data-driven communication
    • Project management
    • Leadership
    • Students must complete 44 units to meet the graduation requirements, including a practicum course that spans throughout their duration of study.

    Core Courses:

    • Foundations of Analytics
    • Information, Insight and Impact
    • Data Management
    • Data Visualization
    • Statistical Exploration and Resoning
    • Practicum Initiation
    • Organizational Issues in Implementing Analytics
    • Data Design and Representation
    • Advanced Statistics
    • Machine Learning 
    • Practicum Elaboration
    • Big Data Analytics
    • Analytic Decision Making
    • Practicum Analysis and Implementation 


    • People Analytics
    • Application Domains 

    Extra Activities For UC Davis MSBA

    The UC Davis MSBA program offers its students the opportunity to participate in various extracurricular activities.UC Davis MSBA has a variety of student run clubs for students where they can connect with people, network, enjoy and serve their interests.

    These clubs include:

    • Women in Leadership
    • Data & Analytics Club
    • Entrepreneurship & Innovation Association
    • Food & Wine Leadership Club
    • Healthcare Council
    • Finance Association
    • GSM Pride Network
    • MBA Challenge for Charity
    • Net Impact
    • Dean's Student Advisory Council
    • Associated Students of Management

    Scholarships for UC Davis MSBA

    This scholarship for UC Davis MSBA opportunity is an excellent way for students to pursue their degree in Business Analytics without worrying about the financial burden. The University of California Davis School of Business recently announced the availability of scholarships for their Master of Science in Business Analytics (MSBA) program. 

    These scholarships include:

    • UC Native American Opportunity Plan
    • MSBA Awards: Dean’s Fellowships and MSBA Scholarships ( up to $12,000 )
    • UC and CSU Alumni Grant ( up to $5,000)
    • Employer Match ( up to $11,000 )
    • Military Service Award ( up to $6,000)
    • Working Professional Grant ( up to $5,000)
    • Student Analyst Program ( uo to $9,750)

    Eligibility and Requirements for Getting into UC Davis MSBA

    uc davis mba eligibility and requirement

    A MS in Business Analytics in USA, UC Davis requires these requirements.

    • A bachelor's degree or recognized equivalent from an accredited institution—16 total years of education.
    • TOEFL or IELTS where applicable

    Completion of coursework in these fundamental areas is required for application:

    • Computing
    • Mathematics
    • Statistics

    Average Undergraduate GPA- 3.5/4

    Average GRE Quant Score- 167/200

    • The minimum score requirement for the TOEFL iBT is 100.
    • The minimum band score requirement for the IELTS is 7.0

    International Transcripts

    Copies of your non-U.S. transcripts and degree certificates in the online application.

    Non-English Transcripts

    Official academic records must be issued in the original language and accompanied by an english translation prepared by the issuing institution.

    Document Related to the Application:

    • Current resume mentioning experience and academic information
    • Two application essays
    • Transcripts
    • GMAT and GRE score reports
    • TOEFL or IELTS scores

    A $125 application fee is required to be paid at rhe time of application.

    UC Davis MSBA Deadlines

    The University of California, Davis Master of Science in Business Analytics (MSBA) program has announced application deadlines for the 2022-2023 academic year. 

    The deadlines are as follows:

      Deadlines  Dates
    1st Deadline 11 February 
    2nd Deadline 10 May
    3rd Deadline 03 March
    4th Deadline 01 November

    1st November 2023 is the most preferred deadline for International students.

    Students Seeking admission in UC Davis MSBA are advised to fill their application forms before the deadline.

    UC Davis MSBA Employment And Placement

    uc davis employment placement

    The UC Davis Master of Science in Business Analytics (MSBA) program is committed to providing its students with the resources and assistance they need to succeed in their post-graduation careers.Furthermore, the program offers specialized workshops, professional development events, and access to internships to help students gain valuable work experience. The kind of jobs after MBA are immense. With its dedication to pursuing career growth and success, UC Davis MSBA is a strong choice for those looking to make a mark in the business analytics field.

    Top Sectors Hiring UC Davis MSBA Graduates

    • Amazon
    • Meta
    • Blackrock
    • Seagate
    • Zendesk
    • Lending Club
    • Uplift
    • Sumo Logic
    • ZS Associates
    • Slalom Consulting
    • American Eagle Outfitters
    • Sephora
    • Williams Sonoma
    • Hubspot
    • Nordstrom
    • Reef Technology, unicorn startup
    • AppFolio, Fastest Growing Company of 2020 in Fortune 100
    • ByteDance
    • Tesla
    • LinkedIn
    • Atlassian
    • Instacart
    • Uber
    • Expedia Group
    • PayPal

    UC Davis MSBA Alumni Info

    The UC Davis MSBA program has produced a vast array of successful alumni who have gone on to achieve great things. These UC Davis MSBA alumni have gone on to work in a wide variety of industries, ranging from finance and consulting to technology and healthcare. Additionally, many alumni have become leaders in their respective fields, having earned prestigious awards and titles. The MSBA program seeks to develop students' business analytics skills, giving them the necessary tools to become valuable members of the workforce. With the help of UC Davis's MSBA program, alumni have been able to make a positive impact in their respective careers.

    Some Famous Alumni

    Tushar Kotangale 

    Chanel Diggs

    Emily Teng

    Khristion Lambert


    Application Essay for UC Davis MSBA

    The application essay for the UC Davis MSBA Program is an important part of the admissions process. This essay allows applicants to showcase their knowledge, experience, and goals in a concise format. It is also an opportunity to demonstrate their writing skills and articulate their career aspirations. Applicants should take the time to carefully consider their answers and provide thoughtful explanations of why they are interested in pursuing the MSBA degree. The essay should be well-structured, clearly written, and reflect an understanding of the program’s objectives and curriculum. Taking these steps will ensure that applicants make the most of this important part of the admissions process.

