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University College London 

MSc Finance


Average salary






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Introduction – University College London


Have you heard about the UCL MSc Finance? Do you want to be a member of a successful UCL team? This blog contains the University College of London MSc Finance review. The University College of London, referred to as UCL, is a leading multidisciplinary University in London whi h holds more than 13,000 staff/faculty and 42,000 students from all 150 countries. Especially, Graduate and doctoral students come from all over the world to learn about business and perform extensive research in related subjects.  The school has produced successful businessmen and entrepreneurs such Paul Donovan, current CEO of Odeon UCI Cinemas Group and former CEO of Vodafone Ireland and eircom, Dominic Blakemore (French), CEO of Compass Group and Richard Brown (MPhil Town and Transport Planning), current Chairman of Eurostar International and former chief executive of Eurostar UK and many others, thanks to its outstanding education. The admission process has few requirements like having a strong mathematical or quantitative skill. Let’s find out more about UCL MSc Finance.

UCL MSc Finance Overview

UCL is a world-class business school in central London. It has been ranked amongst the top-notch B-schools in Europe and its MSc Finance program is an internationally known master’s program, bringing together expert lectures and brilliant minds. For finance enthusiasts, who are in a quest to shape a career in finance, or want to develop robust knowledge and skills, this program will serve as a major instrument in accomplishing your career goals.



UCL MSc Finance Highlights

UCL alumni network






International Students


Program and Curriculum

Organizations need people who can bring to the table core knowledge and critical thinking from the outset, and the MSc Finance program is designed to equip ambitious students with the knowledge and skills to work for leading financial firms around the world.

The program will provide you with the know-how and skills to succeed in a global business environment and to become multicultural and multilingual leaders. It is a 12-months program.

Students must take six core taught modules (four in term one and two in term two).

  • Advanced Derivatives Modelling and Portfolio Theory
  • Advanced Quantitative Methods for Finance
  • Asset Pricing
  • Corporate Finance
  •  Financial Mathematics
  • Financial Econometric

These courses help enhance an expansive and deeper understanding of the business milieu.

  • Behavioral Finance
  • Fixed Income Modelling
  • Data Analytics
  • Industrialization and Development
  • Risk Modelling
  • Social Innovation
  • International Portfolio Management
  • Employers Opportunites Showcase 2019
  • London Stock Exchange Group Mock Interviews
  • Financial Conduct Authority Industry Talk
  • Economics & Finance Society

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Students in MSc are usually placed with a rate of 82% with in six months of after graduating. The highest salary recorded of a MSc in finance alumni was $101,000 in international market.


Average Salary 



Top 3 Sectors

1- Finance

2- Consulting

3- Technology

Consulting 9%
Finance 81%
Technology 5%
Diversified 5%


Top companies recruiting from UCL

Consulting Sector
  • Accenture
  • EY
  • PwC
  • Deloitte
  • Roland Berger
  • McKinsey & Company
  • Morgan Stanley
  • Bank of England
  • Deustche Bank
  • Royal Bank of Scotland
  • Google
  • Milward Brown
Other Sectors
  • Coca Cola

Return on Investment (ROI)

Tuition Fees        £29,220
Cost of Living £1,985
Average Impact of Part-Time Jobs –  £4,500
Total Investment     £26,705
Average Salary   £29,000 ​
Amount Recovery (setting aside 25% of earnings)   3.68 years

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UCL MSc Finance Alumni Info 

UCL School of Management has a graduated class network in an excess of 200,000 previous students over the globe.

Some famous Alumni

Class Profile

Class Size




 International Students


Useful Information

UCL’s proximity to the financial heartland of London offers the ideal location for this specialized Finance MSc. As a leading financial center, London provides the environment and exposure required to develop a finance career.
The school is located beneath Europe’s biggest fintech accelerator, Level 39, which currently hosts 180 start-ups focused on finance, retail, and cyber-security. UCL Economics has long-established links with leading financial institutions, reflected within hard-edged, meaningful research.


  • Personal Statement ( 3000 character limit)
  • TOFEL/IELTS  (standard level)
  • Two academic references
  • Copy of  CV
  • Maths test provided by UCL






Chartered Insurance Institute (CII)

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Application Information

All full time students are required to pay a fee deposit of £2,000 for  this programme. All part-time students are required to pay a fee
deposit of £1,000.

Application Documents

  • Online Application Form
  • Application fee
  • two references from people who are able to comment on your suitability for the programme for which you are applying.
  • Academic transcripts (in English) for all qualifications that are relevant to your application;
  • English language certificate (if applicable)

Application Essays

Personal Statement (Max, 3000 Characters)

UCL MSc Finance Short Questions

The LBS application consists of several short questions, which in many ways supplement your essay questions and cover different areas of your profile. Don’t underestimate these brief questions; make sure they add to the profile you’ve established in your long essays and don’t just restate what you’ve previously said.

FAQ No- 1 Is UCL good for MSc Finance?

The UCL is a one of the top ranking B-school in the UK for MSc in finance program. The strengths of two highly regarded departments, UCL School of Management and UCL Economics, are merged in this programme.

FAQ No- 2 Do UCL interview for Masters?
UCL does not conduct conventional interviews with graduate students. 
Departments wishing to interview such candidates must first obtain the Vice Provost’s consent (Education and Student Affairs).

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ms finance rankings - ucla

University College London

UCL is a world-class business school in central London. It has been ranked amongst the top-notch B-schools in Europe and its MSc Finance program is an internationally known master’s program, bringing together expert lectures and brilliant minds.