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UCLA Anderson MBA Salary Trends: Insights and Analysis

UCLA MBA Salary: Let Us Evaluate.

This blog focuses on the "UCLA Anderson MBA Salary" potential for graduates from the prestigious UCLA MBA program. Prospective students, current enrollees, and industry analysts are all interested in understanding how UCLA's excellent business education and strong alumni network impact salary trends. We'll delve into the factors influencing these salaries and offer insights into current industry trends.

UCLA MBA Salary for Graduates

UCLA Anderson MBA Salary for graduates can vary based on factors such as industry, years of experience, and job location. However, the average starting salary for UCLA MBA graduates ranges from around $120,000 to $140,000 annually. Remember that these figures are subject to change and may fluctuate based on economic conditions and industry trends. It's always a good idea to research current data from reliable sources or consult with the UCLA MBA career services for the most up-to-date information.

This impressive figure reflects the high-quality education offered by the program, which equips graduates with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in their chosen careers. UCLA MBA Program provides an employment rate of 97% in 2021. 

The median salary of $130,000 implies that half of the graduates earned above this amount and half below, highlighting the program's effectiveness in nurturing successful professionals.

UCLA MBA Graduate Report

To Know more the details, UCLA Anderson MBA | Class 2022-23 Employment Report

UCLA MBA Salary Analysis Across Different Sectors

UCLA Anderson School of Management provides MBA programs that equip students with the skills to take on leadership positions across different sectors. Graduates can expect lucrative salaries based on the sector they choose to work in. Some top sectors for UCLA Anderson MBA salary of graduates include technology, consulting, finance, and healthcare.

UCLA MBA Salary Across Sectors

UCLA Anderson MBA salary ranges for these sectors vary, with technology being the highest-paying sector & healthcare being the lowest. However, regardless of the sector, UCLA MBA graduates can expect competitive salaries and excellent career prospects.

The percentage of students pursuing UCLA Anderson Career impact in healthcare increased by 50% from the previous year. 39% of students received full-time offers from their summer internship employers, increasing nearly 5% from the last year. 

UCLA Anderson MBA Fully Employed academics offers a rich curriculum designed to enhance leadership and managerial skills. The program includes core courses like Financial Accounting, Marketing Management, and Business Strategy, complemented by elective courses tailored to individual career goals. With a strong focus on real-world application, students engage in practical projects and receive personalized leadership coaching, preparing them for significant salary advancements post-graduation.

Name  Mean  Median  Range 
Consulting  $177629 $182500 $81,069 - $200,000
Entertainment and Media  $129624 $132500 $80,000 - $155,000 
Energy Utilities and Alt. Energy $126,250     $127500 $110,000 - $140,000 
Financial Services $160837 $175500 $83,144 - $183,000 
Healthcare      $136970 $133,000 $73,000 - $200831
Real Estate  $133,000 $130,000 $120,000 - $150,000 
Technology $146729 $142800 $100,000 - $215,000 
Other (Law, Retail, Human Resource) $150,000 $155,000 $80,000 - $215,000  

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UCLA MBA Salary Across Different Locations

The salary prospects for UCLA MBA graduates vary significantly based on the geographical location of their employment. In major metropolitan areas such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New York City, where the cost of living is higher, and industries like technology, finance, and consulting thrive, UCLA MBA alumni tend to command higher salaries. 

U.S. Regions  Percentage of Hirees  Mean  Media  Range 
California 70.8%  $154,756  $157,500 $61,984 - $215,000
West (Excluding California) 5.2% $137,914 $142,400  $125,000 - $175,000
Northeast 8.6% $157,641 $163,350 $128,000 - $192,000
Southwest 3.4% $146,278  $135,000 $100,000 - $192,000
Midwest 3.4% $148,850  $146,400  $73,000 - $193,000 
Mid -Atlantic 3.4% $149,622  $142,800 $130,000 - $192,000
South 1.9% $146,800 $130,000     $100,000 - $192,000

For more details of UCLA Anderson’s professional clubs: Clubs & Associations | Profession

On the other hand, salaries may be comparatively lower in smaller cities or regions with a lower cost of living but still competitive within the local market. Factors such as industry demand, job availability, and regional economic conditions play a significant role in determining UCLA Anderson MBA salary across different locations, highlighting the importance of considering location alongside industry specialization when evaluating post-MBA career opportunities.