    You must submit two application essays and one optional essay in order to complete this application process. UC Davis is insistent that all prospective candidates submit an application consisting of a Statement of Purpose and a Personal History and Diversity Statement. These essays should be no longer than 4,000 characters (inclusive of spaces).

    Letter of Recommendation for UC Davis MSBA

    Applying to UC Davis's Master of Science in Business Analytics program is a great way to take the next step in your career. A well-crafted letter of recommendation can be a powerful tool to help you stand out from other applicants and showcase your strengths. The letter should highlight your qualifications, strengths, and past experiences that make you a strong candidate for the MSBA program. It should also demonstrate why you are the best candidate for the program and explain why you are a good fit for the school. 

    For admission in UC Davis MSBA you have to compulsorily submit two letters of recommendation one of them must be academic and the other one should be professional. It is advised that your professional LOR comes from your current employer and if it is not possible then it can be provided by your former service provider.

    Interview Questions for UC Davis MSBA

    Set 1

    Q: Tell me something about yourself?
    Q: Why MSBA?Q: What are your key strengths?
    Q: What is your weakness? 
    Q: How can you add value to the Class?
    Q: Walk me through your resume?
    Q. Why UC Davis?
    Q: Why should we take you?
    Q: One reason that we should not select you?
    Q: What are your interests?

    Set 2

    Q: Why an MSBA now?
    Q: Tell me about a time you failed and what you learned from it.
    Q: What do I want to do post-MSBA?
    Q: What other schools did you apply to?
    Q: Tell me about your greatest accomplishment.
    Q: What questions do you have for me?

    What Makes UC Davis MSBA Unique

    uc davis msba unique

    Experienced Faculty 

    UC Davis MSBA program boasts a faculty of experienced professionals who are passionate about teaching. With backgrounds in fields such as finance, marketing, and accounting, the faculty members have extensive experience in the industry and are able to provide students with insights and advice that can help them succeed. Additionally, the faculty has access to specialized software and resources that can help students develop their analytical skills and provide them with a competitive edge.

    Flexible Schedule

    UC Davis MSBA offers students the benefit of a flexible schedule. Students have the choice to complete their degree part-time, full-time or online. Coursework can be taken online, in person, and/or through a combination of both. The MSBA program also allows students to tailor their degree track to meet their individual needs, with a range of elective courses to choose from.

    Global Perspective

    UC Davis MSBA provides students with a global perspective on the ever-evolving field of analytics. Through coursework and hands-on experience, students develop an understanding of the global business environment and the insights that analytics can bring to decision-making. Faculty members draw on their own international experience and research to provide students with a unique learning experience that focuses on data-driven strategies and decision-making. In addition, students have the opportunity to interact with industry professionals from around the world, giving them an understanding of how analytics is used in global business settings.

    Comprehensive Curriculum

    UC Davis MSBA offers a comprehensive curriculum designed to provide students with a strong foundation in the latest tools and techniques used in data science. The program's core curriculum provides students with an understanding of key topics such as data management, machine learning, predictive analytics, and visualization. Additionally, students can choose from a variety of electives to further tailor their education to their professional goals. Through this dynamic and comprehensive curriculum, UC Davis MSBA students gain the skills and knowledge necessary for a successful career in business analytics.

    Hands-On Learning

    The UC Davis MSBA program offers students a hands-on learning experience that brings the classroom to life. With courses focusing on real-world applications, students are able to gain industry-relevant skills that can be applied as soon as they graduate. Through experiential learning opportunities such as internships, project-based work and field trips, students are able to gain valuable skills and knowledge that will prepare them for a successful career in the field of Business Analytics.


    The Master of Science in Business Analytics (MSBA) program at UC Davis is an ideal choice for anyone looking to gain the knowledge and skills to become a successful data professional. With a curriculum that combines the latest technology with rigorous business analysis and strategy, students can be confident that they are receiving an education that will help them advance their career and excel in the field of business analytics. With access to a world-class faculty and the resources of one of the top universities in the country, students can be sure that they are receiving a quality education that will benefit them throughout their professional lives.

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    What GRE score do I need for UC Davis?

    The UC Davis MSBA program requires applicants to submit a GRE score as part of the admissions process. The average GRE score for accepted applicants is167 for quantitative section. It is important to note that while a strong GRE score can help improve your chances of acceptance, it is not the only factor taken into consideration when making admissions decisions.

    Is UC Davis a good school for MSBA?

    The University of California at Davis is a highly regarded institution known for its business programs, including the Master of Science in Business Analytics (MSBA). Many prospective students may be asking the question, "Is UC Davis a good school for MSBA?" The answer is an emphatic yes. UC Davis offers a rigorous MSBA program that prepares students for success in today's business world. With experienced faculty and cutting-edge technology, UC Davis provides an ideal learning environment for MSBA students. In addition, the MSBA program at UC Davis includes access to numerous resources, such as internships and career services, which can help students gain valuable experience and land jobs upon graduation.

    Does UC Davis MBA require work experience?

    The UC Davis MBA program requires applicants to have at least two years of professional work experience prior to applying. This requirement provides students with the necessary skills and knowledge to succeed in the program, as well as the ability to develop relationships with professionals in their chosen field. The school also encourages applicants to demonstrate leadership and problem solving abilities that can be applied in the workplace. These skills, combined with the rigorous coursework of the program, prepare graduates for a successful career in business.

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