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UCLA Anderson MBA GMAT Score: Score Requirements & Tips

Understanding the Requirements of UCLA MBA GMAT

If you're searching for a comprehensive and applicable MBA program, UCLA's Graduate School of Management may be your best option. The Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) is a requirement for acceptance into this program. In this blog post, we will discuss the average UCLA Anderson MBA GMAT Score of students, examine the year-over-year trends, and offer preparation tips so that you can pass the exam.

Unlocking Insights: Exploring GMAT Score Trends

The average UCLA Anderson MBA GMAT score for the class of 2023 was 711, significantly higher than the national average of 560. However, the program admits a wide range of scores, with 570-780 being the acceptable range for the class of 2023.

This demonstrates that while a high GMAT score is advantageous, it is not the only factor considered in the UCLA Full-time MBA admissions process. Therefore, it is essential to diligently prepare for the test in order to demonstrate your skills and gain admission to this highly regarded MBA program.

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Year-on-Year GMAT Trends

Year Average GMAT Score Indian Students' Average GMAT Score
2023 711 709
2022 706 706
2021 720 720
2020 715 715
2019 719 719

How are UCLA Anderson MBA GMAT scores used in Admissions?

GMAT scores are a significant factor in gaining admission to the UCLA Full-time MBA program, but in UCLA Anderson MBA GMAT Score are not the only factor. The admissions committee evaluates candidates holistically, which means that they consider a variety of factors in addition to the GMAT. In addition to the score, academic history, work experience, leadership qualities, and extracurricular activities are considered.

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Steps to Ready Yourself for the UCLA MBA Journey

If you are considering applying for the UCLA MBA program, it is essential to understand the GMAT requirements & how to prepare for the test. Here are some important tips to keep in mind as you begin your GMAT preparation:

1. Take GMAT at least 2 months before the application deadline: Applicants should take the GMAT at least two months before the application deadline to allow sufficient time for preparation and potential retakes.

2. Allow time for retaking the test if necessary: Applicants should give themselves enough time to retake the GMAT if they are not satisfied with their initial score.

3. Prepare for GMAT using a prep course, tutor, or self-study materials: Applicants can prepare for the GMAT through various methods, such as prep courses, tutoring, or self-study materials.

4. UCLA offers a GMAT waiver for eligible applicants: UCLA offers a waiver for the GMAT requirement for applicants who meet specific criteria.

5. Eligibility for waiver includes having a terminal degree or extensive work experience: The waiver is available to applicants with a terminal degree or significant work experience in a relevant field. 

How to Get into UCLA Anderson

UCLA MBA GMAT Scores: A Profile of Indian Student Performance

Average increase in salary trends: class profile

Are you still wondering," Is UCLA Anderson MBA Worth it?"

As a diverse institution, UCLA is pleased to have a significant number of Indian students enrolled in its MBA program. Indian students make up approximately 13% of the class of 2023, a distinct indication of the desirability of earning an MBA in the United States. This is evidence of UCLA's high-quality education and diverse student body, making it an ideal destination for MBA aspirants.

Despite the fact that English is not their native tongue, Indian applicants have impressed the admissions committee with their academic prowess. The class of 2023's average UCLA Anderson MBA GMAT Score of 720 demonstrates their unwavering commitment to success. It is extraordinary that this score is equivalent to the class average, demonstrating the academic excellence of Indian students.

A high UCLA Anderson MBA GMAT Score is required for Indian candidates to stand out in the competitive UCLA MBA admissions Requirement process. It demonstrates their academic abilities, critical thinking skills, & potential for program success. The fact that the average GMAT score of Indian applicants is comparable to the class average demonstrates their competitiveness and makes them formidable candidates for admission.

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Strategies for Boosting Admission Prospects Despite a Low GMAT Score


The admissions committee evaluates various factors in addition to the GMAT. So, even if an applicant's UCLA Anderson MBA GMAT Score is below average, there are a number of other aspects of their application they can highlight to increase their likelihood of acceptance.

1. Emphasize work experience: A strong professional background can demonstrate an applicant's potential for success in the MBA program. Highlighting leadership skills, achievements, and quantifiable results can make up for a low GMAT score. Engaging with UCLA Alumni to gain insights and network effectively can also bolster an application.

2. Show leadership qualities: Admissions committees value candidates who demonstrate leadership potential. Providing examples of leadership experience, such as managing a team or spearheading a project, can help offset a low GMAT score.

3. Highlight extracurricular activities: Extracurricular activities, such as volunteering or participating in clubs, can showcase an applicant's interests and personal qualities. Highlighting these activities can demonstrate a well-rounded candidate, even with a low GMAT score.

4. Consider retaking the GMAT: If an applicant's GMAT score is significantly lower than the average, retaking the exam can be an option. With proper preparation and guidance, applicants can improve their scores and increase their acceptance chances.

5. Take additional coursework: Taking additional coursework in quantitative subjects, such as accounting or statistics, can demonstrate an applicant's academic abilities and offset a low UCLA Anderson MBA GMAT Score.

Applicants with a low UCLA Anderson MBA GMAT Score should not be discouraged from applying to the UCLA MBA program. By focusing on other aspects of their application and taking steps to improve their score, they can still increase their chances of being admitted. The admissions committee values a well-rounded candidate, and applicants should showcase their strengths and potential for success in the program.

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Exploring the Rich Class Diversity

UCLA has been one of the top MBA Colleges in USA so it prides itself on its diversity, and the class of 2023 is no exception. Out of 360 students, 35% are women, while 65% are men. The class also comprises students from different ethnic backgrounds: 38% identify as Asian American, 25% as White, 10% as Hispanic/Latino, 4% as Black/African American, and 4% as multi-racial.

Class Size  296
Average Experience 5.7 Years
Average GMAT 709
GPA Range  3.1- 3.8
Women 40%
LGBTQ+ 4.7%
Military Veteran 4%
International Students 46.8%
Average Age 29 Years

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UCLA is one of the best MBA colleges in the USA, which is also the reason for its business competitive nature among business programs in the world, attracting applicants of the highest caliber. If you wish to gain admission to this prestigious program, you will need a high UCLA Anderson MBA GMAT Score. In fact, the average class of 2023 GMAT score was an impressive 720.

However, do not be discouraged if your score is lower than this average. You can still increase your chances of admission by emphasizing other aspects of your application and highlighting your potential to excel in the program. 

When should I submit my application?

The UCL Admissions Committee reviews applications on a rolling basis, so the earlier you submit your application, the sooner you will receive an admissions decision. 

How can I check the progress of my application?

To find out the status of your application, please contact the admissions team at If you have been liaising with your dedicated admissions advisor, they will be able to give you an update as well. 

What are the admissions requirements for entry into the programme?

You must have achieved a minimum of an upper second-class Bachelor’s degree (2:1) from a UK university or an overseas qualification of an equivalent standard from a recognised institution. In addition to this, we require at least five years of work experience, though many students bring 10+ years of work experience to their cohorts. Students with extenuating circumstances may be accepted without an undergraduate degree, though extensive leadership and total years of work experience is paramount to being considered.

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