The percentage of students accepting employment in the Northeast increased from 5.5% a year ago to 8.6%. Mid-Atlantic increased from 1.8% to 3.4%. The median UCLA Anderson MBA salary for full-time roles in South California increased by almost 10% from the previous year to $155,000.Salary in the United States increased from $145,000 in 2022 to $152,125 in 2023

UCLA MBA Employment across regions

 Top Companies Hiring UCLA MBA Graduates

UCLA MBA graduates often find themselves well-positioned to secure roles at top companies across various industries. This advantage stems from factors ingrained in the UCLA MBA experience.

Firstly, the program's rigorous curriculum equips students with advanced knowledge and practical skills that top employers are highly sought after. Additionally, UCLA's strong business reputation and extensive alumni network open doors to valuable networking opportunities and connections with key decision-makers at leading companies. 

The following organizations hired four or more UCLA Full–time MBA students during the 2022–2023 school year, combining full–time employment with summer internships.

UCLA MBA Top companies

The school's career services provide tailored support, including resume building, interview preparation, and access to recruitment events, further enhancing graduates' chances of landing coveted positions at prestigious organizations. Collectively, these elements contribute to UCLA MBA graduates' successful entry into top companies and their ability to thrive in competitive business environments.

To know more: Apply to UCLA  Anderson

UCLA MBA Alumni Suceess Stories

Is the UCLA Anderson MBA still worth it? Wondering if..

The UCLA MBA program boasts an impressive roster of famous alumni who have impacted various industries worldwide. From business titans and visionary entrepreneurs to influential leaders in finance, technology, healthcare, and beyond, UCLA Anderson MBA alumni have achieved remarkable success and recognition for their contributions to the business world. 

Here are some of the Alumni of the UCLA MBA Program:

Name (Year of Graduation) Position 
Susan Wojcicki ('98) CEO, YouTube
Erika Green Swafford (’99)  Award-winning TV Writer and Producer
Mike Hopkins ('01)  SVP for Prime Video & Amazon Studios
Paul Hanneman ('90) Former President Worldwide Theatrical Marketing and Distribution, 20th Century Fox
David Nathanson ('04) Former Head of Business Operations, FOX Sports Media Group

To explore UCLA Anderson | ALUMNI Career Services

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The UCLA Anderson MBA program stands out among the top MBA colleges in USA, offering impressive "UCLA Anderson MBA Salary" outcomes. Graduates consistently secure high-paying roles across diverse industries, underlining the program's ability to enhance earning potential. This success reflects UCLA's strong curriculum, excellent reputation, and robust career support, making it a leading choice for advancing business careers.

Is an MBA from UCLA worth it?

So, to answer, is UCLA MBA worth it? Yes, a comparison does make the MBA Degree from UCLA worth it. The MBA program at UCLA has a strong reputation, a diverse student community, and access to a prestigious alumni network, all contributing to its high ROI.

What is the average package for UCLA MBA?

The average compensation or package for UCLA MBA graduates typically ranges from $120,000 to $140,000 annually. This figure includes base salary, bonuses, and other benefits. However, it's essential to note that these numbers can vary based on factors such as industry, location, years of experience, and job role. For the most accurate and current information regarding the average package for UCLA MBA graduates, I recommend checking UCLA's official website or consulting with their career services department for the latest data and insights.

How much does UCLA Executive MBA make?

 UCLA Executive MBA graduates typically command strong salaries, with total compensation ranging from approximately $150,000 to $250,000 per year. However, these figures can vary significantly based on industry, level of experience, job role, and geographic location. Executives with an MBA from UCLA often earn higher salaries due to their advanced skills, leadership capabilities, and strategic insights gained from the program. For the most accurate and current information on UCLA Executive MBA salaries, consulting industry reports or contacting UCLA's career services department would provide tailored insights into salary expectations for Executive MBA graduates.

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